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In the world of gaming, having a high CPS really counts because it gives you an edge over other players. If you have a high clicking speed, you will be able to attack your enemies faster, and the chances of winning the game increase. But how will you know what your clicking speed is? The click per second calculator or test is a tool that helps you track the number of clicks you’re able to make. Let’s know more about the 12 seconds clicks per second game.

What is the Clicking Test for 12 Seconds?

The click speed test is a free and interesting online tool that measures the number of clicks you can make with your mouse in a certain time frame. In the case of the 12 seconds accurate cps test, you will be shown the number of clicks you make in 12 seconds. This is also an interesting game, suitable for all age groups. People use this to compete with each other and try their best to generate more clicks than others.

Why Do You Need the 12 Clicks Per Second Test?

The click per second tracker is a very suitable tool that can be used for different purposes. Some gamers use this tool to compete against one another and set the world record for the highest clicks per second. Other’s use this tool to improve their clicking speed by using it for regular practice. People who have hectic jobs and work tend to use this click speed counter to relieve their stress from work by pressing the mouse click repetitively.

How to Measure Your Mouse Clicking Speed

The clicker counter game is a great way to measure your clicking speed. If you wish to know how many clicks can you do in 12 seconds, follow these steps.

  1. Go on top of the page to get access to our 12 seconds test.
  2. On the tool, you’ll see a box that says “click here”. Click on this box to start the counter.
  3. As soon as you press start, you will see the timer start. The timer will be showing the countdown in seconds.
  4. Meanwhile, click as fast as you can till the timer ends. The counter will stop after 12 seconds.
  5. When the timer stops, the results will be shown.
  6. You can take the click challenge again and again if you think you can get a better score.

World Record for the Mouse Clicking Test

Although the click test is a very unique game that players enjoy playing on different websites, serious gamers love taking this test to compete against other players and to become the fastest mouse clicker.

People have made world records for different mouse clicking speed tests such as 5 seconds test, 10 seconds test, and even 60 seconds or 1 minute, however, you can try to make a 12-second mouse clicking speed test world record because it’s probably untouched till now.

If we talk about the most mouse clicks made in 1 second, the record is 16 CPS. If you wish to get better at the mouse click challenge and beat the world record, you can practice more and more to get better. Moreover, there are some hacks that you can follow as well to boost your clicking speed.

How to Improve Your Mouse Click Speed?

If you wish to get better at the click speed test, here are a few hacks and tricks that can be very helpful.

  1. One of the best ways to achieve a high CPS is to get a good gaming mouse instead of a regular one. Also, avoid using the laptop trackpad.
  2. Practice with different mouse-clicking techniques like Butterfly, Kohi, Drag, and Jitter clicking.
  3. Adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to the best settings.
  4. Practice on our 12 seconds click speed tester where you can practice your clicks with unlimited resets. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.
  5. Before you start clicking on the click counter, be seated in a suitable position and keep your fingers relaxed.


How does the 12-second mouse CPS test work?

This clicks per second program is a very simple tool that you can use to measure your clicking speed in 12 seconds. You just have to click in the box, once the timer starts, do your best to get the maximum clicks.

How fast can I click in 12 seconds?

To check how fast you can click in 12 seconds, just take this test. This will give you an accurate measure of the number of clicks you make in 12 seconds.

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