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Today, technology takes over our daily lives. You will have to click to control things while working or playing video games. A CPS test is designed to help you identify your clicking speed to see how fast you can click. There are several clicking techniques to get maximum clicks, one of which is Butterfly clicking.

What is butterfly clicking? How to butterfly click? What is the butterfly click test? We have covered everything for you here.

CPS or Click Speed Test

The CPS test is a special online tool that measures the number of clicks you can make in a second, on average. You can try the test out for different time durations, mostly in seconds, as you desire and compare the results. You can also share the results with your friends and family and compete against them to see who can click faster.

Different Types of Clicking Methods

Multiple clicking methods exist for gamers to get higher scores in games; one of them is butterfly clicking. Here are the different types of clicking that can be used.

1. Regular Clicking

The most common type of clicking is regular clicking. This includes single, double, and right-clicking, etc. The most common one used amongst these methods is single-clicking.

2. Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is another clicking method used to achieve fast clicks, mostly in games. This method of clicking requires the user to slide his finger across mouse buttons. The user can make several clicks in one swipe in drag clicking, which is a powerful clicking technique.

3. Butterfly Clicking

A butterfly click is another way of achieving more clicks to complete tasks faster. This technique is mostly used by all gamers who want a high score in their games. The thing about this technique is that it is a little hard to understand and grasp. This is why it is recommended to go slower at the start; you can speed up the process when you learn and master this technique. In this way, you will become more skilled at this technique and use it better when it’s time.

You need to set two fingers firmly on the left mouse button. Place the thumb on the left side of the mouse for support, and use the palm for controlling the mouse movement. The fingers resting on the left mouse button are alternated between the clicks. In short, when the user clicks using one finger, the other rests in the air, and vice versa. This clicking technique works best for gamers who want maximum clicks within a minimum time limit.

4. Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is another clicking technique that professional gamers use. With this technique, gamers can click faster and aim relevantly. This clicking is, therefore, often preferred for games. Just like drag clicking, you can achieve more clicks with jitter clicking. However, it is advised not to use this technique for longer because it can damage muscles.

5. Auto Clicker

This is another method of clicking, but you need to download software to use it. Once downloaded, you can configure and use the auto clicker software to make automatic clicks wherever required on the computer or laptop. Since it is automated, the user doesn’t have to do much.

What is the Butterfly Click Test?

The Butterfly click test is a test where you have to click your mouse as fast as possible using two fingers, mainly the middle and the index finger. This helps you achieve a higher CPS score.

This test is a great way to check and improve your clicking skills and whether you are ready to play competitive online games that require a fast clicking speed. To check your CPS, you must place two fingers on the mouse and hit both of them alternatively.

The butterfly click tester is a way to check your butterfly clicking speed. This clicking technique is better stabilized and safe than jitter clicking. While this is a simple game, you can use it to check your CPS within a specific time duration.

What’s the Origin/History of Butterfly Speed Test

The butterfly clicking technique emerged when gamers tried and used different methods to play their mouse games. The Butterfly click tester came out later to check how fast you can click using this technique.

How it Differs From the Traditional CPS Tests

What is butterfly clicking, and how does it differ from the regular clicking methods? This clicking technique differs from other methods because it lets people achieve a higher CPS score of around 26.

Butterfly Clicking; Why Do You Need It?

This clicking technique has become popular because of its increasing use and demand. More and more gamers are shifting to this clicking technique to achieve a high score in their games and win against other players. This clicking technique offers gamers what others cannot do; a more significant number of clicks in a short time. The gamers who use butterfly clicking have an apparent edge over other players who use the other clicking techniques. This is why butterfly clicking has become necessary today.

Butterfly Click Test; How Does it Work?

Today, multiple CPS testers offer the butterfly test for gamers who want to practice their butterfly clicking speed and master it. Many gamers prefer taking these tests to master this technique and become professional butterfly clickers.

Butterfly Clicking in Minecraft

To play Minecraft with this technique, you need to take absolute control over your mouse. To get control, securely hold the mouse with your pinky and thumb, and use the middle and index fingers to click alternatively without stopping. You may need to practice a little to master it.

How to Use Butterfly Click Test

If you want to check your butterfly clicking speed, follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to the top of the page to get your hands on our butterfly clicking speed test.
  2. When you click, make sure to use the butterfly clicking technique.
  3. You see a timer that shows near the clicking area. Until the timer ends, keep clicking.
  4. When the timer stops, the test displays your total clicks and CPS.

With this tool, you can practice your clicking speed unlimited times. So, keep clicking till you achieve your goal.

World Record for the Butterfly Click Test

With the rising competition, players post their results on different public platforms. The world record for the butterfly click test has been set. The highest score had been set by Dylan Allred, who made 1,051 clicks in 10 seconds. In comparison, an average person can click 15 to 20 times in a second by using the butterfly clicking technique. The world record for the butterfly click test is 105.1 cps. This test is all about practicing and aiming. The more you practice, the better it gets, and the higher your score.

How to Butterfly Click on the Test Quickly?

How to butterfly click faster? Several hacks and tips will help you click quicker and achieve a high score. Here are some hacks for butterfly clicking.

  1. A good Butterfly click test hack is to stay focused and not lose your attention.
  2. Practice more and more. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at butterfly clicking.
  3. Choose a good mouse for butterfly clicking. Glorious Model O or D is amongst the best mice for butterfly clicking that you’ll find.
  4. Place your fingers correctly, and make sure that you stay comfortable.
  5. Practice with the CPS tests online and play games like Minecraft to get a good clicking speed.
  6. Stay calm, and don’t be frustrated to stay focused.


How can I butterfly click on the mousepad?

If you want to butterfly click with your mousepad, use the entire mousepad and move the mouse with your palm. This way, you can achieve more clicks.

Why can’t I butterfly click consistently?

Butterfly clicking requires a lot of practice, so if you aren’t able to click consistently, it may be because you haven’t practiced enough. It can also be because your mouse isn’t suitable for butterfly clicking.

How can I set my mouse for butterfly clicking?

To prepare, set the mouse by placing your fingers comfortably and correctly on the left mouse button for precision. Also, hold the mouse with your palm to get maximum control over it. Once set, you can start clicking.

Can you butterfly-click on hypixel?

No, you should not butterfly click in hypixel because you can get banned.

Is it dangerous to butterfly click?

For the most part, butterfly clicking is a more comfortable and safe clicking method without many health dangers. While extensive clicking without breaks can harm the finger bones and arm muscles, clicking moderately won’t cause much harm.

Can you butterfly click any mouse?

Well, yes, you can use most mice for butterfly clicking. Adjust the DPI settings to get the required movements in your games. However, you can use any mouse for butterfly clicking, but you should get a special one for the best results.

How can I butterfly click on a small mouse?

Yes. You can butterfly click with a small mouse, much like any other mouse. Use the regular way of holding the mouse for butterfly clicking.

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