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A click speed test is an online tool mostly used by gamers to check how many mouse clicks they can generate within a given period. Our online click per second test is a perfect tool to test and practice clicking speed and the different timers are there to motivate the gamers to achieve their target clicks within that time.

What is the 3 Seconds Click Speed Test?

In this particular CPS test, you’re given a 3-second click test to check your clicking speed or how many clicks in 3 seconds can be achieved. To get maximum clicks in 3 seconds, you need continuous practice. Along with that, you need to try different techniques like drag clicking, jitter clicking, Kohi clicking, and butterfly clicking to find your best clicking technique that helps you achieve higher scores, thus setting new records. Therefore, our 3 seconds click speed test allows you to practice clicking speed with unlimited resets and accurate results.

Why is Click Speed Testing Important?

While click speed tests might seem irrelevant to some people, they have become an absolute necessity for many. Click speed testing is beneficial when it comes to gaming specially. Many games require you to do the fastest clicks to achieve the highest score or win the game. Therefore, many gamers play this CPS challenge to practice and improve their clicking speed.

Other than this, the click speed testing in 3 seconds is an entertaining game to play. Many users play this game to keep themselves occupied trying to make new records or practicing to achieve better scores than before.

How to Use a 3 Second Clicking Speed Test?

You can check your current clicking speed by following these simple steps.

  • Go to the click test 3 seconds challenge, present on top of this page to test your clicking speed.
  • Press on “click here” or anywhere in the clicking field to start the timer and test.
  • Keep clicking as fast as you can until the timer ends.
  • Once the timer ends, the result will be shown, giving an idea of where you stand.
  • Play again if you wish to practice for a better score by clicking on the reset option.

What is the World Record in Click Speed Testing?

Click speed test has become so important and famous for many users that they try to set new records every day. The fastest clicker in the world Guinness record is Jordan Hum, who has made 70 clicks in 5 seconds click test, which means he has an average of 14 clicks per second.

Compared to the world record holder, an average person can do 6.69 clicks per second. Hence, it is important to keep practicing new techniques to stand anywhere near the world record holder or become the next world’s fastest clicker.

Helpful Tips to Improve Your Mouse Clicking Speed

Achieving a good CPS score can be pretty challenging as the competition is very high; these tips and tricks will help you achieve faster clicks, thus achieving a better score.

1. Position Your Hand Correctly

Make sure that you have a good and comfortable grip on your mouse while also being aware that you are not putting too much pressure on it as it may slide out of position

2. Use a Gaming Mouse

Prefer to use a gaming mouse instead of a regular mouse as a gaming mouse is designed to achieve tasks like these and support the fastest clicks.

3. Try Different Clicking Techniques

Techniques like Butterfly Clicking, Kohi Clicking, Jitter Clicking or Drag Clicking can help you to generate speedy clicks, ensuring better results.

Tip: Use an Auto Clicker: If you don’t want to practice clicking for any reason, you can get help from auto clickers. They are free automation tools for clicking and readily available for use online and free, however, be very cautious as some games do not appreciate their use and may ban you from the game.


Is it important to use a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse is specially designed to help achieve tasks by supporting fast clicking. However, a good clicking speed can be achieved by a regular mouse if you’re consistent with your practice. But the use of a gaming mouse can make things a lot easier for you and improves your clicking speed.

What gaming mouse is the best for click speed testing?

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is most likely the best for click speed testing, especially butterfly clicking.

How many clicks per second is considered fast?

Anywhere above 6.69 is considered fast clicks per second. Because the average number of clicks per second is 6.69.

How do you achieve butterfly clicking?

Butterfly clicking is alternating between two fingers while clicking; make sure your hand is resting correctly, and you are not lifting your finger too far between clicks. This is the most recommended clicking technique to generate maximum clicks.

Is drag clicking harmful?

Drag clicking is not harmful to you; however, it is said to damage or shorten your mouse’s lifespan because you need to drag your mouse in this click type.

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