Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis?

Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis?

If you are a pro gamer then you must know about the advanced and the fastest clicking tricks. Among these fastest clicking, there comes a jitter clicking technique that not only enhances mouse click speed rate but you can also achieve up to 16 clicks per second.

Jitter clicking requires a repeated movement of your muscles and wrist. The muscles and wrist move which causes vibrations and so the clicking speed gets faster. But some people say that jitter clicking can cause Arthritis, do you think it’s true? Let’s read more about it.

How to Jitter Click?

How to Jitter Click

Before going into why jitter clicking can cause you a physical problem, let’s discuss how jitter clicking works. 

No one can deny the importance of clicking while playing games, especially when playing games like Minecraft or first-person shooters games as fast clicking gives you more score in such games. Let’s see how jitter clicking helps you win such games!

Try to buy a good mouse and make sure the mouse stays free from dust. Now tighten your hand such that your hand starts vibrating. Keep your finger on the left button of your mouse. Note, you will not be clicking the mouse button as the vibration will make the button to click. Try to take short breaks while holding your hand in this tight position.

As you can see, holding your wrist or whole arm in a constant vibratory motion is not easy. It can cause pain in your muscles. Let’s see how much danger jitter clicking may cause you!

Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis?

Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis

Shooting games have always been the trendiest games and winning a game is the ultimate goal of every player. Different players use different techniques to win a game but they must not hold on to a certain technique as long as it starts causing them physical problems.

Many people say that aggressive vibration in the hand while jitter clicking causes arthritis. In most of people, the medical injury seen after practicing this extensive clicking is Carpal Tunneling. The symptom of this injury is feeling numbness and extreme pain in the arm.

If we talk about medical science, then anything that causes pressure on the median nerve of the hand can cause arthritis. Jitter clicking causes vibration and this vibration compresses the median nerve. Many pro gamers know that jitter clicking causes arthritis and so they opt for different clicking methods.

Alternatives to Jitter Clicking

Butterfly and drag clicking are good alternatives to jitter clicking. Let’s see the alternative methods:

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking is a very simple technique to get more clicks per second. You can use your two fingers alternatively to click on the mouse left button and get the fastest clicking speed.

Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is a fun clicking technique. You just need to put your finger on top of the mouse and drag your fingers towards the bottom of the button. You can easily click 100 times in just a few seconds.


Clicking techniques help in getting more clicks in a minimum number of seconds but we do not recommend you to hold on to a clicking technique as long as it starts damaging your physical health.

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