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Some people are naturally better at copywriting than others, and some copywriting techniques work better than others. The best way to determine what works for you is through experimentation. Asking yourself a few questions can help you figure out what works for you. In this article, we will discuss the importance of clicks in 4 seconds and their significance also.

There are many benefits to increasing the speed of mouse clicking. A faster clicking speed will increase productivity, as you can click more links and buttons than before. Surfing the web becomes more enjoyable as you go through links and information faster. Mouse clicks also become easier to do as your fingers move quicker on the mouse.

What Is A Click Speed Test?

Click speed test that measures the time it takes you to click your mouse. Click speed tests are generally used to test whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome. They will tell you how fast you can click your mouse, which is an important variable in computing power. Click speed is also a very important variable in many video games, so this test can provide insight into your gaming performance.

The severity of carpal tunnel usually depends on how fast you can click your mouse. Carpal tunnel, or median nerve entrapment, is a condition affecting the median nerve or the tendons that run along with it. The median nerve is the main nerve that runs through your wrist. Moreover, it is also beneficial for reducing mental stress and playing online video games as it helps to click fast for gaining more gifts and enjoying it at its peak.

How Can You Measure The Speed Of Your Mouse Clicking?

You can measure click speed via a CPS tester such as the Kohi click test, jitter click test, butterfly click test, and drag click test. The Click Speed tester is a tool for measuring the frequency of mouse clicks. This software will display a graph, where each data point represents the interval between two mouse clicks. The Click Speed tester has many uses, including optimizing the speed of keystrokes in typing applications.

Steps To Measure CPS

Here are some steps to find the click per second speed.

  • Search for clickerSpeedtester.com.
  • A clicking box will appear on your screen where you can click via your mouse after pressing the “click here” option.
  • Now hit the screen via the mouse as fast as you can
  • After completion of time, your cps score will appear on the screen
  • You can improve your clicking speed by practicing again and again.
  • Moreover, you can also calculate the CPS via the following formula
  • CPS= No of clicks/time in seconds

Importance Of CPS Test

  • It is the best way to check your clicking speed.
  • The CPS test is considered the best one for gamers e.g. for Minecraft.
  • It enhances the clicking speed of the users.
  • Physiotherapists recommend it as physical exercise.
  • It is the best option for spending leisure time.
  • Such games are the best stress busters.
  • A person who has a slower mouse-clicking speed will notice that he/she takes more time to do basic tasks like double-clicking on an object. The test also helps in finding out if you are experiencing any type of RSI.

World Fastest Clicker

Jordan Hum has set the world’s fastest record with 14 cps scores in five seconds by 70 clicks. Dr. Allred set Guinness’ book of the world record in 2021 by 1052 clicks in 10 seconds. The highest clicking for Minecraft is 12-15 clicks in one minute. You can also make a record by clicking more than 60 times in 4 seconds.

Tips To Increase The Mouse Clicking Speed

Many people use a computer mouse for input, and due to this, sometimes need to click on a button or an icon. This activity can be tedious when done often and can take up a lot of time. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase the speed in which you can click on buttons or icons with your mouse.

  • Mouse clicking is a very common task that we do on the computer as part of our day-to-day activities. It can take up a lot of time and cause hand fatigue to those who do it all the time. There are many games such as time clicker, Adventure capitalizes, cookie clicker, and others that require fast clicking and also help a lot in improving clicking speed. you can also improve click by choosing single mouse click instead of double mouse click
  • Right-clicking is also the best option for this purpose.
  • Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking, and Dragging are also the best types of clicking for improving speed.
  • Look for the gaming mouse for enhancing gaming power during play.
  • Keep your muscles in a relaxed form
  • Place fingers near the mouse and keep a good grip over it
  • The average number of clicks is 10-12 in one second and for it, you will require much practice
  • Never push too much pressure to avoid friction.


Q1. What Is The Good Average CPS?

The average cps value is 14 cps in 5 seconds and 6.66 cps.

Q2. What Is The Best Game That Requires The Fastest Clicking?

Minecraft is much known for its fastest clicking. Furthermore, time clickers, cookie clickers, Sandcastle builders are also the best ones for this purpose.

Q3. Which One Is The Fastest Clicking Technique, Butterfly Or Jitter?

Jitter is the fastest clicking speed than butterfly clicker.

Q4. What Is The Benefit Of Dragging Clicking?

By this, you can adopt this method if your mouse is out of order or you never mark the mouse for clicks.

Q5. How Many Clicks Can I Make In 4 Seconds?

You can make more than 60 clicks in 4 seconds that will give excellent

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