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No one can deny the importance of a fast click while playing any game or even performing any task on the computer/laptop. Are you a pro gamer and looking to measure your mouse clicking speed per minute to ensure your win next time? Then you have landed on a very precise post.

A Click Per Minute test or a CPS test measures the number of times your finger hits the mouse key per minute or in just 60 seconds. This test not only tells you the clicking speed of you and your mouse but also is a fun game whether you are a small kid or a workaholic, looking for a small fun game.

Let’s see the importance of this test.

Importance of Click Per Minute Test

Performance is the key feature when it comes to playing games and winning them. Only a fast-performing mouse can help you react to particular situations appropriately and timely. CPS test evaluates your clicking capability and the performance of your mouse. Repeating this test can considerably enhance your clicking speed and aiming skills.

You may have an idea about the yearly tournaments that give a chance to the players to play with the world’s best players. These tournaments also require you to cross a certain CPS limit, and without that, you can’t even apply in those tournaments.

Why would someone take a risk of losing such tournaments just because of not having a required mouse clicking speed? So, let’s see this simple click per minute test procedure.

How to Measure Mouse Clicking Speed Per Minute?

Measuring your mouse clicking speed is as easy as reading the below steps. Let’s see what these are:

  1. Scroll above and see the button saying ‘Click Me’.
  2. Click on it to start the test. Once the test starts, you will see a click per minute counter, continuously decreasing in seconds.
  3. Keep on hitting the mouse key continuously as fast as you can.
  4. This timer will stop when it reaches 0 seconds.
  5. See the clicking speed when the counter stops.

You may not have a fast clicking speed on the first try. The best part is, we don’t restrict you from using it again and again. Go on measuring your mouse click speed until you become skillful in it.

Let’s see the world record and where you stand in the picture.

World’s Highest Mouse Clicking Speed

Yes, you heard it right. People can take this test on different websites. These websites record about the highest clicks done by people.

We did great research to find the highest clicks per minute. According to the data available online and comparing different results, 1051 clicks per minute are the highest ever recorded clicks. The person who made this record resides in Las Vegas, America. Wonder, how did he do it? Of course, by practicing again and again.

For any gamer, measuring clicking speed is necessary. But if you are a workaholic and looking for something that can make you feel good, then taking a CPS test is a really good idea.

If you are so far from the world’s highest record, then no worries, we are going to tell you about how you can come close or even break this highest clicking speed record.

Let’s Break the World’s Highest Record

Practice makes a man perfect, and who can deny it? We recommend you take the test again and again until you see a change. You might have heard about the Kohi Click test, Butterfly clicking, Jitter clicking, or Drag Clicking.

These are some famous techniques that can help you enhance your clicking speed. Always take a few minutes’ breaks before advancing towards another test.

But we also have a few tips that can abruptly increase your clicking speed. Let’s dive into them.

Tips to Increase Click Per Minute

We can’t agree that you have never played a shooting game and so never missed the target. While playing such games, the most important thing is to have the fastest clicking speed. Who doesn’t want to become unbeatable or win every game? So what are the things that can make you click fast?

Learn Different Techniques

Clicking requires extensive action from your muscles, so different techniques can help your fingers and muscles work promptly and energetically. For example, we talked about jitter clicking above. Such clicking makes your index finger continuously hit the mouse key.

Similarly, a butterfly clicking requires your two fingers to click simultaneously and increases the clicking speed.

Gaming Mouse

If you are a gamer and want to enhance your mouse clicking speed, make sure you use a specialized gaming mouse. Such mouses are built to experience a high clicking speed, and you can replace your regular mouse with it to see the difference.

We recommend you adjust the mouse speed and sensitivity of it through the settings of your PC. This will also elevate your gaming experience.

Positioning of Hands

Your hand must be positioned comfortably to ensure the best clicking speed. Always release your muscles so that they can perform better. Try to rest your fingers on your mouse keys and put less weight on them. A greater amount of friction will result in the slow clicking ability of your mouse.


Now you know how to enhance your clicking speed and why it is important to have it. We recommend you keep practicing this 60 seconds click challenge as it can really make you win the dream games and have other opportunities.


How many times can you click in a minute on average?

An average clicking speed per minute or a normal person clicks his mouse almost 400 to 500 times in a minute.

How many clicks per second is fast?

According to the best click per second testers, clicking more than 5 times in a second is considered fast and a good clicking speed.

What is the world record for clicks per minute?

9.7 clicks per second are the highest world record for the click per minute test.

How many clicks can you do per second on average?

The average speed of click per second is almost 4 to 5 times a second.

What is the world’s highest click per second record?

14.1 CPS is the highest click per second world record.

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