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What is the CPS Test?

A term that is often misunderstood by many internet users is “CPS.” This term, which stands for clicks per second, has become widely associated with the number of mouse clicks that a user can perform in one second.

A basic click per second test allows users to track the number of clicks they can make in each second. This test enables people to become efficient in clicking tasks whether they are for office work or even gaming. But, mostly such tests are taken by gamers who want to play games competitively.

This click test for 19 seconds determines the number of mouse clicks in 19 seconds. In this way, you can also try different tests with different time intervals.

Benefits of 19 Second Click Test

In today’s world of competitive gaming, it’s important that gamers have strong clicking speed to keep up with other players. In Overwatch, for example, a player needs to click an enemy hero quickly in order to get a kill. On average, overwatch players need about 0.2 seconds per hit on the hero (without the use of any bonuses). This is much faster than most users can click on their mouse or keyboard with their physical fingers.

  • This Click speed test is a way to test how efficiently a person uses a mouse.
  • The 19 second click speed test measures how many clicks a person can make on average in 19 seconds, and then determines that into a percentage.
  • Click speed is an important aspect of computer literacy and is often measured with the use of a clicker device, such as the TTS Click Pack, which counts how many clicks a person can make in 19 seconds.
  • It is proven as the best physical exercise for hands and fingers.
  • It is the best way to keep the idle mind busy and reduces the stress level also.
  • Click tracking for 19 seconds gives tips on how to choose the best email marketing tool, how to write a strong subject line, and how to create and send a dynamic email.

How to Measure Clicking Speed in 19 Seconds?

It is not a tough task to measure mouse clicking speed in 19 seconds. You just have to follow the simple steps given below.

  • At the top of this page, you will see an interface of the click test tool.
  • Now click on the blank white space on the tool screen and click on the screen as fast as you can till time completion.
  • After the time is over, you will get a CPS score. It will determine your clicking speed.
  • You can repeat the test multiple times to improve your proficiency.

World’s Record of Clicks in 19 Seconds

The World record for 20 seconds in 1051 clicks, moreover the average CPS is 6.69 and the world record is 14.1 in 5 seconds which means you can make a world record by clicking more than 1000 times in 19 seconds. This is an incredibly high number, but there are people who believe they can beat this record. The challenge requires no skills, just hand-eye coordination, and patience.

How to Improve Clicking Speed?

You can improve the clicking speed of your mouse by practicing again and again. It will help you in playing different clicking games such as Minecraft. Following are the useful tips to improve clicking speed.

  • Practicing and getting feedback.
  • Holding the mouse correctly.
  • Your hands should be relaxed while clicking.
  • Get an efficient gaming mouse.
  • Use different clicking techniques such as jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, kohi clicking, drag clicking.
  • If you are not interested in improving click speed manually you can also consider using an auto clicker.


What is the best hack to improve mouse clicking speed?

Butterfly clicking is the best trick to get maximum clicks advertised by the gaming community.

How can I click fast?

To click fast on the screen there are many ways such as jitter clicking, double-clicking, and dragging. They will help you to click fast.

Why is my mouse not behaving normally?

Random clicking or any other strange behavior of a mouse depends upon external factors. It may be due to outdated devices or software malware.

Can I stop or disable double-clicking of my mouse?

You can’t disable this feature but you can slow down the speed of your mouse through the setting.

What type of clicking is good for Minecraft?

For Minecraft, you can go for butterfly clicking. In this, you can use a pointer finger, middle finger, and index finger to control the left and right sides of the mouse.

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