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Clicks Speed Tests are types of tests that help you measure your clicking speed in a certain time limit. They actually measure the frequency of your clicks per second, 10 seconds, etc. Clicks Speed Tests are like games but you can improve your clicking speed with them.

CPS or clicks per seconds test is a mouse clicking test that is used to measure your clicking speed in the seconds’ frame. The more frequent clicks per second increase your score and as a result improve your clicking speed. It works like a game to set high scores and break other records. In CPS tests, you can measure your test speeds in ten, fifteen, thirty, etc. seconds frames.


Click Speeding Tests are usually for fun, but they actually help you improve your clicking speed that can be beneficial for some games. As well as clicking speed tests are global and you can also make a world record for cps.

In games like Minecraft, usual players have 5 to 6 CPS but a player can reach up to 12 to 15 clicks per second. Clicking speed has always been important in PVP games. It helps you improve your skills in games like Minecraft. Fast Clickers are usually good PVP gamers. In Minecraft PVP, fast clicking can help get better combos, better reaches, and also defeat your enemy faster. What really matters is the timing of your click and good clicking speed can help your skill to click at an exact moment so it indirectly improves your gaming.


CPS test is recognized globally with a world record holder for most clicks per second.

CPS tests can also be therapeutic. They are not only used in contests to hold world records improve your gaming skills or compete with your friends. They can also be helpful for stress relieving by compensating your energy in improving clicking speed.

Jordan Hum is a record holder for most clicks in 5 seconds, he scored 14 CPS which makes 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

Dylan Allred, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, holds the record for most clicks in 10 seconds is 1051 times.

How To Measure Your Clicking Speed?

You can measure your clicking speed using different sites on the internet. There are many tests online for CPS tests. They measure your clicking speed by dividing it by the seconds you take working on the algorithm. For example, if you set a timer for clicks in 8 seconds, it will divide the number of clicks to measure CPS for one second.

To measure your clicking speed:

  • Go to and visit ClickPerSecondTest.com on the internet.
  • Now, start clicking in the certain area required to start playing.
  • The test will give you your score, average category, and the number of clicks per second.

How To Improve Your Clicking Speed?

If you are looking to get better at your favorite game that requires decent clicking speed or to look cool among your family and friends or make a world record. There are some ways to improve your clicking speed.

To improve your clicking speed, it all comes down to practice and persistency like any other skills like playing guitar or becoming a pro at Fortnite. You can practice every day on test-taking sites for at least ten minutes to improve your speed. The key is a consistency to practice every day like clockwork to work on your muscle memory and improve your speed. So, that you can beat your siblings, make a world record or get better in your favorite game.


Clicking Speed is actually good for people belonging to the genre of Esports. Esports is where people compete playing different video games.

First Person Shooter games like CS GO, COD, Doom, Apex Legends, etc. require good clicking speed to short your enemy at first.

Games like Fortnite and PUBG also require good clicking speed to aim and shoot at the right moment and to build in Fortnite.


Q1. Is Clicking Speed Required In Minecraft?

Clicking Speed helps indirectly in PVP games like in Minecraft to click at the exact moment, the player is supposed to hit. It improves your precision in the game.

Q3. How To Break CPS Test Records?

To break the CPS test record, you need to practice more and more with consistency, and actually, with some tricks and tips, you might be the next record holder. Like any other skill, it requires effort i.e., a lot of practice.

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