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In today’s competitive world of gaming, a high clicking speed is essential whether you need to click in games or to perform other tasks. If you want to check your CPS rate, the click speed test is a great tool. If you want to know more about the click speed test, you’re at the right place. Let’s know more about this particular 15-second click speed test.

What is the 15 Seconds Click Speed Test?

Generally speaking, a click speed test is a tool that helps you count the number of clicks you can make in a certain time frame. The time is usually set in seconds. Clearly, in the case of a 15 seconds mouse click speed test, the timer is set to 15 seconds. This tool is designed for gamers or any person who wants to train and improve his clicking speed.

Why is the 15 Second Click Test Needed Or How Is it Helpful?

While most people think that a click speed test is a useless tool, it is very essential when it comes to playing video games online or performing your daily computer tasks in an effective manner and smartly.

Often, gamers need to have a high clicking speed per second to win against their competitors. Any game that requires a lot of clicking for performing different tasks such as aiming and shooting at the enemies in the game will need a high CPS.

Without a good CPS speed, gamers can’t make efficient clicks fast enough to beat their enemies.

The mouse clicking test for 15 seconds is a great online and free tool that gamers can use to improve their clicking speed. You can use this test as many times as you want to practice and improve your CPS speed.

Other than its use for gaming, if you’ve ever wondered about how many clicks you can make in 15 seconds, this tool is just the right thing for you.

Using this tool, you can see the number of clicks you can achieve in this time frame. While some just see this as a time pass or a fun activity, gamers also compete on a global scale in these CPS tests and set world records.

Finally, the 15-second CPS test can help people brush off their stress from a hard day, by just clicking the mouse. The CPS test, in this way, can be a great tool to reduce stress and anger and have some fun.

How to Measure Your Clicking Speed With the 15 Second CPS Test?

If you want to check your clicks in 15 seconds, you can follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Go to the top of this page, and you will see our 15 seconds click speed test. Our tool is compatible with all browsers. You can open the tool and test your clicking speed in any browser of your choice.
  2. In the tool, you will see a box that says something like this, “click here.” When you click in this box, your counter of 15 seconds for testing your clicking speed will be started.
  3. Once started, you need to click your mouse as fast as possible until the time runs out.
  4. When the timer stops, you will be shown the results in the CPS form. The result will tell your overall CPS rate and the total number of clicks in 15 seconds for this particular test. For example, Your Rank is Panda! Your CPS result is 5.47 (82 Clicks in 15 Seconds)

15 Second Mouse Click Speed Test

If you believe you can perform better, feel free to press the restart button to start clicking again. Since there is no limit on how many times you can take the test, you can use this tool as many times as you want to practice and get the best score. For this, we suggest that you bookmark this page, so it’s easier for you to take the test whenever you want!

By following the steps above, you can easily check how many clicks you can do in 15 seconds.

World Record for 15 Seconds CPS Test

While most players use the CPS test from different websites to improve their clicking speed, other players battle for competition. It may come as a surprise to most, according to the data available online, the highest CPS for 15 seconds is 18.6, simply put, 279 clicks in 15 seconds. No worries, you can get closer to this result or even beat it if you practice, practice and practice.

How to Increase Your Mouse Clicking Speed for a Better CPS Score

If you wish to increase your CPS score with your mouse, you can follow certain tips, tricks, and cheats to get the best results. The following are described ways you can use to increase your CPS score.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Have you heard the famous key phrase, “Practice is the key to success?” Yes, it holds true for increasing CPS. You can use these CPS tests to practice your mouse clicking. The more your practice, the higher your CPS will become over time.

2. Get a Good Gaming Mouse

Before you can achieve the highest possible CPS score, you’ll need to get the right gear. In mouse-clicking, this means getting the right gaming mouse. You need a gaming mouse that offers a good grip, better control, and clicks smoothly without much pressure or force. Also, set your mouse sensitivity for better and quick mouse clicking. So, to improve your CPS, make sure to get the right gaming mouse and adjust the settings accordingly.

3. Find Your Best Clicking Technique

Several mouse-clicking techniques exist that can be used for achieving a better CPS score. Apart from regular clicking, try Jitter clicking, Drag clicking, Kohi Clicking, and Butterfly clicking to figure out which clicking method or technique is best for you to increase your CPS. You can also practice double/triple/quadruple clicks.

4. Set Your Hand to the Right Position

Other than practice and having the right gaming gear, it is essential that you have a comfortable hand position before making clicks. Set a table with the right height and have a proper hand rest to achieve a better CPS score.

5. Play Idle Games

Idle games like Clicker Heroes, Cookie Clicker, and Adventure Capitalist require a lot of clicking. The more you click, the better your CPS score will be. Practice and practice by playing more idle games.

Tip: Use An Auto Clicker: However, if you can’t wait and want to attain a high clicking speed by any means, you can use an auto clicker tool. Auto clickers are great automation tools that will automate all your mouse clicking tasks. Auto clicker tools can click much faster than your hands, therefore, giving you a higher CPS. But, it’s an automated way of getting high CPS, and not a manual way to increase your clicking speed.


This is everything we wanted to discuss about the 15 seconds mouse click speed. We encourage you to try our tool to measure your clicking speed and practice so that you can achieve your desired results. Meanwhile, use the right gear, find your best clicking technique/method, and have a comfortable sitting and position to unlock your clicking potential and reach the next level of making fast clicks.

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