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What is Click Speed Testing?

Click speed testing is when a person tests their clicking speed within a given time frame. In this particular click speed testing counter game, a user will self-check how many clicks they can achieve in 17 seconds.

In these click tests, a user needs to keep clicking speedily until the time is over. They can manage to achieve the maximum number of clicks by using different clicking techniques like kohi clicking, drag clicking or jitter clicking etc. 

Moreover, a user with continuous practice will be able to achieve numerous clicks in 17 seconds setting new records.

Why is Click Speed Testing Important?

Click speed testing may not seem popular to some people but it is a necessity amongst gamers. Many games require speed clicking which can be achieved by continuous practice of their clicking speed in the click speed test. You can play this clicking test for 17 seconds to achieve a high clicking score further aiding you in your gaming experience.

You can also try out other clicking intervals of less or more than 17 seconds according to your requirement.

Apart from gaming, many users play the click speed test 17 seconds game as they enjoy playing it. They practice the entertaining game continuously aiming to achieve a higher score with each passing game. Along with this they also compete with other users setting up new goals for themselves.

How to Check Mouse Clicking Speed?

You can check your mouse clicking speed for 17 seconds by following this simple method.

  1. Press on the click here button given at the top of this page to start testing your clicking speed.
  2. Click as fast as you can, you will be shown the time left on the click speed counter as you click.
  3. Once the 17 second time is over you will be able to know how much clicks can you do in 17 seconds with the help of the displayed result.

Save your results and aim and click to play again aiming for a higher score.

What is the World Record in Click Speed Testing?

Click speed test games are becoming widely played all over the world. Their popularity is such that many users are setting up world records in them. The current world record in click speed testing according to google is 14.1 per second. While a user makes an average of 6.66 per second. The world record is high and requires a lot of practice and dedication to be able to beat it. A person aiming to achieve a good score needs to score above the average number of clicks per second.

Tips to Improve Mouse Clicking Speed

Users are always looking for useful tips and tricks to improve their mouse-clicking speed. Here are a few tips that will help you improve your clicking speed.

  • Hand posture is key. Do not put too much pressure on the mouse and keep your hand relaxed as the pressure can cause the mouse to slip out of your hands. Also do not take your fingers far away from the mouse between clicks to increase mouse clicking speed.
  • If you are using a laptop, make sure you are not using its touchpad. Attach a separate mouse as it is much better than using a touchpad.
  • Make use of an auto-clicker. The best possible way to set up a high score is to use an auto-clicker taking less effort. However, be careful as some games prohibit its use.
  • Make use of a gaming mouse as they are specially designed to help achieve these tasks.
  • You can use different clicking techniques to help achieve faster clicks. These techniques do require some practice but once rehearsed they aid in achieving higher scores.

The following are some mouse clicking techniques you can apply.

Drag Clicking: It is achieved by dragging your finger from the top of the mouse to its bottom and clicking continuously. It generated many clicks.

Jitter Clicking: It does require a lot of practice but is the fastest clicking technique. It is done by vibrating your and clicking.

Butterfly Clicking: In a butterfly click the user will keep both their fingers on the mouse while also holding it firmly. They will be generating clicks with both fingers alternatively. This method is the most used method by gamers.

  • Many games like Minecraft give you a fair practice of achieving a higher number of clicks as they require fast clicking speed.
  • Use other different methods like the shake click in which the user vibrates their right hand to generate many more clicks adding to a high click speed score.


Is it important to use a gaming mouse for click speed testing?

Yes, a gaming mouse will aid in achieving a higher mouse click speed however another mouse can also be used.

Which gaming mouse is best for click speed testing?

The best mouse for click speed testing is the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum. It is also considered the best possible option for butterfly clicking.

Is auto-click illegal?

No, auto-clicking is not illegal, however, some games do not appreciate its use.

Will auto-clicking get you banned?

Games that do not support its use may ban you from making use of an auto-clicker.

What is the fastest auto-clicker?

Speed auto-clicker is an extremely fast auto clicker that can help achieve up to 5000 clicks per second; however, be careful as many games can detect auto clickers.

What is the average clicking speed?

The average clicking speed per second is 6.66.

How many clicks per second is considered fast?

You need to achieve 15 to 0 clicks to be considered as fast.

Can clicking games give you an injury?

No, speed clicking does not give any injury.

How to achieve butterfly clicking?

You can achieve butterfly clicking by clicking alternatively with your middle finger and index finger.

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