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Many blogs, games, articles, and other places may have mentioned click speed tests. Have you ever been curious as to what it is? Professional gamers who play online games know that CPS plays a vital role in determining their faith in games. The majority of users of the click speed test are gamers, and they prefer it to evaluate and improve their clicking speed in 28 seconds.

Gamers usually take this test and boost their clicking speed with the help of regular practice. The unlimited reset feature makes this tool ideal for practice and also assists you in keeping an eye on your progress.

What is a CPS Test?

This is an online clicking tool to check your current clicking abilities and your CPS, and how fast you click in a fixed time frame. The CPS test is similar to a game where you have to keep clicking to complete a task, but the major difference is that you get accurate results every time with a CPS test. People of all ages can take the clicking speed test. You do not need to be concerned about whether you are in high school or have a job.

Have you ever wondered how many times you can generate mouse clicks in around 28 seconds? The majority of individuals are unaware of the clicking speed test per second. Many of you may be surprised to learn that the click speed test can calculate the precise average of your clicking and even show it in points, like 6.8CPS.

How to Use 28 Seconds Click Speed Test?

If you are willing to check your clicking speed test, follow these steps.

  • Go to the top of the page where the tool is present.
  • Place your mouse in the block with text click here.
  • Click on that block and keep clicking your mouse as many times as possible.
  • This tool has a timer of 28 seconds, and once the timer ends, it automatically stops the tool.
  • In the next moment, It will display the result that shows your total number of clicks in 28 seconds and your CPS.

You can quickly count the number of clicks and your average clicking speed using this method.

Why is Click Speed Test Important?

The clicks per second test is a perfect option to check how quickly you can click with your mouse or trackpad in a second or 28 seconds. It can also be used to practice and improve your clicking speed quickly.

Clicking speed per second is unquestionably the most significant factor for a player. You must have a good clicking speed per second since the gamer must click as rapidly as possible to kill the enemy.

It’s useful in PvP settings in competitive games like Minecraft, where you have more chances to win with fast clicking speed. Clicking speed per second is influenced by your internet connection and skill level.

How to Increase your Clicking Speed?

Because clicking speed is important in so many situations, you may want to increase your CPS in a limited time duration. Therefore, we have some helpful tips to help you click faster per second or in 28 seconds.

  • Keep your hand relaxed to generate more vibration that results in maximum clicks.
  • You should not strain your muscles because this way, you get tired quickly, and it reduces your clicking speed.
  • Folding your trigger arm to move your hand as swiftly as possible.
  • Using two fingers also helps like in butterfly clicks or try other clicking techniques like drag or jitter clicking.
  • Not exerting too much pressure because it reduce clicking speed as well as damage the mouse.
  • Use a gaming mouse to register clicks quickly.

World Records

There are three important world records for mouse clicking speed tests.

Games That Require a High Clicking Speed

Thousands of online games require the fastest clicking speed to win the game because, with quick clicking speed, you can respond to the attack immediately and beat your rivalries. PubG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and other games are examples.


It was tough to understand your clicking speed and how you could increase it. But now, with this 28 seconds clicking test, everything is possible. With this tool, you can be a high scorer or a low scorer because it depends on how serious you are about your clicking practice and how well you follow clicking tips. Everything count here; if you want to get the fastest clicking speed, make sure to follow these guidelines and keep practicing regularly.

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