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Gamers know the necessity of lightning-fast actions in fast, action-packed games. Whenever your play games, you need to make fast actions to win. How would you know the speed of your gaming actions? How many actions can you perform in a minute? The APM test is a great tool designed to help you see how many actions you can make in a minute. We’re here to help you know more about the APM gaming test.

APM Test: Actions Per Minute Game

Actions per minute is an interesting game that keeps a count of the number of actions you are performing in a minute in any action game. APM, the shortened form of action per second is, therefore a test that gamers can take to track their actions per minute.

What is Action Per Minute?

APM in gaming is the count of the number of actions that you are able to perform when playing a game. The higher your APM is, the better your chances of winning. Our actions per minute test are inspired by popular games like Warcraft and StarCraft where the gamers have to perform multiple actions to win. Gamers can take this APM test to check their APM score. If you are a hardcore gamer who loves playing strategy and real-time games like Total War, etc., you would need the actions per minute tracker because your APM score counts. The greater your score, the better your chances of winning.

How Is APM Calculated?

The APM (actions per minute) is a calculation of the number of actions (clicks) that are performed in a minute. APM helps to decide how accurate and fast you are in real-time gaming.

How To Take The APM Test Online?

If you want to play the APM practice game, you can easily play it by following the steps below. We have kept these steps simple and easy so it’s easy for everyone, even beginners. Take the actions per minute test online.

  1. Our APM test is compatible with all the latest browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, so you can use any of these browsers.
  2.  You will see the online version of our APM test on the website.
  3. Here you can select the level of difficulty you prefer. You can choose from the given options. As per our suggestion, start from the lowest level and move to the higher levels gradually. Once you start seeing an improvement in the APM score, start with higher levels.
  4. Now, click the button to start the test. You will see the “start game” button.
  5. Once the game starts, you will see the boxes appear in the screen grid. Click these boxes as fast as you can, before they go away.
  6. Every correct click that you make will be counted as a point, while you get no points for a wrong click.
  7. While you make your clicks, the timer will be running in the background. When the timer stops, you will be shown your final score.
  8. You will be shown your actions per minute (APM), effective actions per minute (EPM), total clicks, effective clicks, and the percentage of accuracy.
  9. While you can achieve a good APM score easily, the tough part is to achieve a high EPM. When you are practicing, you should aim for an accuracy percentage above 75.

High And Low Action Per Minute

A high actions per minute score on the APM tester shows that the person is a professional gamer who has great talent and skills in gaming. It also shows that the person has a mastery of the APM test and is skilled enough to perform quick actions against other opponents in the game, therefore gaining a better chance of winning.

A lower action per the second score, on the other hand, shows that the person is not very skilled, and is rather a beginner who is new to the world of gaming. This also highlights the skills and passion of the player. Being consistent with concentration and practice can help the gamer improve their low score and achieve a high APM score.

Why Is Higher APM Important?

You may be wondering why the APM tool even matters? In the words of a layman, we can say that it links with how fast you can take decisions in a gaming environment and take necessary action. But that isn’t just it. Why do you need a high APM score? Let’s find out.

1. Improves Accuracy

Regardless of the games, you’re playing, accuracy will be your key to success. Accurate actions (keystrokes and clicks) lead to increased chances of destroying your opponent. When you take the APM test, again and again, you’re able to get more accuracy in your actions. Practicing with this test has given gamers a steep increase in accuracy, and over time they were able to win the difficult levels of the game. At the end of the test, you are shown your test accuracy. Aim for accuracy above 95% and keep practicing till you achieve it.

2. Improves Reaction Time

Other than the accuracy, another thing that the APM test helps with is the reaction time. We know the importance of a good reaction time, especially when playing MMO games. Even split-seconds matter. Players with a higher reaction time cannot hit targets as fast, therefore have lower APM. Our APM test is designed to help you lower your reaction time every time you play so you get a high APM score. Reaction time is dependent on hand-eye coordination, so you have to click the blue box quickly whenever you see it on the screen.

If you don’t react fast enough, the boxes will disappear. Each box that you miss will lead to a lower APM score. Don’t worry. You can always practice and get a better score.

3. Reduces Redundant Actions

The mistake that most beginners make is that they make repetitive or redundant actions. They start hitting and clicking every time in hope of killing the enemy in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc. While this increases your CPS, it doesn’t increase your EPM, effective actions per minute. While taking this test, you cannot click the black boxes to stop you from repeating clicks in one box. In this way, you can reduce your redundant actions.

What Factors Are Important In An APM Test?

Certain factors count when you are taking the APM test. These factors are described below.

1. Accuracy

The accuracy greatly counts when talking about APM. An accurate player who can target the relevant things. Players who make fewer mistakes when hitting targets have a greater accuracy score. A player who can hit many targets in the given period but makes more mistakes is known to have a lesser APM and accuracy score. This helps you see the importance of accuracy in the APM test.

2. Efficiency

Being able to hit the targets in the assigned time also matters. A person who has a good clicking speed will be able to hit more targets, therefore being more efficient and having greater chances of winning. Alternatively, players with a lower clicking speed will hit lesser targets in the same time period, so are less efficient.

3. Spamming

This factor relates to the accuracy somehow. The player performs some actions repetitively to get a higher APM score even when these are useless and redundant. These redundant clicks won’t increase the player’s APM score. Such redundant clicking is known as spamming.

Awesome Facts About Tools

Aircraft have first brought the idea of APM, and it had gained popularity rapidly as it allowed the gamers to independently check their skills. As the popularity grew, multiple online sites started making their versions of the APM test to help gamers test their hitting accuracy. These tests are available online, so there are multiple options. So, today there are multiple community tools that gamers can use to test their actions per minute. Many games themselves have the metrics installed so the player can practice and become more competitive.

What Is The Purpose Of Our Tool?

Our simple APM test tool is designed to help players check their accuracy of hitting targets in different action-packed games. Our test aims to help gamers practice and improve their accuracy in hitting targets so they can get better in their games.

Why Is Our Tool Recommended?

Our tool is very simple and easy to use. Moreover, it is free for you. We recommend our tool to players because you can use it easily and for free. Just visit our website and open the APM test. You can take it as many times as you want. There is no limit. Our tool is recommended because of its simplicity, ease of use, and free facility.

Recommended Games For AMP Test

The APM test can help you improve your performance in many games like StarCraft and Minecraft where you need to make accurate actions in a particular direction.


If you’re new to gaming and want to improve your performance, you will need to build your skills. You can take our APM, actions per minute test to enhance your accuracy of aiming at targets in your game. Just keep on practicing with our APM test to improve your gaming accuracy.


Q1. How To Access The APM Test?

Accessing our APM test is very easy. It is available online, so you just need a good internet connection along with a device. Just open the site and access the APM test.

Q2. Does This Tool Help In Improving My Performance As A Player?

Yes, because the APM test tool helps you evaluate your skills, you can practice more and more to get a better APM score. So, yes our APM test can help you become a better player.

Q3. Why Do I Have Low Actions Per Minute?

A low action per minute means that you need are a beginner. Don’t worry. Just keep on practicing with complete devotion and you will end up with a better score on the APM test.

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