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Clicking games and CPS tests are becoming more popular in recent years because the youth, in particular, is getting interested in competitive gaming. The CPS test is a very unique game that people play for entertainment and competition. Some people also play it to improve their clicking speed. Here we cover everything about the clicks in 100 Seconds test.

Clicks per 100 Seconds

100 seconds is a very long time for clicking, so in this test, stamina matters more than speed. Consistently clicking for 100 seconds is no easy job and can be a tiring task for your muscles, often leading to muscle fatigue. So, the hundred seconds click test is a beneficial tool that helps you build your stamina for clicking. This time frame is the maximum that is offered by our tool to test one’s clicking speed.

While it is unusual for people to take this test, some just play it for the sake of fun. Can you click the mouse constantly for 100 seconds? Why don’t you check it out for yourself?

The World Record for the 100 Second CPS Test

Is there a world record for most clicks in 100 seconds? Yes, the world record is 820 clicks in 100 seconds. As per this test, humans can only make 8.2 clicks in a second at maximum. If you compare this with the average number of clicks a human can make, it comes very close. If you want to take the cps test 100 seconds, you need to have a lot of dedication and patience, because, by our nature, we get tired very easily, therefore it may be quiet anywhere in between. It is a very hard job to constantly click for 100 seconds. Nevertheless, you can always try and take a shot at beating the world record.

Guidelines for Playing the 100 Seconds Click Speed Test

To play the 100 seconds CPS Test Challenge you need to have a high level of energy and motivation. Make sure to practice before playing this long 100-second game. Since the time is very long, players start clicking very fast at the start to achieve a high score but get tired by the time they reach the middle. To play the game, you need to have very good stamina to keep going for 100 seconds.

What you should do is challenge yourself in the game and try beating your score. Once you’re ready, you can challenge your friends to take the test with you and beat the highest score.

So, we suggest that you practice as much as you can to build your stamina before taking the clicking speed in 100 seconds.

How to Take the Click Speed Test 100 Seconds?

To take the Clicks Per Hundred Seconds test, just follow these simple steps.

  • Click the “Click here to start CPS Test” in the box given above.
  • Once you click, the 100-second timer will start.
  • Make the maximum number of clicks you can make till the timer runs out.
  • When the timer runs out, you will be shown your CPS result, the number of clicks, and rank.

How to Achieve a High Score in the 100 Clicks per Second Test?

If you wish to get better with the 100-second clicker test, you need to practice. Our 100-second click challenge is a great way to practice clicking. Alternatively, you can also play idle games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc. Having a good gaming mouse will also be useful in achieving high clicks per second score.

Moreover, you can try different clicking techniques such as butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, or drag clicking.

To practice, you can start with a short time of like 10 seconds, and gradually increase the timer, reaching 100 seconds. These tricks can help you achieve a high score in 100 seconds without tiring your fingers.


It is a hard task maintaining your speed for 100 seconds, so because of this high timer, you may not end up with a high CPS score. By the time you reach the middle, your fingers muscles are tired. Nevertheless, with more practice, you can train your muscles better, even get good enough to beat the 100-second click test world record. So, keep practicing because it will surely be worth the effort!


1. What is the world record for CPS in 100 seconds?

The world record for the highest CPS in 100 seconds is 8.2. If you don’t know what your score is you can take our test to measure clicks in 100 seconds.

2. How fast can you click in 100 seconds?

Any score above the average will be fast. Even if you are able to achieve 1010 clicks in 100 seconds, it will be 10 clicks faster than the average score. If you want to test your clicking speed in 100 seconds, you can take our 100 second CPS test.

3. How fast can I click in 100 seconds?

Want to know how fast you can click in 100 seconds. No problem. Our interesting 100 seconds CPS test is just the right tool to see your typing speed. Just keep clicking once the timer starts and keep clicking till the end to see your clicking speed in 100 seconds.

4. How many clicks in 100 seconds?

A person can normally achieve 6 to 7 clicks in 1 second. Taking this to a 100 means that an average human can make 600 to 700 clicks in 100 seconds.

5. What is the world record for clicks in 100 seconds?

The world record for the most clicks in 100 seconds is 820. This means a CPS of 8.2 is the highest recorded in 100 seconds.

6. What is the most clicks in 100 seconds?

The most number of clicks in 100 seconds is 820. This has set the world record for the CPS score in 100 seconds.

7. How many clicks can you do in 100 seconds?

The number of clicks you can achieve in 100 seconds depends on how fast you can click. Most people can make about 600 to 700 clicks in 100 seconds. If you practice more, you can get a higher score than this.

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