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Clicking is essential especially when it comes to gaming. In shooting games, the trigger must be pulled rapidly, to fire, whereas in Minecraft it plays a key role in mining. Hence to keep a check on the number of clicks a person is able to do in a second, CPS testing can be helpful.

CPS Testing

CPS refers to “Clicks per Second”, the number of times a user is able to click within a second. CPS test game is a time pass game here, you can set the highest score and break others’ records.

While CPS testing involves calculating the number of clicks in a specific given time frame. The average time used for CPS tests is one minute, however, it can be 5 sec, 10 sec, and onwards till 100 sec. This test is a 30 seconds cps test.

Apart from it being a test, it can also be considered as a game in which one can compete with gamers from around the globe beating and competing with their counts per second, or checking one’s own current CPS, as well as monitoring the improvements made in CPS, overtime.

Why do People go for CPS Testing?

CPS testing is helpful if you want to increase your clicks per second. When you attempt your first test and practice for even a single day, you will observe an increase in your clicking speed. This is also a great way to kill stress and get rid of it. If you have had a bad day and you engage in clicking the button rapidly on the screen, you will start to feel better as it will help you relieve your exhaustion.

Also, the more you score in our click speed test, the more accomplished you will feel. Apart from the above, it allows users to compete against one another while they continue to grow and improve their CPS.

Clicking is also pleasurable for some people and serves as a good time pass. Tests such as the 30seconds cps test or the 100 second CPS test can be helpful in determining the CPS of a user and improvement in his/her performance.

How to Give a 30 Second CPS Test?

  • Scroll up, on this page.
  • You will observe a “click here” or a similar phrase mentioned on the screen. This is the place where you must start clicking.
  • Click as much as you can until the time runs out. Your progress will be monitored.
  • Once the time limit has passed the 30-second click game will give you your results. And, you will see your CPS score along with the total number of clicks you made in a time frame of 30 seconds.

How Fast Can you Click in 30 Seconds?

Generally, the average CPS is 6-7. Whereas professional players and users can score up to a CPS above 15. This is only done by exceptional players and needs great effort to be mastered. The highest CPS record set so far is 22. This means the record-setter was able to click 22 times in a second.

Once you have taken your CPS Click test per 30 seconds, you can compare your results with the world record by checking your CPS.

Method for Calculation of CPS for 30 Seconds Click Test

CPS is calculated in CPS tests to give users a score that determines their clicks per second.
To calculate the CPS there is a formula that is used by CPS testers.

CPS= Number of clicks/ Number of seconds

So, in the case of a 30 seconds test, if a person clicks 150 times in 30 seconds his CPS will be 5.
This is the simple formula you can use to calculate your CPS. Divide the number of your clicks by the total number of seconds to find out your CPS.

Improve Your Clicking Using These Beneficial Methods

If you are seeking to learn rapid clicking and perform well in the Click counter 30 seconds test or other such tests then you can rely on these beneficial methods to help you out.

  • Jitter Clicking: It involves using the tension created in your arms to trigger the muscles in your hand for rapid clicking. This however can prove to be very dangerous for health if done excessively and continuously
  • Butterfly Clicking: This is relatively simple as it involves the use of two of your fingers for clicking rather than just one, increasing your chances of attaining higher clicks per second.
  • Drag Clicking: This is performed by creating tension between your finger and the surface of your mouse to enable you to click rapidly. This is the most efficient way for clicking.
  • Attempting CPS test multiple times: You can practice your clicking skills by taking the test over and over to enhance your clicking. This will also allow you to keep a check on your improvement in your CPS tests.
  • Buy an Efficient Mouse: Sometimes, after practicing a lot you still do not see a difference. This might be because of poor mice. In such a situation, you may buy a mouse that is efficient enough and is specifically designed for gaming.

Gaming and CPS

Gamers tend to naturally have a better CPS than non-gamers. The reason is that they practice their clicking over time and develop a good pace at it. As for non-gamers, gaming can improve your CPS.

In games that require triggering your gun and shooting opponents, the faster your clicking speed the better the killing. In Minecraft clicking fast is beneficial for faster mining. In-Tank Squad, for example, the gamer has to annihilate a tank squad that is the property of the enemies. The player is expected to click on the enemy tanks rapidly, to destroy them.


1. What to do if you are unable to use the test in school?

You must run the click speed test unblocked version to use any VPN services, which allow you to ignore restrictions imposed by your school or work network.

2. What is the average count per second for a non-gamer?

Gamers have greater CPS as compared to non-gamers. The average CPS for a typical PC user/non-gamer is 6.66.

3. Why do people use CPS tests?

CPS tests help people keep a track of how well they perform in clicking. It helps them improve their clicking speed by allowing them to monitor it.

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