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Often we use auto clickers to complete our every day clicking tasks with ease. Multiple clicking tasks require so much time, like data entry, etc., that it can be tedious. Auto clickers are a great support to this; however, installed and large-sized auto clickers can occupy the CPU and reduce the system’s speed.

If you’re searching for an auto clicker that is not just free but also small in size with no installation process required, you’re at the right place. We bring you the list of the best auto clicker exe files that will end your search. Gamers, employees, and business people prefer using auto clicker .exe because these are small in size and work efficiently without slowing the system down.

What is an Exe File?

The .exe extension file indicates an executable file. EXE, standing for executable, programs that are executable for Windows. These files are very small in size and seem like they are nothing. But after clicking these files, Windows execute the program and launch the tool with all its features. There is no additional installation process involved here.

Benefits of Exe Auto Clicker?

Auto clicker Exe download offers several benefits that make this a suitable option for most users. Below are the advantages of auto clicker EXE files.

1. Small Size

Auto clickers EXE are small tools that are small in size as well. They are 2MB or even lesser in size. This small size ensures that not much RAM and extra storage are taken on your device. Moreover, with a low CPU usage, your system will run fast and hence be able to click faster. The small size of these executable files is, therefore, a benefit.

2. No Installation Required

Auto mouse clicker exe does not require any installation. No installation is needed, so you can easily download the exe auto clicker file and open it to enjoy all the features without changing your system.

3. Quick and Easy Download

The other fantastic thing about free download auto clicker exe is that you won’t have to worry about waiting very long to download the exe auto clicker file to your device. The small size of this file makes it easy to download. In seconds, your file will be downloaded; within the next few seconds, the tool will be ready to use.

How to Download and Open Auto Clicker EXE

The downloading process is straightforward. With these three steps, you’ll learn how to use auto clicker exe within 2 minutes.

1. Downloading The File

  • Select the auto clicker you find most suitable for your use from our list of best auto clickers exe.
  • Click the download button located next to the app.
  • Within a few seconds, your file will be downloaded to your device. Since the files are 2MB in size, they won’t take long to download.

2. Extract Data

  • Now search for the file in the ” downloads folder,” or click directly on the file to extract data.
  • Either the file will directly open without you need to do anything, or you will have to unzip the zip file to get the data.
  • Extract the data at any desired location on your system.

3. Open the File

  • Now, to open the file, click on it.
  • You will see the auto clicker tool’s interface open. From here, adjust the settings as you need and wait for the auto clicker to start clicking.

List of Best Auto Clicker EXE

Here is our list of the best auto clickers with exe files. Let’s have a look.

1. OP Auto Clicker

OP auto clicker is an advanced, full-fledge auto clicker that supports two auto-clicking modes; specific location clicking or dynamic cursor location clicking. The advanced features include different types of clicking, customization of hotkeys, setting time interval, etc. This auto clicker is perfect for gamers because it gives them absolute control with all the amazing features. With a clean and simple user interface, the OP auto clicker has low CPU usage to ensure that your system stays fast. The tool is free from viruses, malware, and advertisements.


  • Two modes for auto-clicking; dynamic or specific cursor location for easy operation
  • Customize your clicks by setting the number of clicks, and choose between single, double, or triple-clicking
  • Convenient hotkeys for easy handling
  • It allows hotkey customization for additional control
  • Simple, clean user interface
  • Free from annoying ads, viruses, and malware so it can be used safely
  • Precise and advanced automation saves energy and time.
  • Official website:

Download OP Auto Clicker

2. Auto Clicker By Polar

If you want to automate your daily tasks, the auto clicker by polar is a complete, full-fledged auto clicker that will help you to do your clicking tasks with ease. With this auto clicker, you can set your clicking task, and this tool will generate auto clicks for you, as many as you need within a predefined time. Allowing two different types of clicking, following the cursor and static clicking, you can assign the number of clicks, time, and the hotkey for auto clicks. Users can also change the hotkeys as they desire. It has a simple user interface and has less CPU usage.


  • Schedule clicks to get work done in a limited time
  • Versatile use with different clicking tasks like games or other such apps
  • Customization of clicks allows you to set the timer interval and number of clicks
  • Two types of clicking for versatile usage; static and cursor following
  • Convenient start and stop with hotkey customization
  • Exe. file of the auto clicker is available for free
  • Official website:

Download Auto Clicker by Polar

3. GS Auto Clicker

GS auto clicker is rated as one of the best auto clickers for gaming that will make all your desired clicks. Clicking repeatedly for hours when playing a game can be very hard. GS auto clicker is here to do the work for you. With this tool, you can make unlimited clicks. The uniqueness of this tool is that it allows you to record the actions and automate them. The recording feature is helpful for different tasks like data entry. You can choose between single or double clicks and set the time interval, number of clicks, and hotkey to get complete control.


  • Suitable for playing games as you can replay the same level for unlimited time without playing it again
  • Make unlimited clicks as needed.
  • Different actions can be recorded and automated for completing tasks
  • Customize clicks by setting number, type, and speed to get complete control
  • The hotkey can be set as required for easy handling
  • Official website:

Download GS Auto Clicker

4. Free Mouse Clicker

The free mouse clicker is best for those who want a simple auto clicker and don’t want any advanced features. This simple and easy auto clicker tool supports a simple user interface and doesn’t offer advanced features like scheduling and recording. However, it provides full customization features like hotkeys for starting/stopping clicks, time intervals, mouse buttons, and clicking types. You can select the left or right mouse button and choose between single or double clicks. The tool is not at all complicated.


  • Auto clicker with no advanced features
  • Simple and easy user interface for easy understanding
  • Adjustable features like hotkeys, time interval, click type, etc. for getting control of clicks
  • Hotkey is simple to use; just press it to start and stop clicks
  • It efficiently automates your gaming tasks and saves your energy and time
  • Suitable for all levels, beginners, and experts
  • Official website:

Download Free Mouse Clicker

5. Free Auto Clicker

If you no longer want to do repetitive tasks, the free auto clicker exe is a great tool to perform all the functions while running in the background. You can do all your tasks easily while this auto clicker works for you. Just assign the job you want to complete, and set the specifications. This auto clicker will do the rest for you. For example, if you need a driver update regularly, just do it once, and assign this auto clicker the task. This free auto clicker is suitable for data entry, games, office tasks, etc.


  • It runs in the background so you can complete other tasks
  • Assign a hotkey and let the auto clicker click for you
  • Suitable for all functions like data entry, games, office tasks, etc., so use it wherever needed
  • Set the exact location with the X and Y coordinate calculator
  • Record one or more clicks
  • Set the schedule to complete future tasks
  • Official website:

Download Free Auto Clicker

6. Easy Auto Clicker

If you want a simple auto clicker to complete all your clicking tasks, the easy auto clicker is just what you need. This tool supports a simple and user-friendly interface that lets you achieve high clicks in games to beat your competitors without spending much time and energy. You can select whether you want left or right mouse clicks and the time delay for each click. F7 is the default hotkey, so just press that to start or stop clicking. This app runs in the background to avoid disturbance. You can use this easy and simple tool to get as many clicks as you want in your games without exerting yourself.


  • Simple and easy user interface for easy use
  • Best for playing games
  • A small tool that clicks fast to complete your tasks
  • F7 hotkey for easy starting and stopping clicks
  • Runs in the background to avoid disturbance
  • Official website:

Download Easy Auto Clicker

7. Speed Auto Clicker

If you’re a gamer and want to achieve the highest scores in games like Roblox, Minecraft, etc., you should try this Speed auto clicker. The exe. file of this auto clicker is free to download, and no installation process is required. With speed auto clicker, you can set the number of clicks, time interval, and hotkey button as needed for clicking. The unique thing is that you can pick a mode for clicking between toggle and hold. With the anti-detection feature, you won’t ever get caught. Set a click number, and as soon as it completes the number, it will stop.


  • It has a hotkey to start/stop clicks quickly.
  • You can select the desired program to work with the auto clicker
  • Anti-detection feature makes sure this auto clicker isn’t recognized
  • Choose the click limit to make the tool click as long as you want
  • Select the click rate for your clicks
  • Official website:

Download Speed Auto Clicker

8. Auto Clicker Murgee

Murgee auto clicker is an advanced auto clicker tool that you can use to automate your games and tasks. Murgee auto clicker lets you customize the click number to finite or infinite, the clicking speed, and the hotkey for starting and stopping clicks. You can make the cursor follow your mouse for clicks or set a predefined location earlier. The tool is user-friendly because it has proper descriptions for each action. With the auto clicker tutorial, you can learn the use of the tool with explanations and pictures. A free single-window trial of three months is also supported.


  • Supports advanced auto-clicking features for complex tasks
  • You can safely use it safely in games, as gaming systems can’t detect it
  • Customize click number, speed, and hotkey button for complete control over your clicks
  • User-friendly interface and tutorial for learning the use of the tool
  • A free three-month trial supported for testing the tool
  • Official website:

Download Auto Clicker Murgee

The Bottom Line

In the list above, we have covered the best auto clicker with exe files so you can conveniently get an auto clicker on your device. These tools are perfect for making clicking tasks easier and saving your time and efforts. Select the auto clicker exe you want, and download it today!


Are auto clicker exe. safe for use?

Yes, auto clicker Exe files are safe files, free from viruses and any kind of malware. Being a very small file, it won’t take much space on your device yet will ease all your repetitive tasks.

Can I Use Auto Clicker for free?

Yes, all these previously mentioned auto clickers are open and free tools that you can download to your device and use. While most of the features of auto clickers are free, the advanced features may require some payment. You can still use the free versions of auto clickers without paying any charges.

How to stop an auto clicker exe?

All auto clickers have a hotkey to start or stop the process. Click the assigned key to stop the auto-clicking feature.

Why use an auto clicker exe file?

Professional gamers usually prefer using auto clickers exe because these files are very small and don’t take up much space. Moreover, no installation is required, so the process is very simple. Finally, with a low CPU usage, the system remains fast, and the clicks are faster too.

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