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A click speed test measures how fast a person can click in a certain time or a second. Fast clicking speed is required in many tasks such as office work, management tasks, and various games. So the faster you are at clicking, the better you’ll be at that very task.

Click counters per second are the primary and easily available tools that you can use to check your clicking speed. You can access them on the internet completely free and take different time duration clicking speed test.

The Higher Your CPS, the Better You are at Your Task

There are various tasks, as mentioned above, that require faster clicking speed. For example, the Minecraft game has different tasks that you have to perform. Some of these tasks take advantage of faster click speed; therefore, you can get better at the game by using click speed testers.

Similarly, in productivity-related tasks such as data entry, you have to continuously click on your mouse. Therefore the better you are at clicking, the better you’ll be at your job.

You can increase your click speed through practice on the click speed tests. Many challenges are available, such as 5 seconds or 10 seconds click test and similar. One of such is the 29-second click test.

Click Per Second and World Record

A very often asked question is: What is the record for clicks per second? The best score that has ever been recorded in a 1 second is said to be 14.1, 14 clicks in a second.

So what is the average click per second for most persons? On average, 6.1 clicks per second are considered a decent enough score for most people.

However, for 29 seconds clicking challenge, getting a score of about 8 CPS will be considered a decent score; anything below is very slow, and you have to work hard to get better at clicking.

A score of more than 10 CPS means that you’re very good at clicking, and anything above 14 CPS tells that you are one of the best clickers in the world.

How Do I Know My Click Per Second Score?

You can calculate your score by taking the CPS test or challenge. All these games have a timer along with a box to click while displaying your CPS score. They also have a rating and a rank for you according to your score. For example, if you are very slow, you’ll be a sloth, a snail, or a turtle, and if you are fast, you’ll be a cheetah. Depending on your score, you are awarded your rank.

How to Increase Your Click Speed

There are many factors that help increase your click speed. One of the most effective ways to go about it is buying a gaming mouse with a good response time. Most average mice delay in action of about 5 to even 20ms. However, in gaming mice, the response time is 1ms and can even be 0.2ms in some. That is why your clicking gets faster and more accurate.

You can also try different techniques for gripping your mouse, such as butterfly clicking, drag clicking, and jitter clicking. Choose the one that best suits your hand then you’ll be able to click better. But the best way to increase your speed is to go to the top of this page and practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions regarding CPS tests are as below:

What is the best way to increase my click per second score?

The absolute best way is to practice as much as you can. However, a mouse with a good response time and other games that test your clicking can also help.

Are the CPS tests safe to use?

Yes, most of the CPS tests are safe to use. However, due to them being free, some might show ads to gain revenue.

What is the time frame for a click speed test?

The click speed tests have different time frames. You can even take a 1 second CPS test, and they often range from 1 second to even 100 seconds.

Is 6 CPS a good score?

Depending on the test’s time frame, it could be a good or a bad score. In a 1 second test, it is good, but in a 29-second test, it is not a good score.

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