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In this era of technology, laptops and computer-like gadgets are part of our daily routine. We do different tasks on these devices, which requires frequent clicking and typing. The gamers and programmers are used to infinite clicks for various purposes.

Clicking Speed

The clicking speed has great importance in the case of games. The reason is the gamers need fast clicking, as they want to get rid of the enemy and their attacks. Not only this, clicking speed also matters in performing daily official tasks efficiently.

CPS Test

The CPS stands for click per second test. The CPS clicker software shows how many times a person clicks the mouse, for a specific time period. By using this CPS software, you see how fast you can click.

CPS test can be performed for different time periods in accordance with your requirement. But, if you want to test your click speed in 25 seconds you can use the tool given above easily. This tool is easy to use and is accessible on any device.

Fastest Mouse Clicker

The fastest mouse clicker who made clicks in a high number in less time is Mr. Dylan Allred. He had clicked in1051 times in 10 seconds click test.

You can also become one of the fastest mouse clicker if you remain consistant with your goal and practice clicking daily.

Features of 25 Seconds CPS Test

The Click per the second test comprises of the following attributes:

  • This click speed test is easy to use, virus-free, and simple interface. 
  • This tool gives accurate results and is accessible for everyone.
  • It gives their users infinite chances so that they can practice increasing their speed.

How to Use the Click Speed Test?

The procedure of using this tool is easy and comprises of following steps. If you want to evaluate your clicks in 25 seconds then you can perform this 25-second click test through the following easy steps:

  • Scroll up towards the 25-second click speed test tool.
  • You will see a box on the screen with an option of “click here to start CPS test”. Click on that option for achieving maximum clicks.
  • The 25 seconds CPS test will start. Click very fast as you can to achieve maximum clicks in less time
  • The tool will show you a timer and count on the screen that will help you in evaluating your performance.
  • In the end, your rate of click will be displayed on the screen.

Benefits of Click Speed Test

  • The benefit of this test is, it can increase and evaluate the clicking speed of the users. From time to time, you can check your clicking speed.
  • With the help of this tool, you can win the game easily by vigorous clicking. There are different games in which gamers click a lot, such as Minecraft.
  • On the other hand, this tool kills your spare time and elevates your boredom. This can also reduce your stress and manage anger.
  • This tool improves the mouse using skills by which you click more in less time.

How to Become the Fastest Clicker?

These techniques will help you in achieving a high number of clicks per second.

1. Use of Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is better rather than other mouse and laptop trackpads. These gaming mice are strong as they withstand fast clicking for a long time.

2. Use Clicking Technique

Adopt different clicking techniques to increase your clicking speed, such as kohi clicking, butterfly clicking, drag clicking, and jitter clicking.

3. Change Mouse Sensitivity

You can also change the sensitivity of your mouse by changing its settings to increase the clicking speed.

4. Physical Posture

Relax your hand, use your claws and make your muscles stress-free. Place your palm on the table to keep the position of your hand stable. It is preferable to use a gaming mouse and use two fingers for increasing your clicking speed. If you are a laptop user then use double-clicking of a mouse to create double clicks.

Click Speed Test in Minecraft

Minecraft PVP is the attacking game in which you will attack maximum on your opponent to win the game. Clicking speed matters in this game because only the fastest clicking will help you to overcome your enemy. Minecraft records 2 clicks per second and this game depend upon the accuracy of your aim and your hits. There are four types of categories of clicking in the Minecraft PVP games.

  • Maximum slow clicking
  • Moderate slow clicking
  • Moderate fast clicking
  • Maximum fast clicking


1. What is the mouse click counter?

The mouse click counter is another name of the CPS test. Through this counter you can check your clicking capability.

2. How can we become faster in clicks?

To become faster, we need to click between 5 to10 clicks per second. And, you can achieve this by practicing as much as you can.

3. What are the factors that affect the rate of CPS?

Following are some of the factors:

  • Strength of the internet connection.
  • Input device like durability and functionality of mouse.
  • You posture may also affect the rate of CPS.

4. Can we check our clicking speed on smartphones?

Yes, the click speed test tool can be used on any device ranging from, computer to Android phones.

5. How the clicking speed is calculated in the clicking speed test?

The CPS calculator calculates the clicking speed by dividing the number of clicks by the number of seconds which you take for clicking.

6. Do we only use this tool by installing them in the system?

No, you don’t need to install such software to run a separate program for your use. You can just start yout test online.

7. What are drag click and butterfly click which increases the clicking speed?

In drag click, users drag the finger from the top to down button and generate multiple clicks. Players use this technique to get high CPS in the click tester.
The users frequently use butterfly click in which they click the mouse with two fingers very fast than a butterfly. The style of clicking the way fingers move is just like a butterfly.

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