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CPS Test is an abbreviation for clicks per second with a mouse. For Click Speed Test, the optimal time is 5 to 10 seconds if you want to check your fastest clicking speed. This tool measures accurate mouse click speed or how quickly you can press your mouse. The CPS Test or click per second test comes in two varieties. Click speed test for 21 seconds is specially designed for practicing clicking speed; a longer time increases your clicking stamina and allows you to click for an extended period.

Why Is CPS Required?

The concept of quantifying the strokes produced with the finger while playing is known as click per second. This is an excellent method to guarantee that a player has a decent mouse click and is fast enough to win a specific game. Therefore, it is important to keep a record of CPS to know the winning probability before starting the game.

How to Use Mouse Clicking Speed Test?

  • To begin the test, go to the top of the page where the tool is present.
  • Click the ‘Click Here to start CPS test’ button in the white box above.
  • Instantly after pressing the button, begin clicking your mouse quiet so many times as you can till the timer of 21 seconds end. 
  •  The striker’s final score will be displayed for 21 seconds when the clock runs out. 

This tool will tell you the number of clicks you generate in 21 seconds, as well as the accurate CPS to predict your gaming performance. Animal emojis are allotted to the specific clicking category to add some fun. If you are slow in clicking, you are a turtle, but if you have a good speed, you can be called a rabbit, or in the case of fastest clicking speed, you become a tiger.

World Records for CPS

A genius book of world records, on the other hand, does not apply to this sort of record. However, we have seen incredible results for the click speed test game. Some players have provided us screenshots, while others have shared them according to their own social media sites.

The world record for the CPS test is 12.1 in 10 seconds click speed test, and the number of generated clicks in seconds is 121.

How Can You Increase Your Clicking Speed?

Gamers are often keen to know their own clicking speed. The score or frequency of your hitting speed is now possible to calculate by using a click in 21 seconds test tool and keeping a record of your progress. Users who play Minecraft know that it demands a fast clicking rate. Therefore, to improve your clicking speed by holding a definite aim, do regular practice on our 21 seconds clicking test. Here, you get accurate results, and with unlimited resets, you can practice for a long time without being worried about getting killed or payment.

Moreover, a few other things influence your clicking speed, i.e., sitting position, clicking technique (such as butterfly, kohi, drag, or jitter click), your dedication, and appropriate mouse to register clicks on time.


1. What is the current record for the number of clicks in one second?

For even the most clicks per second, the current record holder is 12.1 CPS in 10 seconds. The average CPS lies between 6 – 7 CPS; therefore, 12.1 CPS is quite higher than average.

2. Is high clicking speed important?

Yes, fast clicking speed is really important if you want to win PvP games because if you click quickly, you can defeat your competitors. In PvP, a quick response determines who wins the game, and you can win every game just by improving your clicking speed with the help of 21 seconds click test.

3. How can you figure out how many clicks per second there are in a second?

Clicks per second, termed as CPS rate, are the speed at which you can click the mouse button. There is no specific number of CPS, and it depends on the clicking speed of every individual.

4. What is the quickest CPS rate in a 10 second period?

Ben Hughes has established a new world record for the quickest click in 10 seconds. In 10 seconds, he pressed 121 times.

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