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The mouse click speed test is the total number of clicks per second. It means how many times you would click on a mouse button per unit time. The working mechanism of that test is so simple; you need to get more clicks in less time so that you perform well in a game or computer task.

Your mouse clicks are probably pretty standard if you’re like me: left-click, right-click. But the speed at which you move your pointer to select an object in a game or on your computer desktop is a critical factor in how quickly you perform tasks. Sure, you can train yourself to be more efficient with practice.

Benefits of CPS and Why People Practice it

As you continue reading, the mouse click speed test will show you how to improve your mouse clicking speed and productivity.

Have you ever wondered how fast you are on the computer? I bet it isn’t as fast as you think. There is a reason for that. The way most people use computers is inefficient and slow. Many gamers and people who do tasks that need fast clicking on different tools or software use CPS to improve their skills.

They use different online websites to practice more clicks to get maximum accuracy. As for gamers, especially in PvP games, have to beat opponents to kill or destroy them like in Minecraft.

Different Clicking Methods

Various methods are used to perform clicks second challenge, which need proper practice, and the type of work you do depend on clicking frequency.

How Can You Measure The Speed Of Your Mouse Clicking?

There are many platforms and software which you can use to measure the level of the click speed test.

It is common knowledge that your click speed indicates how fast you work. If you are slow to click, you can’t be a very efficient worker. But how do you measure the speed of clicking?

The most obvious way would be to ask someone else to time you, but this approach has flaws. First, it is not fair because the timing person might have a slower reaction time. Second, the person might not know what he is doing and thus result in a wrong measurement of your speed. The best way to measure your mouse clicking speed is by yourself.

Step By Step Process

  • Check the 6-second click speed test
  • Find the clicking section where you have to click to Test click speed.
  • Make things easier around you, and start clicking on clicking tabs as many times as possible.
  • Once you have clicked, the timer will stop, and a result score will appear with a pop-up message.

Let’s take an example of a 6-second mouse click speed test; during this time, how many times you can click on the mouse button.

On average, you can perform up to  4 clicks per second, and according to 10 seconds, you would get 40 clicks in just ten seconds.

According to verified data, 14.1 clicks per second is the worldwide established world record.

Techniques For Improving Clicks Per Second

These are the following tips for increasing the number of CPS test speeds.

1. Gaming Mouse

Gaming is the most common thing that you are looking for improvement. So, gaming mouse has more sensitivity and other settings that play a vital role in performance.

2. Methods

Jitter clicking and butterfly clicking methods can increase clicks.

3. Sensitivity

Adjust the sensitivity settings of the mouse to make them customized according to your needs in gaming and other tasks.

4. Play Games

PVP and shooting games are the best way to get maximum speed in click numbers. Minecraft is the best game for practicing that test to improve clicks. Use swords to kill zombies and other game creatures that need speedy clicks to finish them. So, it would be the best option.


Q1. How Can I Get Faster Clicks Per Second?

Use different tools, clicking methods, and other techniques or hacks that can help you to get faster clicks.

Q2. How Can I Break CPS Test Records?

You can break the world record of 14.1 clicks per second, but it’s not an easy step. There is a need for proper practice and techniques to help you do it.

Q3. How Do You Calculate Clicks Per Second?

Go to any online software and choose the time frame for clicking. Games are the options, but you need a timer to calculate, which cant be accurately measured.

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