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In our modern era, people have been experiencing a variety of ailments due to how we conduct ourselves on a day-to-day basis. In the time it takes for a mouse click to register, people have been developing hand pain and joint inflammation. The mouse click test 7 seconds is often administered to assess the clicking rate of the mouse. It can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine if a person has a repetitive stress injury. There’s a test to see how fast you can click your mouse. It turns out, not everyone clicks at the same speed. It is important to know if you’re testing different products and need a way to compare them. If you want to get into the details, then you’ll need this article about how to measure click time in milliseconds accurately. You can set the time of the clicker test according to your own need and desire. But in this blog, we will explain to you how click test 7 seconds is important for computer users.

Click Speed Test

Click speed is a test for your mouse which determines how sensitive you are to the cursor. It is important to choose a mouse that has a higher sensitivity to suit your needs because not everyone responds well to low-sensitivity settings. This cps test is also used to check the click speed rate of the user. Click test 7 is used to measure the mouse click speed in 7 seconds.

Importance Of Mouse Clicker Test

The test, which was created as a project for the university’s biomedical engineering lab, offers an accurate and quick way to measure clicking speed. It is a part of occupational therapy. Clicking speeds vary from person to person, and the test is designed to give therapists a ballpark sense of what’s normal for each patient so they can better diagnose any speed changes.

  • The clicker speed test is used in video and clicking games such as Minecraft, to measure a player’s reflexes and ability to react, as well as their ability to time engagements.
  • The clicking speed test is used in gaming to determine how fast a player can click on the screen when playing the game.
  • This test enhances the motor skills of the player and provides mental relaxation in free time.
  • For anger management.
  • For players, it is a great option for improving the hitting time.

Steps To Measure The Speed Of Your Mouse Clicking

To measure speed through clicker adopts the following steps.

  • Browse clickpersecondtest.com
  • It will open a Clicking page, and then click on the start button to start the right-clicking test
  • Now press the start button and start clicking the screen by mouse.
  • Once the time is off, it will show your cps rate.
  • You can reset the test to improve your performance.
  • There is no limit to restart you can practice again and again for your improvement.
  • You can also take part in a mouse clicking competition.

CPS Calculator

You can also calculate cps via cps calculator using the following formula

CPS= number per click/Number of seconds

World Record

The world record for 5 seconds is 70 clicks. It means the user can make more than 98 clicks in 7 seconds. The number of clicks depends upon the physical movement of the user and clicking tricks. If he has the fastest speed then he can make more clicks than this. Dylan Allred is the fastest mouse clicker, along with 1051 clicks in 10 seconds.

Hacks To Improve Speed

It is said that practice makes a man perfect, so you can also enhance your clicking speed by practicing and using the following hacks.

  • Regular clicking helps a lot in editing documents and browsing the web.
  • Jitter clicking involves the shaking of muscles to press the mouse button fastly.
  • Butterfly clicking involves the use of two fingers; the index and middle finger to click faster.
  • Drag clicking is more famous for the fastest clicking in less time. It requires dragging a finger on the mouse for clicking by friction.

You can click fastly and gain more points by playing different games such as Minecraft, time clicker, Cookie clicker, clicker Hero, etc.


Q1. What Is An Easy Trick To Click Faster?

Keep your hand and muscles relaxed, and bend your hand a bit to click the button faster. Make sure your palm remains straight on the table to keep your hand stable.

Q2. Can I Adjust The Clicking Type?

Yes. There are two types of clicking single and double. You can adjust the required type from the settings of the control panel.

Q3. What Is An Ideal CPS For 7 Seconds?

The ideal cps for 7 seconds is 10-12. It means you can make 70 to 85 clicks in 7 seconds easily.

Q4. Can I Stop My Mouse From Double-Clicking?

Yes, you can do so by disabling the feature from the control penal. It is also possible by slowing down the speed of the mouse clicking.

Q5. Why Does My Mouse Behave Randomly For Clicking?

It may be due to some external factors such as the software problem of an outdated driver.

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