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In gaming and for work, you may need to make several clicks. Clicking plays an essential part in our everyday lives. This is why you would need to know what your clicking speed is and how you can improve it. To see how fast you can click, you can use the click speed test. The Mouse click tracker is a great tool that helps you discover how many clicks you can make in a certain time frame. In the 18 second click challenge, the timer is set to 18 seconds, so you will know how many clicks you can make in 18 seconds.

What is the Mouse Clicking Test?

With the mouse clicking test, you can Test your clicking speed for 18 seconds. The CPS test is designed to help you test your clicking speed, how many clicks you’re able to make in 18 seconds. You are required to click as fast as you can before the timer runs out. Moreover, you can also use this test to improve your clicking speed. You will enjoy taking this test for yourself. Take it today and challenge yourself to make a record.

Where is the Mouse Clicks in 18 Seconds Used?

This Clicks in Every 18 Seconds test is most commonly used by gamers to practice and improve their clicking speed. While the most common use of this test is for improving clicking speed, it also serves other important purposes. Some people take the CPS test as a game to compete against one another. Players compete against one another to make the world record.

One other use of the Taps in 18 second test is to relieve everyday stress and get a break from work. People who have tiring jobs and are busy all day can enjoy taking this test as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. Just click the mouse button again and again and get your anxiety reduced. So, the mouse click test is a great way to not just increase your clicking speed, but also to enjoy a break from work and to play it as a game.

How to Measure your Mouse Clicking Speed?

To test your clicking speed with the 18 seconds CPS test, follow these simple steps.

  • At the top of this page “Click here” button. Once you press this button, your test will start.
  • When your test starts the click counter and timer will appear on the screen.
  • As soon as the timer starts, keep clicking as fast as you can. The faster you click, the more clicks you’ll be able to make.
  • When the timer stops, you will be shown your results. The results will be displayed in CPS, clicks per second.

For eg: When I tried my click speed, the result was 100 clicks in 18 seconds.  And, I was declared as panda according to clicking speed.

Clicks in 18 Seconds

  • You can take the test as many times as you want because there is no limit. If you think you haven’t performed well enough, you can take it again till you achieve a better score.

World Record for the Clicker Game 18 Seconds

Most people are surprised to hear that a world record for the CPS test exists. Since players play this as a game and compete against one another, world records have been set for different clicking speed tests. While a CPS score lies somewhere between 15 to 20 on average, some have gone higher in terms of the clicking speeds. The world record for the highest CPS test score is 22 clicks per second. Mr.Dylan Allred from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is the person who had made a total of 1,051 clicks in 10 seconds. If you want to beat the world record for the CPS test, make sure to practice plenty.

How to Improve your Mouse Clicking Speed?

You need to click almost every day. Since the clicking speed is so important you must have a good one. Here are a few tips that you can use to improve your clicking speed.

1. Relax your Hands and Ease your Muscles

One way to improve your clicking speed is to have a relaxed and comfortable position. Make sure to keep your hands relaxed and rest your muscles. Make use of your claws and keep your palm on the table as you click. The more relaxed you are when clicking, the faster your clicks will be.

2. Invest in a Good Gaming Mouse

You cannot have a good clicking speed without the right gaming gear. Instead of a regular mouse, try investing in a gaming mouse. These mice are designed especially for gaming so they support unique features that can help improve your clicking speed.

3. Practice and Exercise

Practice is the key to success. The more you practice the better you’ll get at it. So, practice idle clicking with your mouse with our CPS test or play idle games like Minecraft, Roblox, Cookie clicker, etc. that require making multiple clicks. The more you click, the better it is.

Alternative: Use an Auto Clicker

Sometimes, players are very lazy to make so many clicks. As an alternative, you can use an auto clicker to make all the necessary clicks for you. Nevertheless, be careful while using it because not all games allow you to use an auto clicker.

We hope that you find out such clicking tests useful. You can practice as many times as you want just to become a pro clicker. Moreover, if you keep on practicing much, you will be able to beat the world record of clicking as well.


How is my clicks per second speed calculated?

You can calculate your clicks per second by counting the frequency of the clicks. It is calculated by measuring how many clicks you make divided by the seconds taken for clicking.

How can I improve my clicking speed?

When it’s about improving your clicking speed, you need to practice more and more. You can either take our CPS test to practice or play idle games. Moreover, you should maintain a comfortable position when clicking. Also, make sure to get a gaming mouse.

What is the record for jitter clicking?

The record for Jitter clicking was set by Tom Andre who was from northern Cape province Norway. He had made a record of making 830 clicks in 30 seconds with the jitter clicking technique.

Are auto clickers safe?

Yes, auto clickers are absolutely free and safe tools that you can use on your device to make multiple clicks. These tools are free from viruses so they won’t harm your device.

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