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Clicking speed test is an online tool that helps gamers and other computer users to find out their clicking speed within a given time. To get the accurate CPS, the user must keep clicking until the given time is over.

In this mouse clicker test, the user will be given a click test for 11 seconds to achieve as many clicks as he can. To achieve the highest clicking speed, it is recommended to use different clicking techniques like butterfly clicking or jitter clicking. A user can improve his clicking speed with the help of continuous practice to get a better score by each passing day.

Importance of Click Speed Test

For many people, the mouse-clicking test does not hold much importance. In contrast, click speed tests have become a necessity in gaming. Many games need fast clicking ability to succeed, which can only be achieved by continuous clicking practice. With this 11 second click test, you can practice your clicking all day long with unlimited resets and get accurate results.

Other than gaming, many people take click tester applications like a game and compete with other users. They do a lot of clicks in these seconds to set new records. The game itself is so entertaining that many people play it for a good number of hours in a day. You can play the click speed test for 11 seconds to compare your previous results, thus setting new goals for yourself.

How Can You Measure Mouse Clicking Speed?

Clicks in 11 seconds can be measured by following these simple steps.

  1. Go to the top of the page to check your clicks in 11 seconds click challenge.
  2. Press ‘click here’ to start and test your clicking speed.
  3. Keep clicking until the 11 seconds are over. During the test, your time will keep showing to give you an idea of each passing moment but stay focused on clicking.
  4. As the time ends, your score will be displayed and answer how many clicks you can do in 11 seconds? You can keep track of the score by saving it and replaying it. This way, you can challenge yourself for a higher score.

What is the World Record for Click Speed Testing?

Click testing games have been popular, and users are setting world records by achieving the highest number of clicks. According to Google, the world record for the fastest clicking is 14.1 clicks per second. However, an average person can make 6.66 clicks per second on average compared to the record. It can be considered a good clicking score if he can generate more clicks than average.

Tips and Tricks That Will Help Increase Your Mouse Clicking Speed

Achieving a good click rate score can be challenging, but here we have some helpful tips to improve your clicking speed and make the process easy.

  • Use a gaming mouse: A gaming mouse is designed for the fastest clicking. These mice have a slim structure to provide better grip and register clicks with lightning speed.
  • Position your hand correctly: Click speed testing is all about how you position your hand. It is important to ensure that you have a good grip on the mouse and your hands are placed in the right position. You get tired and lose control over the mouse in the wrong position.
  • Use clicking techniques: Clicking techniques assist gamers in producing the maximum number of clicks. Techniques like butterfly clicking and drag clicking require a little practice but, once achieved, can prove to be very rewarding.


Is using drag clicking harmful?

It is not harmful if you drag click correctly because you are dragging your finger on the mouse button to register maximum clicks. However, it is damaging for your mouse in the long run.

What are the average clicks per second?

According to the online data, the average clicks per second are 6.66. However, as a gamer, you need a higher clicking score, i.e., more than 8 CPS.

How do you drag click?

In drag clicking, instead of clicking, you have to drag your finger from the front to downwards on the mouse button. Dragging creates vibrations due to friction that results in multiple clicks.

What is a good clicking speed?

Anywhere above 6.66 per second will be considered a good clicking speed. However, it depends on your position, whether you are a gamer or a normal office person. If you are a normal office person, more than 6.66 CPS is perfect, but if you are a gamer, you must have a CPS of more than 8.

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