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In today’s competitive world, having a good clicking speed has become the need of the hour. Clicks per second or CPS measure the number of clicks that you can achieve in a given time frame. Here, to know everything about the 10-second click speed test, keep reading.

What is the 10 Seconds Click Test?

The cps test 10 seconds is an excellent online tool to calculate clicking speed in 10 seconds. How fast can you tap in 10 seconds? The click speed test can help you find your answer.

A click speed test measures the accurate number of clicks that a person can make using their mouse in 10 seconds and our fastest algorithm shows the CPS by measuring the average of all clicks in a specific time.

Why Does the Click Speed Test Matter and Its Uses?

Many people believe that the click counter 10 seconds is necessary for gaming. High clicking speed is essential for gaming because the gamer needs to produce as many clicks as possible to kick out the enemies.

Games that require mouse clicks for attacking and defending required maximum numbers of clicks. Because in these games the clicking speed is determinant of the result, whether you win or lose and it takes only a few seconds.

With more mouse click 10 seconds, the players will be able to attack more often, allowing them to make multiple combo attacks and take down the enemies faster without taking much time (if the opponent’s CPS is lower). Also, you can try our 3 second click speed test to check your fastest clicking speed without the influence of external factors.

A good CPS is essential for competitive gaming because having a higher CPS gives you a better chance of winning the game. However, there are several other factors that count as well, but the player’s click speed cannot be ignored.

How to Use 10 Seconds Mouse Clicking Speed Test?

You can quickly check how many click in 10 seconds you can make. To make effective use of this tool, follow these given guidelines.

  1. Go at the top of this page to use 10 seconds speed clicking test
  2. To start the game, press the mouse button at the provided clicking block.
  3. Keep clicking your mouse as fast as possible till the timer stops.
  4. You will see the click counter and time appear when you click on the start button.
  5. Once your click test is completed, it will show the result both in CPS and the total clicks in 10 seconds.
  6. If you want to retake the test or think that you didn’t perform well enough, just click the “restart” button to try again. Since there is no limit on how many times can you click in 10 seconds, you can try as many times as you want to get the best score.

How Does This Tool Work?

CPS calculator helps to calculate your clicking speed by dividing the number of clicks you make by the time taken.

CPS = Number of clicks/ Number of seconds.

With this formula, given above, our click challenge 10 seconds calculates your clicking speed instantly and with zero error.

Where the User Stand in Accordance to the World Record

The 10 CPS test is also a competitive platform for gamers and tries to achieve the fastest clicking speed to compete to get the title of the fastest mouse clicker.

The world record of 10-second speed test is held by Mr. Dylan Allred from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He successfully generated 1,051 mouse clicks in 10 seconds.

Tips to Improve the Mouse Clicking Speed

If you wish to improve your CPS, follow a few tips. Certain types of clicking can help enhance your clicking speed.

1. Regular Clicking

Regular clicking is used in everyday tasks, whether web scrolling or document editing. Regular clicking practice can help you achieve a good CPS.

2. Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is a method of rapidly shaking the arm to wrist muscles to generate a quick mouse click. This technique can help you achieve a good CPS of 10 to 14.

3. Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is one of the fastest methods used by professional players to register the most clicks in the least time. For this, you have to drag your finger on your mouse to make friction that register clicks.

4. Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking is a method of clicking the mouse with your middle and index finger to get a higher CPS rate. This clicking method also helps you achieve a high CPS rate.

5. Positioning the Hand

If your hand positioning is inaccurate, it can result in a low CPS count in your games. Before you start making clicks with your mouse, position your hand in the right way. Relax your muscles, set fingers near the mouse, secure your grip, and click gently.

6. Playing Games to Practice

We’ve all heard practice makes you perfect. So, to improve your clicks per second speed, make sure to practice as much as you can. 10-second click brain bashers games can be beneficial in practicing your CPS to improve your clicking. Also, you can play multiple idle games like Minecraft, cookie clicker, etc., to practice and improve your clicking.

7. The Right Gaming Mouse

While your practice, hand position, and type of clicking counts, having the right gaming mouse also matters. To enjoy a high CPS in your games, you need to select a gaming mouse with the correct settings and the right design.

8. Use an Auto Clicker

Auto clickers are amazing automation tools that can automate all your mouse clicks. They help you achieve a high CPS, greater than you can get when clicking on your own.


Q1. What is a CPS test?

A CPS test or clicks per speed test is an online tool that calculates how fast you can click your mouse in a given time frame. You have to click as fast as you can in the given time.

Q2. How can I click faster?

To click fast, make sure to relax your hands, don’t strain the muscles, use your claws, choose a stable place for placing your hand, move your hand quickly, and use two fingers to click faster. But the most important thing, keep practicing on our 10-second click test to evaluate your progress.

Q3. How can I increase my CPS speed?

Use a good gaming mouse to increase your CPS, adjust your mouse sensitivity settings, and practice clicks using different software or games. These techniques will help you increase your CPS speed in no time.

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