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Whether you’re a gamer, teacher, student, or employee, we are sure you must’ve dealt with the issue of clicking and tapping your mouse repeatedly. We know it’s hectic, isn’t it? You must be tired of clicking repeatedly on your iPhone or iPad’s screen. Here we are with an amazing solution to this issue. We have collected a list of the best auto clickers for iOS that make automated taps where and as needed. Auto clicker for iPhone makes your gaming and everyday tasks much easier, giving your hands a rest. Let’s have a look at the best auto clickers.

What is a Phone Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker is an app or software that is used for automating tapping and clicking tasks on your device. Let’s suppose you are playing Minecraft where you need to tap constantly, an auto clicker can take over this task and relieve you from tapping constantly. Similarly, if you are doing work where you need to tap repeatedly, an auto clicker ios can help. Just set the location, customize the click number, speed, etc, and the auto clicker will handle the rest for you.

IOS Auto Clicker

Features of Auto Clickers for iOS Free Download

Auto clickers are unique tools that are designed to automate your mouse clicks. Here is a list of features these tools support.

Automate Your Taps

Auto clickers will help you in automating your taps on the iOS device screen. By setting your clicks and location, this tool will do the work for you.

Customize Taps

Auto tapper ios also let you customize the taps, letting you set the click number, click interval, type of clicks, hotkey, cursor location, etc.

Works with iOS Device Versions

Auto click for iPhone are tools that are compatible with most iOS devices. Regardless of the iOS device you have, most auto clickers will work easily with all versions.

Suitable for Playing Games

While auto clickers serve different purposes, the most prominent use is for playing games. Gamers love using these tools to automate their taps on iOS devices.

Free and Safe for Use

The most amazing thing about automatic tapping ios tools is that they are safe to use tools that do not harm your device. Moreover, most auto clickers are free, so you won’t have to pay to use them.

Set Tapping Location

Auto clickers also let you set the tapping location where you want the desired clicks.

Uses Low System Resources and Space

Auto clickers for apple are tools that, unlike others, do not use up much of your system space or resources.

Simple and Easy-To-Use Tools

Unlike other complex apps and tools, auto clickers don’t have any complex operations. These simple tools can be used by beginners and experts alike.

Auto Clickers Run in the Background

Auto clickers do not disturb other programs that are running on your iOS device because of these run in the background.

The Settings are Saved

Mobile auto clicker tools allow you to save the settings like the hotkeys, tapping location, tapping speed, etc. so they can be played later when needed.

Apart from these main features, different auto clickers for iOS support different unique sets of features.

List of the Top 8 Best iOS Auto Clickers in 2023

Here is our list of the best 8 auto clickers for iOS devices 2023. We have reviewed these for you.

1. QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker

QuickTouch AutoClicker

QuickTouch auto clicker is a very reliable tool in the field of automation, a tool for iOS that lets you generate automatic taps/clicks and swipes at any desired screen location. Users are free to set the time interval as well. The amazing thing about this auto clicker is that it works with full-screen apps and does not need root access.

Users can record the tapping, sliding, or clicking pattern on the device’s screen and then apply it later on any app. This is very amazing for playing games. QuickTouch auto clicker supports two modes, single and multi-target mode. The overall interface of the tool is very simple.

QuickTouch automatic clicker is a great tool that works well with tapping games. It helps in keeping a game active without needing to tap again and again. One of the best things is that the tool is free and the ads can be removed at a low cost.


  • Swipe or tap anywhere on the device screen 
  • No root access is needed 
  • Interval time can be set for typing 
  • All the features can be used for free
  • Ads can be removed at a low cost
  • Best for playing tapping games 
  • Effectively works with full-screen apps 
>> Download <<

2. Auto Clicker – Tapping

Auto Clicker – Tapping

This auto tapper ios download is another great auto clicker for iOS devices that can make repetitive taps on the screen of an iOS device. After downloading the app, it will appear in the menu bar from where it can easily be turned off and on as needed. Auto Clicker – tapping lets you make repetitive taps or swipe actions on a desired screen location at the time interval you have specified.

The frequency and click location can be set as the user desires. Moreover, the location can be saved as well. When using Auto Clicker – Tapping for the very first time, you will have to enable visual and audio support and give access to start automatic tapping.
Featuring a simple and easy-to-use control panel, you can select the swipe/click point, swipe action, or start/stop the tapping with this panel.

Moreover, this tool offers full customization of the click as the user desires. A separate section is assigned with some parameters for easy and quick operation of the hotkeys. It is, however, limited to certain features and operates with only the apps specified.


  • Switch on and off using the menu button
  • Customize hotkeys 
  • Comfortable and easy to use 
  • Set the desired interval
  • Works with limited, specified apps
  • Configurations can be saved 
  • Floating control panel 
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3. Auto Clicker Automatic Tap

Auto Clicker Automatic Tap

If you think you haven’t yet found the right auto clicker for your iOS device, this may just be one may be the right option. Auto clicker automatic tap is a very convenient auto clicker that works without rooting. It supports an easy-to-use and convenient control panel with which you can adjust your options and settings while this auto clicker runs in the background. This auto clicker supports a decent design as most iOS auto clickers and lets you make automated clicks wherever needed on the screen.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, for experts and beginners alike. It is also very easy to download, install, and set up. Auto clicker automatic tap is a great tool for gaming because it supports most of the features needed for good gaming, letting you extract the maximum potential with the least effort. With the global timer, users can set the time for automatic taps. Automation scripts can also be imported and exported as needed. Therefore, this tool can be used to play all your favorite games.


  • Supports a user-friendly interface 
  • Simple operation 
  • No root access required 
  • Catchy and decent auto clicker 
  • Works well even in the background 
  • Convenient control panel
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4. Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker


Auto clicker is a great option for iOS devices because it helps you make repetitive taps on your device. It allows users to set a time interval for automatic taps and repeat them as needed. This advanced auto clicker lets you make as many clicks as needed. The duration can also be set. Moreover, this auto clicker tool is a free tool that supports amazing in-app packages as well. The free trial can be tried out before making the decision of purchasing the tool.

The best part about this auto clicker is that it keeps on bringing new developments and advancements. This simple and easy auto clicker can be installed on iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices from the Apple Store. It can also be used for different websites or social media platforms. The customization of taps lets you set the tapping duration, tap intervals, and number as well. When using it for the very first time, you will have to grant the tool some permission to record and play your gestures.


  • Supports several advanced features.
  • Performs repetitive clicks where and as needed.
  • The tapping time, number, and interval can be set.
  • It May be used on several websites.
  • Free trial version for testing the tool.
  • Runs in the background easily. 
>> Download <<

5. Auto Clicker Pro

Auto Clicker Pro

Auto clicker Pro is another great iOS auto clicker that comes with several upgraded features. Though small, this application is very useful as it lets you count different things like cars, goods, money, people, etc. The addition of this amazing makes this tool unique and functional. With auto clicker pro, auto-clicking becomes very fast and works well with iPad and iPhone. The auto-clicking function of this tool is very quick and easy. With this tool, you can make as many taps as you want as well as dagging or tapping anywhere on the device’s screen.

Auto clicker pro also supports multiple customization opinions, letting you select the desired location for tapping. It lets you make single or double clicks as required. Hotkeys can be assigned to easily start and stop clicking as needed without opening the tool again and again. Auto clicker pro lets you automate refresh pages, online games, and PowerPoint presentations. Click times and click points can be set for auto-clicking.


  • Easy and simple auto clicker tool
  • Simple and easy operation 
  • Supports single and double taps 
  • Hotkey can be assigned for starting and stopping taps
  • Click point and time can be set 
  • Save scripts for use later
>> Download <<

6. Auto Touch (Counting app)

Auto Touch

The auto touch auto clicker is a great tool that helps you make automated taps and helps you in the counting process. You can use this tool for counting people, objects, scores, and other such phenomena at the office or at college. As an auto clicker, it can record all your tapping gestures on your iOS device like iPad, iPhone, etc, and play them automatically later. This tool can also be used for playing favorite games by simulating human-made taps.

Auto touch works very well with iOS devices versions 8 to 13. You would need to use jailbreak before installing the auto touch app. The process of using this tool is very simple. You just have to download this app, and then open it on your device for auto tapping. To bring the control panel, you can easily use the decrease volume button. Then start recording your actions. To play your automatic taps, just select a script from your control panel.


  • Simple counting tools 
  • Easy to use and understand 
  • Simple and easy installation 
  • Record and then replay your touch actions 
  • Compatible with iOS versions 8 to 13
  • Work well with iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPod touch 
  • Suitable tool to play games and simulate touch actions 
>> Download <<

7. Tap Tool ( Health-related Counter )

Tap Tool

Tap tool supports free and premium versions that are almost the same, but some advanced features are supported by the latter. The free version has enough features to help you with your daily counts. With the tap tool, you can count various things on your iOS device. This is amongst the best apps for keeping a count of health-related activities.

The tap tool can help you measure your breathing level, heartbeat, and other such things. Being designed especially for the iOS system, it can help you make quick and easy body function calculations. The tap tool is equipped with a very simple user interface making it suitable for beginners and experts. This tool lets you count the total tap number, elapsed time, average tapping rate, time between taps, etc. automatically. Just simply download the app to your device, and let it perform all the health counts for you. This tool is very useful because it performs all the tapping tasks on your iOS device.


  • Easy and simple operation 
  • Measures breathing rate, heart rate, etc. 
  • Interactive and simple user interface 
  • Counts automatically elapsed time, tap number, tapping rate, and the period between the taps 
  • It is a free tool 
  • Keeps track of periodic events 
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac
  • Can be used in office or workplace
>> Download <<

8. Automatic Tap Auto Clicker

Automatic Tap Auto Clicker

Automatic tap auto clicker is a great sequence record designed for iOS devices that let you automate all your taps on your device. This auto clicker is simple to use and operate. You just need to choose the app you need to use it with and the taps will be generated. A floating menu is supported that lets you start and activate the taps. The timer interval can also be set, the number of taps, as well as how long each tap should be. The best part is that you can achieve multiple clicks within a short time period.

A free version is also available for this tool but the paid version offers more amazing features. All your tapping actions can be recorded and saved for being used later.
With this amazing tool, you can set the click location and choose between single and double clicks. All you need to do is set the desired click location and tap the start button to get your automatic taps.


  • Simple and easy operation 
  • Floating menu supported
  • The time interval between taps can be set 
  • The number of taps can be set 
  • Supports a free version 
  • Scripts can be recorded and saved
  • Easy to install and use
>> Download <<

How To Use an iOS AutoClicker?

If you want to learn how to auto-tap on iPhone, the process is explained below. But to use the tool, you’ll have to download it first. Here is how to download and use the iOS auto clicker.

  1. Open your iOS device and go to the App store. In the search bar type “auto clicker”. Here you will see certain auto clicker options. 
  2. Select the auto clicker you like and tap on the download button. The download will start on your device. 
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, tap on the auto clicker from your iOS menu. 
  4. The Main Window of the tool will open. From here go to customization settings and customize your clicks. The number of clicks you want, the click interval, and the hotkey for starting and stopping clicks. Also, set the desired clicking location.
  5. Now close the tool and open your game or app where you want the automatic clicks. The auto clicker will run in the background and the automatic clicks will be generated.

Benefits of Using Automatic Clicker for iOS in 2023

If you want to iPhone auto-click on your device, these tools are very useful. Auto clickers are free to download and very easy to use. To use them, you can download these to your device easily, and set the respective settings on your iOS device for automatic clicking. Regardless of how new it may seem, auto clickers are not a recent discovery. It is only now that the convenience and compatibility of these tools have made them popular.
Auto clickers are popularly used in gaming to automate all the tapping and clicking in different idle games like Minecraft or Roblox. Gamers use these tools and take benefit of them for winning their games against other players.

Moreover, auto clickers are increasingly useful for doing repetitive tasks like data entry jobs where a single button has to be tapped several times. People working in data entry jobs will find these tools very useful in saving their time and energy.

Auto clickers also help you keep a record of different things, eliminating the need for pens, notepads, calculators, etc. for keeping records. You can use these tools to keep automatic records of things while you do other important things.
Hence, auto clickers are very useful and interesting tools that can be used by gamers and people alike. While taking over the tapping and clicking tasks for you, your time and energy are also saved.


1. Is there any auto clicker for iOS devices?

Yes. There are multiple auto clickers available for iOS devices that are designed to run with these devices. Auto touch ios can be used on devices including iPads, iPhones, and Mac.

2. Will my phone get banned for using an auto clicker?

No, your phone cannot be banned from using an auto clicker because it can never affect your phone’s efficiency. The anti-cheat programs in the games are what can ban you from your games. In any case, your cell phone is not harmed.

3. Are auto clickers free and safe tools?

Well, yes. Most auto clickers have free versions available for downloading and some are entirely free. These free and paid auto clickers are equally safe to be used on your device.

4. Can auto clickers affect the iOS device’s functioning?

No, auto clickers will never affect the working of your iOS device because these are virus-free programs that won’t harm or affect your device in any way.

5. Is a free auto clicker available?

Yes, if you search well, you can find a great range of free auto clickers for your iOS devices. In the case of a computer or desktop, you can download the tool free from the website. If you’re downloading it on your mobile, you can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

6. What are the fastest iOS auto clickers?

With multiple auto clickers for iOS available today, you can easily download and use them. Most of the auto clickers are very fast and suited for making auto clickers in different apps and games. One of the fastest auto clickers for iOS is QuickTouch. You can try them out yourself.

7. What are some of the best auto clickers for iOS devices?

Multiple auto clickers are available for iOS devices. Some of the most popular ones include auto clicker, QuickTouch, tap tool, auto clicker Pro, and auto clicker – tapping. While these are only some of them, you can scroll through the great range of auto clickers to select the one that suits your needs.


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