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1-second click speed test is an online tool that can measure your CPS precisely. It determines the user’s capability of clicking, which helps predict its performance in gaming or other workflows.

Most people use a mouse for clicking while working on the computer to accomplish their tasks. You will accelerate the process by gaining a better grasp of the mouse and operating the mouse with ease. 

Efficient and fast clicking is particularly helpful when a user plays a click-sensitive competitive game on an international or national level or is involved in a clicking task when time is limited. It can be useful to increase one’s proficiency by practicing on clicking tests such as this clicking test for 1 second.

Why You Need 1 Second Click Speed Test?

The clicking capability of the gamers influences their gaming score. Therefore, they make every effort to speed up their mouse-clicking speed. Our 1-second click speed test monitors your clicking ability and an improvement after practice.

While playing games, players need to click at a specific rate to achieve their maximum potential. To score well on games like variant, counter strike, and pubg PC, you need to be an expert at using your mouse. This 1-second mouse-clicking test will allow you to track your CPS.

You can also play this mouse-clicking test as a game for fun. It allows you to compete with your friends or other users worldwide. This game enhances your ability to click more in less time – no matter what purpose you are playing it for.

How to Use 1 Second Mouse Click Test?

Listed below are the steps you can follow to perform a click counter per second test to determine your clicking speed.

  • Scroll up to the top of the page, and the 1-second click speed test will be present there
  • After clicking the first time, the test will begin.
  • Continue clicking until the time is over.
  • You will be automatically notified when your click per second has been calculated in 1 second.
  • Your final scores will be displayed on the screen.
  • The final scores will be upgraded and presented to you in the form of click per second or CPS.

Practice more to get the best results.

What Is the Average Clicking Speed in 1 Second?

The most common average clicks per second are somewhere between 6-7 CPS. This is a simple representation of the clicks performed by so many users within the time tenure of 1 second. Although, you can achieve the fastest rate by improving your abilities and practicing repeatedly.

If you wonder what is the world record for clicks per second? The world record for 10 seconds clicks speed test generates the highest CPS of 12.1 CPS, equal to 121 clicks in 10 seconds.

How to Enhance Your Click Speed?

Gamers who want to mark excellent scores and play at the highest level should pay attention to their clicking rate. It is important to improve the click rate over time. To find out how fast can I click in one second, you can perform a click speed test? Playing it the same way is not the best idea for boosting your abilities. To score higher than before, you have to know certain tricks. 6-7 clicks per second are not enough to beat your rivalries. The sword must be raised to the maximum number of times in a second in games like Minecraft. Ideally, you should be clicking ten times per second.

Multiple clicking techniques help you to get maximum clicks in minimum times. But among so many tricks, you must pick the one that can work for you. Here I am sharing some common yet most popular clicking techniques for your convince.

Regular Clicking

We all use our mouse in our daily routine and operate it standardly. It is common for people to use the standard method of clicking to attempt the 1-second click speed test. Maintaining consistency and practicing this method regularly will help you increase your click speed, but not up to 8-10 clicks per second.

Butterfly Clicking

It involves enhancing the player’s ability to click by up to 25 cps using advanced clicking methods. Butterfly clicking is performed by using two fingers in tandem. You should use your index and middle finger alternatively, which helps you achieve a high clicking rate.

Drag Clicking

You could consider it a favorite clicking technique of professional gamers. When the player uses this method, they use a sticky finger mouse. By dragging once, it helps to generate multiple clicks in one drag. Although this method does not work in many games, it is extremely useful for achieving excellent scores in the 1-second click test.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is the most effective method, but only if you master it. Using this method, you have to strain your arm and hand muscles. To achieve a good grip, practice is the key.


Click per second counter aids in counting the number of clicks you have done in one second. After the successful understanding and monitoring of all the clicking abilities, it presents the results in clicks per second record. It helps you to check and improve your mouse clicking speed without paying any charges and provides unlimited resets.


1. How fast should I click?

In a second, an average of more than five clicks are made. You can improve this count down by trying different techniques and practicing repeatedly. But if your clicking speed is more than 5 and you are not a gamer, then it’s enough, but if you are a gamer, you need a clicking speed of more than 8 CPS.

2. What are the risks of drag clicking on my wrist?

If you use your wrist wisely and carefully, drag clicking will not harm it. Untrained methods can be really painful later on.

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