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Drag clicking is a unique method of clicking used for different games like Minecraft that lets gamers make numerous clicks in just a few seconds. This clicking technique gives gamers an edge over their competitors.

The drag click test is a special test that lets the gamers test their drag clicking speed and predict their gaming future whether they win or lose. In games where many clicks are required, this test can help gamers evaluate their capabilities and win their games. Here is everything you need to know about the drag clicking and drag click test.

What is a Drag Click Test?

Drag clicking is a particular type of clicking where one has to drag the finger forcefully over the left mouse button to register several clicks. The drag click is registered because friction is created when your finger is moved while being in touch with the mouse.

A drag-click test is an online tool that helps players evaluate and improve their clicking ability with unlimited resets. This is a CPS test drag click. In some games where you need to achieve many clicks, this test helps check your clicking stamina beforehand.

Also, you can play it as a click-and-drag game here to make hundreds of clicks in a few seconds and share scores with your friends. Moreover, you can flaunt all your ranks and scores on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Features of Drag Click Test

The drag click mouse test is a special test designed for gamers to practice and improve their drag clicking speed and take it to the next level. The drag click test offers the following unique features.

1. It is Available Online

Our drag-click test is an online tool that you can easily use on any device without needing to download or install it. Just open your favorite browser, go to the top of this page and take the drag-click test.

2. Responsive Design

The drag-click test is responsive, ensuring that everyone can take advantage of the tool and use it to its full potential.

3. Cross-browser Compatibility

Since the drag-click test supports cross-browser compatibility, it works very well on the latest browser versions like Microsoft edge, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. With this feature, you can enjoy practicing your drag-clicking skills on any renowned browser.

4. Simple and Easy to Use

This test is very simple and easy to use because it has a straightforward, simple design. Because of its simple and easy usage, everyone can use this tool without assistance.

5. Desktop and Mobile-Friendly

This drag-click test’s responsive and unique design makes it mobile and desktop-friendly, so you can easily enjoy it on your mobile device or personal computer. So, you can take this test easily on any device, whether mobile or desktop.

6. Results Show Rank, CPS, and Total Click Number

Another amazing feature of the drag click test is that the results will show you the CPS you achieved, your rank, and the total clicks.

How to Use Drag Click Test?

Using the drag-click test is very simple and easy. Here are a few steps to use this tool.

  1. You will see a white box appear on the screen at the top of the page. When you click here, the test will start.
  2. As soon as you click the mouse button, the drag-click test will start and show the timer.
  3. You will be given 10 seconds to make the maximum number of clicks using the drag click technique.
  4. When the 10 seconds are complete, the timer will stop and show the result. Here you will see the CPS score, the number of clicks, and the rank.
  5. Most first-time players can get a CPS score of 15 on the first try. If you cannot achieve a good score on the first attempt, you can retake it to get a higher score.

What is a Drag Click?

Drag clicking is a unique method of mouse clicking where a person drags the finger across the right or left mouse button. Slight pressure is applied as the finger is dragged across the mouse. This tricks your mouse into registering several clicks resulting from the produced friction. This method is also known as tap clicking or Fazer clicking.

How to Do a Drag Click?

Drag clicking isn’t just about dragging the fingers across the mouse, and you need to learn how do you drag click. What matters is also the drag click tape and the mouse you use. Before you can drag a click, check if the mouse is clean. Dust and sweat can hinder friction.

  • To make a drag click, you need to rest your hands on the mouse.
  • Your little ring finger should support the right end while the thumb is placed on the left side.
  • Place the middle and index fingers on the left and right mouse buttons, respectively.
  • Now flick the wrist at a suitable angle and gently press the button downwards, letting the finger click and drag it to the backward of the mouse.

Benefits of Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is a method that is different from regular clicking. So what are the benefits that drag clicking offers? Here are some benefits you need to know about.

1. Achieve a Higher CPS Score

Drag clicking is a great way to achieve a higher CSP score, much higher than can be achieved with a regular mouse. Drag clicking can therefore be beneficial in increasing your CPS score.

2. Win Against Your Competitors

In games where a high CPS score matters, like Minecraft, drag clicking can be a great way to play and win against other players. With a high CPS score, you will win against other players.

3. Play Games Effectively

Many games like shooting and idle games, in particular, require you to have a good CPS score. Drag clicking can help you get a better CPS score to play games more effectively.


The drag click test is a unique way to improve your drag clicking speed and achieve a high CPS score. You can take this test to compete with others and set a high score. The results can be shared on social media with others to challenge them. Above, we have covered most of what you need to know about this interesting tool.


Can Drag Clicking Be Harmful to the Mouse?

While drag clicking may seem easy, it’s not, and not every mouse can drag click or bear it. Over time, it will ruin your mouse based on how consistent you use it. However, you can choose the best mouses for drag clicking to nullify this problem.

Will I be Banned for Using Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking in itself is not bannable, but if the anti-cheat algorithm in Minecraft sees the resultant clicks as artificial, you might get banned.

Is it Bad to Drag Click?

Yes, drag clicking can be bad for the mouse because it can harm the buttons and shorten the lifespan. However, if you choose a strong mouse, you can ignore these issues.

How to Drag Click on Any Mouse?

The fingers are dragged across the right or left mouse buttons with gentle pressure to register multiple mouse clicks in drag clicking. The friction between the finger and the mouse causes many clicks to be registered.

Why You Need a Drag Click Test?

You can play the drag click test to improve your clicking speed in games like Minecraft, where a high clicking speed is required. Also, by making a high score in the drag click test, you can flaunt and amaze your friends with your high scores and ranks. So, the drag click test can be played as interesting drag and click games for fun and entertainment purposes. It can also improve your clicking speed to win in games like Minecraft.

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