How Many Times Can You Click in a Minute

How Many Times Can You Click in a Minute?

Clicks per minute are the number of clicks a person can generate in a minute or 60 seconds. To practice this, many click speed testers are available to help give an insight into your clicking speed and allow room for improvement.

Achieving a high amount of clicks per minute is a task that requires a lot of practice as well as dedication. It takes hours and hours of training to reach an average or professional clicking level. However, there are different techniques designed to help improve and get a high score in games.

The clicking techniques include butterfly clicking, drag clicking, and jitter clicking. Butterfly clicking involves tapping two fingers on both sides of the mouse, while drag clicking is required to pull the mouse through. Jitter clicking is achieved by making vibrations in your hands and fingers. These techniques help achieve higher clicking speed with the right amount of practice.

Speed Limit Based on Your Level of Experience

Every skill depends on your experience. Let’s see how the clicking capability of a person varies in accordance with the level of experience.

Clicking Skill

1. Beginner’s Speed

A beginner’s clicking speed is 250-300 clickers per minute. If you want to start working on your clicking speed, this is an excellent speed. However, bring yourself to the average clicking speed through rigorous practice, dedication, and clicking techniques.

2. Average Speed

An average speed of clicks per minute is 300-400. If you achieve these clicks per second, you have a moderate pace. However, a professional rate is much higher and can only be achieved if you have done a lot of practice using click speed testers.

3. Professional Speed

Click above 400 is considered to be the professional speed. The highest recorded rate is to be 582. If you want to challenge yourself, you can try for your speed to exceed this score to set up new records.

The Use of One-Minute Click Speed Test

CPS Test

One-minute clicking tests ensure that your clicking speed is tested for a little longer than a few seconds to give you an idea of where you stand.

Firstly, with the click speed tool test, you can check your scores, set goals, and aim to achieve higher to get you ready for any games you want to play or other computer tasks requiring click speed testing.

Secondly, one minute is a long time to check your patience and stamina to keep clicking. The one-minute test helps build tolerance that will help you carry out tasks that require clicking for a long time.

Final Words

Take a one-minute click speed test to see where you stand and work up your speed by practicing a lot and applying different clicking techniques to help achieve a faster clicking speed.


1. What is a CPS test?

A CPS or clicks per second is a test designed to show the number of clicks you can achieve in a second.

2. What is an auto-clicker?

An auto-clicker helps achieve automated clicks. If you turn on an auto clicker, you will be able to achieve clicking without actually having to click. An auto clicker can help reach as many as 50,000 clicks in a second.

3. What is the world record for 10 seconds click test?

Dyllan Alred from Las Vegas is said to be the current highest in click speed testing. He managed to achieve 1051 clicks in 10 seconds.

4. Why is clicking speed essential?

It is essential as it helps manage many computer tasks that require speed clicking and games like Minecraft that require clicking at a reasonable speed.

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