How Many Clicks can Minecraft Register

How Many Click Per Second Can Minecraft Register?

Minecraft is one of the most widely played games that gamers enjoy playing with their touchpad or mouse. When playing the game, users need to click repetitively and fast. You need a high clicking speed to play such a game. The game interface lets the gamer click as fast as they can. The game is designed for the purpose of entertainment, but some people often get addicted and try to attain a higher speed of clicking.

On average, users can make up to 5 to 6 clicks in a second. But players who regularly play Minecraft can go as high as 12 to 15 clicks per second with a simple mouse. A gaming mouse has a specific mechanism that allows users to reach as many as 21 to 23 clicks per second.

How Many Clicks can Minecraft Register?

Clicking in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular game that can register about 2 clicks in a second. A player who has a higher number of clicks around 11 to 14 CPS, may be recorded in the same way. Some players have a slow clicking speed and cannot aim that high. Some players can only score as low as 1 to 3 clicks per second.

Nevertheless, those who have a high clicking speed aren’t able to aim precisely because their hands shake as they click fast. So, you don’t need to click beyond a good clicking speed as these clicks can get wasted. Nevertheless, if you practice well enough, and regularly, this issue can be minimized. It may get hard to remove it completely because it’s natural for hands to shake when you click fast.

Click Per Second; The Effect


The clicking speed is also dependent on your server. Servers having good ping can be useful in the PVP Minecraft. A higher ping can register more clicks in your game. Players play Minecraft with different servers, to the speed of clicks also varies between them.

Another thing that affects the clicks per second speed is the mouse. Simple mice can only aim as high as 10 to 14 clicks per second. While an average user can only make 5 to 6 clicks per second, a gamer who practices more can aim to achieve the maximum click speed with this mouse. A gaming mouse is another good option for gaming but it tends to be an expensive option for most users. A gaming mouse click in Minecraft can register as many as 21 to 24 clicks in a second. Again, practice is a must. With practice, players can achieve a higher clicking score with any mouse.

The internet connection also affects your clicks per second speed. The better your clicking speed is, the more the ping is provided by the server, hence faster the clicking.

Practicing regularly can help increase your clicks per second speed. While the factors above affect your clicks per second speed in Minecraft, practice is a must too. Since the gaming experience is not to be compromised, the user should try to minimize these factors to get a high clicking speed.

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