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Whether you’re a super busy person, a multitasker, or a lazy person, automation is a revolution that offers its benefits to everyone. If you have to multiple, automate, or pre-program your clicks, there can be no better option than an auto clicker. Auto clickers are great automation tools that let you automate different operations, tasks, and functions. Repetitive clicking tasks can easily be taken over by auto clickers.

If you’re in search of the best auto clicker for MAC, you’re at the right place. Let’s have a look at some of the best auto clickers for MAC.

What is Mac Auto Clicker?

Auto clicker is a common hack for gaming used by many gamers. This software or script is used for making automated clicks. The input for these auto clickers is the clicks, which are recorded beforehand using different settings.

Auto clickers are therefore unique tools designed for simulating mouse clicks. Mimicking mouse clicks, auto clickers tools are best suited for those who use mouse clicks frequently for performing different tasks.

Auto clickers for MAC are designed especially to be used with MAC devices. Gamers often use these tools in online games. All the clicking is automatic once the hotkey is pressed, therefore making mouse-clicking easy and fully automated.

List of the Best Auto Clickers for Mac

There are multiple auto clickers for Mac available, each with its own unique set of features. Here, we have compiled for you, a list of the best auto clickers for Mac. Let’s have a look.

1. Mac Auto Mouse Click by Murgaa

Mac Auto Mouse Click

Mac auto mouse click is one of the fastest mouse clickers that can be used to perform multiple clicks and repetitive tasks on mac devices. To start the automation, make a macro file by setting specified actions, and then play these for as long as needed. These macros can also be saved for future use.

This simple mouse clicker doesn’t need specific scripting knowledge to be used. Anyone can use it regardless of their expertise. With the Mac auto mouse click, users can automate the left, right, and central (scrolling wheel) buttons for one task. You can also set the time interval and click number as you need for your task. You also have to set the number of cycle repetitions you need. You can also move the cursor to return to its starting position after completing one cycle. This auto clicker allows you two types of customization keys; one for starting and stopping automation, and these keys are also the targeted click position’s screen coordinates. Being the fastest Mac automation too, you can efficiently use it to automate different tasks like data entry, clicking, games, etc.


  • Free to use and download 
  • Automate the Left, right, and central buttons   
  • Make an unlimited number of clicks 
  • The hotkeys can be optimized
  • The time interval can be set 
  • Multiple actions can be set in one task 
>> Download <<

2. Fast Auto Clicker by Murgaa

Fast Auto Clicker by Murgaa

If you need a small auto clicker tool yet want to get your work done efficiently, this is just the right tool for you. Its surprisingly small size does not limit its features and working. This auto clicker generates fast clicks anywhere on your Mac device’s screen. You can set the keyboard shortcut button to press to start and stop clicks easily. With this tool, you can customize the hotkey, time interval, and the number of clicks.

For running your automation tasks, just open the fast mouse clicker tool and set the number of clicks, the location with the cursor, the hotkey, and the time interval. Once the defined number of clicks is complete, the tool will stop automatically. If you’ve set the clicks to unlimited, you’ll have to press the hotkey to stop clicking.

The most amazing thing is the random time delay option. You can set two-time delay options and it will change randomly are each click but remain within the set time interval. The tiny interface makes it easy for the tool to be moved around on the screen. You can try the tool for free and pay once the trial period is complete.


  • Very small-sized tool 
  • Fast speed of clicking 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Supports the random time interval feature 
  • Free trial period is supported  
>> Download <<

3. Mac Random Mouse Clicker by Murgaa

Random mouse clicker

Mac Random mouse clicker by Murgaa is also an efficient, free auto clicker that lets you simulate clicks on your Mac devices. This auto clicker works with middle, left, and right mouse button clicks. The unique thing is that users are free to hold the mouse buttons for as long as needed. The user interface has simple buttons that you can use to start and stop clicking.

The Mac Random mouse clicker has a very easy and simple user interface, making it suitable for all users, regardless of their skill. Users can assign a keyboard shortcut for starting and stopping mouse clicks. With its option of configurable and fixed delays between mouse clicks, it becomes an advanced auto clicker, not just a simple one. With an easy and simple user interface, users can pre-assign hotkeys as needed or even customize new ones as they desire. The random mouse clicker will be downloaded to the system tool. This tool designed by MurGaa software for Mac OX is free for use and it is also virus-free.


  • Has a straightforward user interface, suitable for all users 
  • Trusted and reliable software 
  • Free to use 
  • Simulates middle, left, and right mouse button clicks 
  • Users can hold the mouse button for as long as they want 
  • Lightweight and takes low disk space 
  • Hotkeys can be customized as needed 
>> Download <<

4. iClickMac


iClickMac is a safe Mac auto clicker that works work most versions of Mac devices. You can easily download it for free from the Mac App Store. This amazing auto clicker is straightforward. Once downloaded, you will see a small window pop up on the screen. Here you can set the time interval between clicks. Once done, click the start button and drag your cursor wherever you need automated clicks.

An analysis with the antivirus shows that iClickMac is safe and virus-free. It is free from malware and viruses. This special auto clicker for Mac supports multiple features like recording shortcuts, automatic push clicks, type shortcuts, and several CPS sets. The application is a very useful tool because it is user-friendly, simple, and also lightweight. The issue, however, is that the app doesn’t let you set the time interval in milliseconds, and it can only click just for 20 times after which the process starts again. iClickMac works with Mac OS X.


  • Allows users to set multiple CPS
  • Supports automatic push click 
  • Supports a recording shortcut 
  • Works on almost every website 
  • The tool is free for use 
  • The tool is 100% safe from malware and viruses 
  • Doesn’t support time intervals in milliseconds and can only click 20 times 
  • It is compatible with Mac OS X
>> Download <<

5. Dwellclick


DwellClick is also another auto clicker for MAC that is one of the best software to take control of clicking. It supports several advanced features like right-click, double click, and auto drag. While this app isn’t free, the several amazing features make it a worthy investment. If you want to check the tool before purchasing, you can try out its trial version.

This auto clicker even lets you drag and then drop windows anywhere on your Mac screen without needing to click. One of the best things about this auto clicker is that is with almost all input devices like trackpads or standard mice, magic mouse and trackpad, trackballs, joysticks, graphics tablets, and basically every pointing device. With the Dwellclick auto clicker, you don’t need to click yourself anymore, saving your time and effort. It works with MacOS 10.9 and above.


  • Full hands-free operation 
  • Set unlimited repetitive clicks 
  • Uses advanced features like a double click, auto drag, and right-click 
  • Supports multi-touch settings
  • Works perfectly with most pointing devices like magic mouse, and multi-touch trackpad 
  • Supports a trial version for testing the tool 
  • The amazing features make it a worthy investment 
  • Requires knowledge and patience to master as it is an advanced tool 
>> Download <<

6. Mac Auto Clicker

Mac Auto Clicker


Mac auto clicker is a robust and advanced auto clicker that is very simple and easy to use. It supports a few advanced features, allowing gamers to save their energy and time by avoiding the tedious task of clicking. It allows users to make unlimited clicks as needed. In contrast to other apps, this tool is much more advanced including different features like custom clicks, the configuration of time intervals, and delay start. Moreover, it also supports several ways for starting and stopping the software. The time interval between clicks can also be adjusted in milliseconds or seconds. One of the advanced features of the tool is that time can be set between click groups or after grouping click numbers. The benefit of the tool is that it can easily be downloaded from the store for free. Moreover, it allows users to set click intervals, fix the time to stop, and register the click count. Mac auto clicker can work with different Mac versions.


  • Record the number of automated mouse clicks
  • Set the custom click number 
  • Supports single and double mouse clicks 
  • It is an open and free source 
  • Supports several ways to start and stop clicks 
  • Simple and easy to use  
>> Download <<

7. Mac Auto Clicker by Filehorse

Mac Auto Clicker


Mac Auto clicker is another great option for an auto clicker that can simulate human clicks in different ways. It can be used to automate simple or repetitive tasks to reduce wrist and hand fatigue when you work. The tool is very easy to configure and use. It also works with all macOS versions. Regardless of being free, this tool supports all the necessary features including managing the number of clicks and intervals, setting limits for auto-stop, and choosing between right, left, or double click.

The good thing about this tool is that you wouldn’t need to mention that exact seconds or milliseconds number every time because the tool has a scale to adjust the speed. The speed can be adjusted between very slow and very fast. With a very basic user interface, the auto clicker is easily understandable and simple to use. The program, however, is supported on macOS Yosemite (OS X 10.10) and earlier. If you have a version above this, you’ll need the unofficial fix. While this fix isn’t really complex, it just involves a few steps.


  • Automatically click mouse buttons 
  • Very easy to configure and use 
  • Works with most macOS versions 
  • No need to provide exact seconds and milliseconds 
  • Adjust the speed between very slow and very quick 
  • Simple to understand and apply 
  • Clean user interface 
  • Works with Yosemite macOS and prior versions 
  • For later versions, an unofficial path will be needed
>> Download <<

8. iMouseTrick


If you want a really simple auto clicker tool, iMouseTrick is just the right program for you. To use the tool, you need to set the number of clicks, click duration, and countdown commencement before starting. This free software can be used with any game or even with professional work. With iMouseTrick, you can set the click interval, the number of clicks, and the time before starting clicking. This automation tool works with most Mac devices. If you want to run a specific function, you can click the mouse button or set hotkeys for specific actions.

Other than being a comfortable software, it gives you the ease you need for gaming and completing your work. It is a free tool often used by gamers for playing video games. High-level gamers use iMouseTrick for getting a good score. The simple and easy user interface makes this auto clicker suitable for everyone. Being compatible with most Mac devices, its usage and scope are limited.


  • Support a simple and easy-to-use user interface 
  • Free to download 
  • Adjust the click interval, number of clicks, and time before clicking  
  • Suitable for playing online games and tasks like data entry 
  • Compatible with Mac devices 
  • Very simple auto clicker 
>> Download <<

9. Auto Clicker 1.0

Autoclicker 1.0

Auto Clicker 1,0 is one of those rare auto clickers that are available for both Mac and Windows. The simple yet amazing software gives you a break from the tiring clicking tasks. This macro-based software app allows users to record multiple clicks and replay them later as needed. Auto clicker 1.0 is a simple program that doesn’t have many advanced features but the basic features are enough to get most tasks done with ease. Automated clicks can be made at the current position of the mouse, and the automation is started with the Start button.
Users can also set the click speed, time interval, and the number of clicks needed. The user interface is very simple with barely any complications. The benefit of the tool is that it can be used to record both mouse clicks and keystrokes. Auto Clicker 1.0 is very easy to use and supports multiple location mouse presses. Users can even alter the IP address to deceive click counters.


  • Simple and functional auto clicker
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Allows complete access to all automated tools
  • The time interval, click speed, and click number can be set
  • Supports a simple user interface
  • IP address can be altered to deceive click counters
  • Quick and efficient responses
>> Download <<

10. Murgaa Auto Clicker

Murgaa Auto Clicker

Murgaa auto clicker is one of the simplest and easiest auto clickers to use with Mac devices. Its simplicity and ease of use make it unique. This tool can make both left and right mouse button clicks on your Mac devices. Murgaa auto clicker gives its users several options to start and stop the clicks. The auto clicker works with Mac and is compatible with Apple operating system’s latest version, 10.5 and higher. 

This auto clicker can be used on Mac devices for carrying out various repetitive tasks for better efficiency and productivity. To get the app you need to download it from the official website of the tool. The website is very straightforward and it has an installation guide to help users through the process of installation and use. The best thing about the Murgaa auto clicker is that it is very simple to use, supports different launching options, and is also available for free for some time. While the tool is paid, you can try the tool for free before purchasing it to see it if meets your needs. 


  • Straightforward, simple, and easy to use.
  • Generate left and right mouse click. 
  • Works with macOS 10.5 and above. 
  • Paid tool, but has a free trial period for testing the tool. 
  • The official website is simple to use and has an installation guide. 
  • It supports different launching options.
>> Download <<

Setting Up an Auto Clicker for MAC

Auto clickers are preferred by many people because they make the clicking task easy and save time and energy. If you want to use an auto clicker on your MAC, here is how you can set it up.

  1. On your Mac device download and install the app. Once installed, run this auto clicker by clicking on the icon on your device. 
  2. Select the keyboard shortcut you want to start and stop the clicks. 
  3. Once done, click the “save keyboard key” button. 
  4. After this, you are all ready to start auto-clicking. Here you need to decide your click location, time interval, speed of clicks, and the background color. 

Benefits of MAC Auto Clicker

Who doesn’t want to avoid repetitive clicking tasks on their device? You would need an auto clicker if you want to play competitive games like Roblox. Here are a few benefits of using the Mac auto clicker.

Versatile Usage

One benefit of an auto clicker for Mac is that these tools are very versatile. Auto clickers can easily be used to automate mouse clicks according to your needs. These tools can assist in maintaining data, texting, data entry, gaming, and much more.

Saving Your Effort and Time

In the busy era that we live in, every second counts. Time is precious because everyone has thousands of things to do. No one has the time to put all their time and effort into repetitive tasks that can easily be done by automation tools. Using automation tools, not only will your work be done quicker, but also in a more efficient manner. Auto clickers for Mac can greatly help in saving your effort and time whether it’s casual gaming or work-related tasks.

Easy to Use and Operate

Auto clickers are very simple and easy-to-use tools. They support a very user-friendly interface designed to offer ease for the users. Moreover, the process of installation is very easy. You can install auto clickers easily and learn to use them for getting your work done quickly and efficiently.

Customizable Tools

If you use the same interface over and over again, you are bound to get bored over time. Auto clickers for Mac are very unique tools that give you full access to users for making modifications as they desire. Many auto clickers support the option of customization allowing you to change the interface color, number of clicks, click interval, and much more.


For those in search of a good auto clicker for doing work or playing games on Mac, there are different options for Mac auto clickers available, like the ones covered above. There is a long list of options, but we have compiled some of the best ones for you. The ones we have mentioned above are some of the best you have, each with its own set of unique features that make your clicking tasks easier. We hope that the list above proves useful in helping you find the best auto clicker for MAC that you can use to play your games and do your work without needing to click repetitively.


1. Why do I need an auto clicker for Mac?

Every day clicking tasks can become very dull and tedious. Mac auto clickers are amazing automation tools that make clicking tasks much easier without needing much input from you. So, Mac auto clickers can help you automate your frequent clicking tasks, saving your energy and time.

2. Are there any auto clickers for Mac?

Yes, there are multiple auto clickers for Mac available that let users automate their clicks on their Mac devices. We have covered some of the best Mac auto clickers in the list given above. These programs are very simple to understand and use.

3. Is it illegal to use an auto clicker?

Although auto clickers are entirely illegal, they can sometimes be against the rules of gaming because gaming is all about your potential and skill. While it isn’t illegal, you may get banned for using an auto clicker if it is detected in the game. However, you can use it for daily tasks, other than gaming without any risks.

4. Are Auto Clickers for Mac safe?

Auto clickers are very handy tools that allow the simulation of real clicks. While there aren’t too many options available for Mac devices, we have covered some of the best ones. And yes, all of them are 100% safe to be used on your device.

5. Are Mac Auto Clickers free for use?

Most auto clickers for Mac are available for free. Just download and start using them on your device. Some other auto clickers have paid versions that offer advanced features, but they either support a free version with limited features or a trial version to test the tool. So, you can get most auto clickers for free.

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