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The click speed test is the capability test of a person to check how fast he/she can click on the device, mainly on the laptop and the computer, in a fixed period.

22 Second Click Speed Test

The 22-second test allows you to have a time limit of 22 seconds. During this time, click as many times as possible for you. You can check your click per second capability and enhance the ability to click with a greater speed in any game or other activity.

Clicks in 22 seconds is a test based on the clicking that has to be performed within 22 seconds. When the time ends, the results are interpreted and displayed, including clicks per second (CPS) with the total number of clicks. You’re also given a rank based on your clicking speed, such as Panda, Tiger, etc.

Why Do People Search for the Click Speed Test?

As you know, the era is completely dependent on computers, and the use of computers is inevitable. The click speed test is a great tool to evaluate your mouse clicking skills, which are important in your daily work while interacting with computers.

The 22-second timer is just one of the many tools; you can take different time limit tests. But this time is more beneficial because you get a decent time limit to have frequent clicks to get the average. The mouse button clicks in 22 seconds aid the gamers in playing their games more fluently and easily. In the games, you can throw an easy and good victory over your enemy.

Applications of the Click Per Speed Test (CPS)

Click test for 22 seconds in itself is a wonderful and interesting tool. It’s interesting and boosts your clicking speed to fight your enemies in the games or do any specific task involving frequent clicking. The applications are widely distributed. The applications of the click speed test are distributed throughout the programming industry as well. The AI field is filled with processes where you have to click abruptly to meet the changing conditions as soon as possible.

How Can You Measure Your CPS?

Measuring your clicking speed is a very easy process. Anyone can do it easily by following the given steps.

  • Go to the top of this page, you will see the 22-second click speed test.
  • Tap the “click here” button in the box given and start your clicking. Your first click will initiate the timer. So, be prepared and sit in a comfortable position before starting the test.
  • Just keep on clicking as soon as you click once in the box. After the time is over, you will not be allowed to click any further.
  • The application will evaluate the results, and your average CPS, total clicks, and rank will be displayed.

22 Second Click Speed Test

You can retake the test as many times as you want. When you practice, you will see a clear difference between the clicking speed from the previous results. Practicing the technique, again and again, will have a positive impact on your clicking speed.

How Many Clicks Can You Do in 22 Seconds?

The clicking speed varies from person to person and time to time. An expert in clicking can click with a great speed compared to someone who is not good enough or just a beginner. But if we talk about the average clicking speed, that lies somewhere between 14 CPS to 21 CPS. You can attain a high clicking speed by practicing the clicking test repeatedly.

How to Improve the CPS Rate?

You must have a benchmark and see yourself improving with every new test. But there are some other techniques as well that you can adopt to enhance your clicking ability within a fixed period. These are called cheating techniques or new methods of applying the clicking phenomena.

Jitter Clicking

This is a method applied to move the mouse faster by your wrist. It involves a very specific wrist movement on the mouse button for faster clicking. Relax your arm muscles, and hold the mouse slightly. Click on the mouse button every time by a jerk in your hand muscles. But this needs more practice to be done peacefully.

Drag Clicking

In this method, you have to drag the mouse every time you press the mouse button for clicking. This needs the slightest drag, and a faster speed will enhance your clicks in one second.

Butterfly Clicking

This strategy is applied by waving your fingers at a specific position and clicking on the mouse just like a butterfly. To click fastest with the mouse, you need to learn this technique.

Use of Auto Clickers

There are multiple automatic clickers that can enhance the speed at hundreds to thousands of clicks per second. You only need to download and install the automatic clicker and operate them. It will start clicking as directed by you.

Games like Minecraft, PUBG, cookie clicker and other games that need very fast clicking are played using these automatic clicks.


What is good clicking speed?

The average clicks are more than 5 clicks in a second. You can try different techniques ad practice, again and again, to improve this count down. But if your clicking speed is more than 5, it’s more than enough.

Can drag clicking harm my wrist?

Drag clicking does no harm to your wrist if you do it wisely and carefully. Untrained methods can be really painful later on.

What is the fastest auto clicker?

Auto-clickers like Murgaa are the fastest as they help you click at a very high pace.

Can I get banned for using an auto clicker?

It depends where you want to use an auto clicker. You need to read the terms and conditions of the game, platform, tool, and software for which you want to use an auto clicker. However, mostly, they’re safe to use when used properly and not overused. But, if you go over the board, you may get banned, depending on where you’re using it.

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