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Click speed testing is determined by how fast you can achieve mouse clicks. Within a given period you have to achieve a maximum number of mouse clicks.

By using this particular click tester you can see how fast you can click in 27 seconds. You need to keep clicking on this tool for 27-second cps test to achieve your clicking score. You can make use of different techniques like jitter clicking or drag clicking etc. to aim for a high score. Also, more practice will result in you getting your desired score.

Why is Click Speed Testing Important?

Click speed testing might not seem necessary to some people but it holds a lot of importance for gamers. In gaming, many games require you to click speedily thus, getting a good score is important. Many gamers download cps clicker software to practice as well as polish their clicking speed.

Apart from gaming, this mouse-clicking test game has gained a lot of popularity as well. It is played by many users just to improve their clicking speed aiming for a better score than their previous one. Many users also compete with other users who are record holders or just generally have exceptional scores. They like to enjoy this game as it is giving themselves new goals with each game as an effort to get better at it.

How can you Measure the Speed of your Mouse Clicking?

These simple steps will guide you on how to measure your clicks in 27 seconds.

  1. Scroll up and you will see a clicking test.
  2. Press on ‘click here to start cps test’ and begin with the 27-second click challenge game.
  3. Keep clicking as fast as you can until the given 27 seconds have passed.
  4. After the game is over your results for the click counter game will be shown.
  5. Save your results for future use. You can start playing again to practice more and aim for a higher score.

What is the World Record for Click Speed Testing?

This game has gained immense popularity that users are playing it all day to achieve faster clicks. They are getting so good at it that they are setting world records in clicking speed. The world record in click speed testing is 14.1 clicks per second according to google. A user on average makes 6.66 clicks per second. To achieve good results or get better at clicking speed test they need to score anywhere above this. Improving their scores will get them started to set a world record themselves.

Useful Tips to Increase Mouse Clicking Speed

  • Click speed testing is very easy to achieve if you position your hand correctly. You need to be sure that you get a good grip on the mouse while also making sure that not too much pressure is applied as it can slip out of hand. 
  • Use a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are specially designed for this exact purpose. They will help in achieving faster clicks.
  • Use an auto clicker. There are many auto clicker software widely available to download. However, many games do not appreciate its use which may get you banned.
  • Make use of different techniques. There are many clicking techniques for example jitter clicking and butterfly clicking that you can use. They do require a little getting used to but with enough practice, you will be able to learn them ensuring faster clicks.
  • Play different games that help increase CPS for example Minecraft.

We hope that you find this click speed test helpful. You may practice as many times as you want to become a professional clicker and competitive gamer.


1. Is gaming mouse necessary in clicking test for 27 seconds?

A gaming mouse helps achieve faster clicks thus improving your clicking speed. However, a normal mouse can also be used but it will affect efficiency.

2. Which gaming mouse is best for click speed testing?

The G402 Hyperion Fury is the best mouse for clicking.

3. Is auto clicker illegal?

Auto clicker is not illegal, there are many auto clicker software available for free use, however, some games do not appreciate their use.

4. How to achieve jitter clicking?

The best way to achieve jitter clicking is to use muscles in your arm and wrist to vibrate your hand thus achieving mouse clicks.

5. Is jitter clicking harmful?

Jitter clicking may hurt your arm or wrist over a longer period of time.

6. What is a good CPS score?

A good CPS score will be anywhere above 6.66 clicks per second.

7. Does click speed testing give you an injury?

No, if all the techniques are done correctly with caution it will not give you an injury.

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