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A click speed test is an online tool that measures the number of clicks generated by a person in a specific time frame. Most of its users are gamers who use this test to evaluate their clicking rate and practice here to get a boost. Also, regular use of mouse clicking test helps to improve people’s clicking speed which aids them in many competitive games like Minecraft, CS, PUBG, Roblox, etc. We have the perfect online free clicking tool.

You can try our click speed tests of different time limits, i.e., one second to 100 seconds mouse-clicking test to check your CPS. However, the result it shows will be in CPS for all time limits.

Why Should You Take 14 Seconds Mouse Clicking Test?

You can improve your CPS score by taking our 14 seconds click challenge or any challenge multiple times. Because this test is neither too short nor too long and provides you with the best practicing platform and you can reset it as many times as you want.

How to Use 14 Seconds Clicking Test

To use this tool, follow these simple steps

  • On this test page, go to the top of the page to test your clicking speed.
  • There is a dedicated area that reads “Click here to start the CPS test.”
  • The timer is already set to 14 seconds.
  • Start clicking your mouse button as fast as possible in the specified area to get the best score.

As soon as the timer comes to an end, it will show you the results. In addition, you can use this tool multiple times with unlimited resets to improve your clicking speed.

What Do the 14 Seconds Clicking Test Results Mean?

From here, the question arises: here are how different scores line up:

  • If you have a click speed ranging from 0 to 5, you will be ranked as a turtle as you are very slow and have to work very hard on your clicks.
  • If your score is above 5, you are ranked as a panda. With more hard work and practice you can get better
  • If your score is 8 or above, you are ranked as a rabbit and are considered a fast clicker.
  • Anything above 10 will rank you as a cheetah as you’re one of the fastest clickers in the world.

So, if you get 6.8 CPS in a 14 seconds test, it will be considered a decent CPS score.

How to Improve Your Clicking Speed?

Practice is the best way to increase your click speed. The most convenient thing is to retake the CPS test until you get your desired score or have a good CPS score. The more you practice, the better you will get. Also, getting a fast mouse with a reasonable response rate with smooth clicks can help you increase your score; however, the impact won’t be that much.

In some cases, different techniques can also be practiced to help you grip the mouse in a certain way to increase your clicking speed. Also, a right sitting area and posture reduce external pressure and improve clicking speed.

So if you plan to be better at your clicking speeds, the best thing you can do is practice as much as you can and achieve a decent score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does clicking speed have anything to do with a good mouse?

Yes, a good mouse can undoubtedly help you increase your clicking speed. A gaming mouse will be very helpful as they are ergonomically designed and have a good click response time.

How can I increase my click speed?

Clicking practice and games are the best way to increase your click speed score. Our mouse clicking speed test is the ideal place to practice because of unlimited resets and 100% accurate results every time.

Is the timer visible in the 14 seconds click tester?

Yes, the timer is visible in all time frames. However, you should concentrate on your clicks rather than time to get the best possible results.

What is the average score of people taking the CPS tests?

The average score in a 14-second click test is somewhere from 6 to 6.5 for most people. However, the people that are good at gaming can attain better scores, i.e., more than 8.

What is a good clicking speed in 14 seconds?

The average clicking speed in 14 seconds is 84 to 90 clicks. However, the highest score noted in 14 seconds is 14 CPS.

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