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What Is Meant By CPS?

CPS is the short form of Clicks Per Second. It defines how many times your mouse clicks a person can perform on their PC or Laptop in one second.

What Is The Click Speed Test?

Click Speed Test is the test that lets one determine the number of mouse clicks they can do per second, or in a specific range of seconds. The clicking speed of a person has gained much importance recently. This increased significance is due to many things but the most important is the advancements in E- gaming.

Why Click Speed Test Has Become A Necessity?

Click Speed Test lets one determine how fast they can click their Pc or Laptop’s mouse. The clicking speed of a person has a great significance in the E-gaming world. A person’s win in his or her games is determined by many aspects, and one’s clicking speed is one of the most important ones.

Many important tasks in a game are performed through mouse clicks, whether it be shooting, hitting, kicking, or aiming. The continuous clicks play an important role in winning fights and completing missions in the gaming world. The faster one clicks the higher the chance of winning and becoming a pro player.

Also, it’s not just games but other works as well in which one’s greater CPS (clicks per second) helps them a lot. Whether you are an illustrator or designer or at any other job that requires continuous clicking, your fast clicks per second will help a great deal in completing your task early and providing you precedence over your colleagues.

Other than gaming and work purposes, clicking games have gained importance as they have become a source for releasing one’s frustration and controlling one’s anger and irritation. It works as a digital fidget spinner.

How Can You Measure The Speed Of Your Mouse Clicking?

A person’s clicking speed is determined by the number of clicks performed in specific seconds. If one needs to find their CPS, first they need to determine the time range. The most advised range is 2 seconds. According to experts, one can determine their most accurate CPS by performing a Click Speed Test for 2 seconds. Want to know how many clicks you can perform in 2 seconds or any range? Just follow the following steps,

  • Check Click 2 Second Speed Test above
  • Set the timer you prefer
  • Press the icon saying “Start”
  • Start Clicking the screen as fast as possible on the same screen

Your clicks are counted and the timer is set as soon as you press “Start”. A person’s CPS is determined by dividing their number of clicks by the time set. If you choose a click per second 2-second test, the number of clicks would show how many clicks you performed in 2 seconds, and by that data collected your clicking speed will be calculated in CPS (number of clicks you can perform in a second).

What Is The Average Mouse Clicking Speed?

An average CPS is said to be 6.66, which means an average person can click up to 6.66 times in one second.

The record for the highest CPS is 14.1 CPS, a person can perform 14.1 clicks in one second.

If you have a clicking speed of less than 6.66, then you need to work on your skills. If you are somewhere between 6.66 and 8 cps then you are counted as an average player. If your CPS score is higher than 8 cps, then you are pretty good at it and have room for improvement. If you performed a click speed test and your score came to be more than 14.1 then, congratulations you just became the King of clickers!

How Can One Increase Their Clicking Speed?

There are various methods through which one can increase their clicking speed. First, one needs to know various factors play a key role in determining one’s speed and hence help increase it as well. Some important factors and methods through which one can increase their clicking speed are given below,

  • Set your palm in a comfortable position (the position at which someone’s hand feels comfortable can vary from person to person)
  • Check your internet connection
  • Determine the mouse sensitivity
  • Set your sitting posture (it is as important as setting the palm’s position)
  • Practice clicking
  • Perform hand exercises
  • Click by focusing a certain fingertip and keeping the rest of the hand relaxed
  • Beware of straining your hand’s muscles
  • Using a mouse for clicking rather than your Laptop’s pad proves to be more helpful in increasing one’s speed.


Q1. Can Clicking Speed Be Increased Through Gaming?

Yes. Any game that involves continuous clicking can be used as a means of practice. One of the most popular games for this purpose is Minecraft. There are many other games such as Tekken, PubG, Fortnite, and many others that players use as a source of practice for increasing their speed.

Q2. Are There Any Clicking Tips Or Cheat Methods?

There are many clicking tips for setting a record or scoring high in a CPS test one can do little tricks. A person can increase his or her clicks by vibrating his or her hand. Another easy trick is to click with two fingers simultaneously. What one player can do is press the button first with one finger and then consecutively with the second. This increases the person’s speed by double as not one but two fingers will be clicking. However, these tricks will just help a person in gaining higher CPS in either just the clicking speed test or mouse clicking game. These tricks are only useful if you are having a click challenge, as they don’t increase one’s clicking speed. For that, just remember and follow the points mentioned above.

Q3. Are There Any Other Methods For Continuous Clicking?

Some players prefer doing smart work and relying on technology. For players like these an option of mouse auto clicker is present.

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