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5-second click speed test is the ideal way to check your fastest clicking speed in no time. Because after 5 seconds, your hand muscles get tired and reduce your clicking speed. While the result is the average value of all clicks in the defined time. Therefore, the use of a 5 second click speed test is the best way to find your fastest clicking speed.

What is the CPS Test?

CPS test is an online clicking tool where you have to click for a specific time to check your clicking speed. There are different time options for the Click Per Second tests, like 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 100. If you are a gamer, the CPS test is essential, especially if you love to play clicking games; these tests help you improve and evaluate the clicking speed.

Why We Need A 5 Second Click Speed Test?

Do you wonder why you need to take the click speed test in 5 seconds? You have to prefer this time duration because it gives you faster and precise results. If you are a new gamer and want to improve clicking stamina, try this test and improve your speed in 5 seconds. Then, slowly increase the test timing.

When you directly start using a 30 second speed test, the result can disappoint you. Because when you start clicking, in the first few seconds, your CPS goes to 8-10, but as the second’s pass, your hand muscles get tired and decrease your clicking speed. The test result is the average of all seconds, and your CPS reduces, which might lower your morale. While in a 5 second test, you can find your fastest clicking speed.

Features: Why Choose Us?

1. Easy to Use

Our CPS tracker is easy to use because of its clean interface and no complicated settings. There is no start /stop button, you just have to click, and it shows the result once the timer ends.

2. Unlimited Resets

CPS counter is not about a one-time test, and you have to take this test again and again to improve clicking speed. Therefore, you can do unlimited resets unless you get the fastest clicking speed enough for your favorite game.

3. Accurate Results

We have the most accurate tool for gamers because of the strongback algorithm that gives you instant as well as highly efficient results.

4. Instant Result

When you take this test, you don’t need to wait for long. Our tool is fast and efficient enough to show you instant results and take only a few seconds.

4. Mobile Friendly

If you are an android gamer and want to check your as well as mobile’s clicking efficiency. You can take an android CPS test and improve your gaming skills.

How to Use CPS Test?

It is elementary to find your CPS in 5 seconds, as I mentioned. To check your CPS, follow these steps.

  • Go to the test interface
  • Place your cursor in the clicking box and click
  • Once you click, the timer gets started, and now you have to click with your fastest clicking speed
  • When 5 seconds end, it instantly shows the result on the screen

How Does It Work?

Our tool has an efficient algorithm in the background that calculates your clicks and applies the CPS formula to show the result.

CPS = Number of clicks/ Number of seconds

With this formula, you can check CPS precisely and evaluate your clicking speed in seconds. For example, if you can generate 40 clicks in 5 seconds. Apply the formula, 40/5, which means your CPS is 8, which is quite impressive.

World Record in 5 Second Speed Test

The world record speed test of 5 seconds is 22 clicks in seconds test your clicking speed to evaluate your clicking level in comparison to the world record and check whether you can beat the world record or not.

CPS Test for Games

1. Increase Clicking Speed

In clicking games, like PUBG, Freefire, CS, etc., you have to be a fast clicker. Therefore, this clicking tool helps you practice and increase clicking speed without fear of getting killed by others. Here you can improve your clicking free of cost.

2. Evaluate Your Performance

A clicking test before entering into a competitive game helps you to evaluate your current performance and predict your winning position in the game. Moreover, if you use this test to increase your clicking speed, you can determine your previous and current clicking efficiency. This will tell you how much you improved.

3. Competitive Game

The mouse speed click test 5 second was first introduced as a game, and people tried to achieve the highest clicking speed. So, you can challenge your friends or siblings to play this game, and you have to generate maximum clicks to win the game.

Tips: How to Improve Clicking Speed?

Here we come up with a few helpful tips to improve your clicking speed.

  • Keep your hand relaxed, and it helps you to move your hand more easily
  • Pick the right grip type, for example, claw grip
  • Try to use two fingers to boost clicking speed
  • If you are a gamer, then pick a gaming mouse
  • Do regular clicking practice unless you reach your goal

How Clicking Speed Depends on Clicking Technique?

Whether you are a fast clicker or not, a wrong clicking technique can waste your talent. Because the proper technique flourishes, you click speed more. For example, you are the one who can drag click efficiently, but instead of using that technique, you are using jitter click. Then this is clear that you will not get the required result. Therefore, if you want to generate the fastest clicks, try to figure out the suitable clicking technique for you.


The click speed test is a highly efficient way to improve your gaming level because, with this tool, you can’t only evaluate your clicking speed but also increase it by regular practice. The reset feature helps you to get unlimited access without any charges. Moreover, if you plan to win all coming Minecraft levels, start your clicking practice now and effortlessly conquer the whole game.

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