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Now you can monitor your mouse clicks in a second by a simple online clicking test with 100% accuracy and the fastest results. 9 seconds click test is an online tool mostly used by gamers to measure the number of clicks per second. This test mainly focuses on accuracy and provides a user-friendly interface.

To check your CPS, all you have to do is keep pressing the mouse button as fast as possible for a certain amount of time. You can easily measure the CPS with zero error. You have to keep clicking until the timer ends.

Why is 9 Seconds Mouse Click Test Important?

You can now perform various clicks per second tests with different time limits to determine your clicking speed. But 9 second clicking test is more like ideal timing to find out your fastest clicking speed because it is between the 5 seconds click test and 10 seconds click test; both are ideal time durations for the clicking test. Do you want to check how much clicks you can do in 9 seconds? Try this test and find out your chances to win a game.

Clicks per second games can help you determine the number of clicks per second, but here you can practice your clicks without any fear of losing life, hence improving clicking speed. The CPS rate indicates your potential to press the mouse button instantly. Also, regular clicking practice helps you become a professional player and make your mark in the games.

How to Use 9 Seconds Mouse Click Test?

Mouse clicking speed is sometimes referred to as a ‘click speed test.’ This tool is easy to use; you just have to follow a few steps to get accurate and zero error results.

  • Go to the top of the page to get your hands on the tool.
  • The timer is already set on 9 seconds.
  • On the start click, place the cursor, and click on it to start the timer. However, you can also start it by clicking anywhere in the clicking test boundary.
  • Keep clicking until the timer ends
  • Once the timer ends, it automatically stops and instantly displays the result, containing the CPS, total number of clicks, and a rank such as Snail, Turtle, Panda, etc., depending on your click speed.

9 Second Click Speed Test For You

World Record for CPS

Many cps world records have been set up to testify the clicking speed and counter the clicks done. However, there has been no clicking record for 9 seconds till now. The space is free, and you can try. You have to build yourself up to the mark and practice to set a benchmark in the click per the second category. The world record in 10 seconds is 121 clicks.

How to Improve Clicking Speed?

No doubt, regular practice can make you a fast clicker, but still, some other factors directly influence your clicking speed. Here I am sharing some of them so you can get the required clicking speed in minimum time.

  • Use the right mouse to register the clicks on time. If you are clicking with the speed of 16 CPS, but your mouse can only register 8 CPS. It means you are not going to win a game like this. So, use a gaming mouse to register clicks without any delay.
  • Try different clicking techniques like drag clicking, jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, etc., and select the one that can work for you.
  • Keep your arm muscles relaxed to ensure fast clicking because tense muscles cannot generate maximum vibration in jitter, butterfly, and regular clicking. Moreover, don’t push extra pressure on the mouse button because it just clicks the button once but can damage it.
  • Focus on accuracy because it helps you to get maximum control over the mouse
  • Keep practicing on a regular basis without any skip days. Moreover, challenge yourself every day and try to reach your goal with consistency.

9 seconds mouse-clicking test is a perfect tool to get error-free results, and its unlimited rests feature without any charge makes it an ideal option for clicking practice. Try this tool to achieve the highest score for your favorite game.


How fast does an average person click in a second?

An average person can generate 6-8 clicks in a second. If you can do clicks more than 8 CPS, it means you have a good clicking speed.

How do you work on your clicks per second?

The vital thing to attain the fastest clicking speed is regular clicking practice. You can practice but try this clicking test with unlimited resets. Regular clicking play of an hour can make you the fastest clicker in days, and no one can beat you in games. Moreover, try alternative clicking techniques and hold the mouse the right way to get maximum control.

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