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How many clicks can I make in 24 seconds? It is the most frequently asked question by gamers these days. We know that the vital of the gaming industry is the number of clicks you can make in each second. There are many advantages to measuring the clicks per second of a gamer, such as evaluating the skill level of casual gamers and professionals. Therefore people set different times to check their clicking ability.

In the era of technology, many people have been trying to find ways to improve their skills. In a recent study published by Science Magazine, researchers found that the mouse’s click challenge is one that can be done at home. The click challenge entails clicking the mouse button in a specific time period decided by the clicker.

Click Speed Test or CPS

The click speed test is a measurement of the rate at which a user can click on the screen by mouse or keyboard’s button.

The click speed test, sometimes called the click per second test, measures your ability to click fast and accurately. Such clicking tests can help you to play at a competitive edge in gaming.

Click Challenge 24 Seconds

It is a challenge that is used to count mouse clicks for 24 seconds. It is the best challenge to check your clicking speed and is also the best physical exercise for fingers.

Benefits of CPS

  • The click speed test is an algorithm that checks the time in milliseconds between two clicks. This algorithm has many applications, one of which is in gaming such as in clicker cookies, Minecraft, timer clicker, and others.
  • Click speed test helps gamers assess their skill level and adjust input settings for more efficient gameplay. 
  • All kinds of people – from hardcore gamers to casual players – use this technology to improve their gameplay skills. 

Steps to Measure Mouse Clicker for 24 Seconds

  • Scroll up to the top of this page. 
  • A click test interface will appear. 
  • Click on “click here to start cps test”. 
  • Now keep on clicking until the timer stops.
  • After completion of time, the test will stop.
  • CPS value of your clicks will appear on the screen.
  • You can repeat the test to improve your performance.

World’s Record

Most of the gamers have made world records at different times. Jordan Hum has made a world record of 14 CPS in 5 seconds with 70 clicks. It means you can also make a world record with 320 to 336 clicks in 24 seconds.

Tips to Increase Mouse Clicking Speed

  • Practice clicking on the computer mouse, as it is a skill that can be practiced to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • A few other tips are to maintain your arm’s position when you click.
  • Get yourself an efficient gaming mouse.
  • Moreover, you can look for different techniques or hacks such as jitter clicking, butterfly clicking or dragging to improve your performance.


1. What is the world’s highest CPS record?

The world’s highest CPS record is 14 CPS by Jordan Hum. There are also some YouTubers who make a record of 60 cps by butterfly clicking or dragging.

2. What should I do to get max CPS?

Practice makes a man perfect. You need to practice continuously.

3. How is jitter clicking beneficial?

Jitter clicking involves the movement of muscles of the arm by the vibration of the wrist or hand that helps to click fast.

4. Should I look for a gaming mouse to click fast?

Yes, a gaming mouse is also very helpful in improving clicking speed for gamers and professionals.

5. How fast can I click in 10 seconds?

This varies from person to person. You can take a 10-second click test to measure your clicking capability.

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