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We live in a world where computers, laptops, and mobiles have become essential to our lives. Whether you’re working or just playing games, clicking is necessary for most, if not all tasks. How can you find out how fast you can click? The Click Test 20 seconds is a great tool that helps you check your clicking speed with ease. What is the 20 Sec test and how does it work? Let’s find out.

What is the CPS Test?

The Click Tester is designed as a free tool that you can use to measure your clicking speed in a given period. In the case of the click challenge game 20 sec, the timer is set for 20 seconds. This test will let you know how many clicks you can make in 20 seconds. The CPS test is a reliable way to see how fast you can click. This test is mainly suited for hardcore gamers who want to increase their clicking speed in different games like Minecraft or the people who want to do their daily tasks efficiently.

Why Do You Need the CPS Test?

Many people see the click speed test as something that isn’t needed or important at all. While this may be true if you’re looking at a large-scale level, the cps clicker software test comes in handy for those who wish to increase their clicking speed, whether for games or work. A good clicking speed is essential for gamers because it can become the difference between a win and a loss.

Any gamer who plays games that requires making multiple clicks will need a high CPS to beat the other players. With the mouse button clicks test, gamers can know their current clicking speed and use it to improve it as well. Other than to improve your clicking speed, the click speed test for 20 seconds can itself be played as a game. Players from all over the world also compete against one another to achieve the highest clicks per second. You can also play the 20 second CPS test as a way to relax your mind from the stress of daily work. So, as we have seen above, the CPS test has a lot of purposes to serve whether it’s just to relieve stress, or to get a better clicking speed to win in your games.

How to Measure your CPS with the CPS Test?

How many clicks can you make in 20 seconds? If you wish to check your clicking speed, just follow the simple steps below to use our CPS test.

  1. Scroll up, on this page.
  2. You will see the “click here” button. Click on the “click here” to start the CPS test.
  3. Once you click, the click counter and timer will start automatically.
  4. Now you just need to keep clicking as fast as you can till the timer ends. Once the time runs out, your clicks per second score will be shown.
  5. If you think you were not able to perform your best, or you can get a better score, just press the “restart test” button to take the test again. Since there is no limit set for the number of times you can take the test, take the test as many times as you want to achieve the highest possible score.

World Record for Clicks in 20 Seconds

While this may come as a surprise to most people, the CPS test isn’t just used as a tool for practicing mouse clicking. Players all around the world compete in the CPS test to make the highest score for the fastest click speed. The world record for the most clicks in 20 seconds is 200. You can improve your clicking speed by taking the test multiple times. The more you practice, the better you’ll get, and the more your chances of beating the world record.

How to Increase your Mouse Clicking Speed?

If you wish to improve your clicking speed, below are a few tips that you should follow.

1. Try Different Clicking Techniques

There are several clicking techniques that people use to improve their clicking speed. Other than regular clicking, jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking are suitable mouse-clicking techniques that can help you achieve a better CPS score. So, to improve your CPS speed, try techniques like jitter clicking, kohi clicking, drag clicking, and butterfly clicking.

2. Get the Best Gaming Mouse

To get a good CPS score, you will need to have the right gaming mouse in hand. The choice of gaming mouse does make a difference. A good gaming mouse with the right sensitivity settings can help you achieve a good click per second speed.

3. Sit in a Comfortable Position

While you need the right gaming gear, you also need to ensure that you’re sitting in a comfortable position. Before you start clicking with your mouse, sit in a comfortable chair, and rest your hands in a comfortable position.

4. Practice and Practice

Finally, you can never achieve a good CPS score without practice. Take the CPS test again and again to improve your score. You can also play idle games like Minecraft, cookie clicker, Roblox, etc. to get better at clicking. The more you practice, the better you get at it.


What is the average score for CPS in 1 second?

The average CPS score is 6.81. You can practice and test your CPS score to get better at it and achieve more clicks in 1 second.

What’s the highest record for CPS?

The world record for the highest CPS score was set by Mr.Dylan Allred from Nevada, Los Vegas, the USA, who had made 1,052 clicks in 10 seconds. So far, this is the world record set, but you can always practice so you can get a better score.

Is 10 CPS a good score?

Yes, 10 CPS is a good score if you consider the average CPS score that is 6. If you can accurately click with a CPS of 8 or higher, it means that you can click faster than most of the players out there.

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