How to Check Keys of a Used Keyboard?

How to Check Keys of a Used Keyboard?

The keyboard is an essential part of a PC’s hardware, but not just that. Laptops don’t work without keyboards, either. Whether completing your assignment or playing a game, you can’t work with a faulty keyboard! You need all the keys to function correctly if you want to get your work done. But what happens if your keyboard keys aren’t working? What if some of the keys don’t function? First, how do you know if the keys are working or not? How to test the keys of a used keyboard? We have the answers you need here!

Why do You need to Check Your Keyboard Keys?

When you’re typing on a keyboard or playing a game, it can be challenging if one of the keyboard keys doesn’t function. Suppose you’re completing an assignment, and the letter A stops working. How do you write? That’s the problem; you can’t work with a faulty keyboard.

If you’re taking out a used keyboard, you might want to see beforehand if all the keys are functioning or not. If you check the keys before using the keyboard, it’ll be easier to work as you can correct the issue in time.

How to Test Your Keyboard Keys?

Check Your Keyboard Keys

Now, you want to check whether your keyboard keys work; how do you do that? The answer is the keyboard button tester! This fantastic tool lets you check your keyboard keys one at a time to see if they are functional or not.

What is the Keyboard Button Tester, and How Does it Work?

The keyboard testing tool or the keyboard button tester has a virtual keyboard on the screen, a copy, or a full keyboard with every key. The tool can assess the damage to your used or new keyboard. The best thing is that this tool is open to all browsers and devices. The tool uses the standard keyboard design, but the test will work even if your keyboard is a little different; don’t worry!

How to Take the Keyboard Button Test?

How to Take the Keyboard Button Test?

Are you ready to test your keys with the keyboard button tester? Well, here are the simple steps you must follow.

  1. Go to your browser and open the keyboard button test.
  2. On the screen, you’ll see a virtual keyboard.
  3. Press your physical keyboard keys one at a time to see if they light up on the virtual keyboard on the screen.
  4. You can reset to remove the present content and start again.
  5. Try one key at a time or press multiple ones simultaneously to see if the keys are working.
  6. If the key pressed on your physical keyboard lights up on the screen’s virtual keyboard, your key is functioning. If the pressed key doesn’t respond on the screen, that key might not be working.

Final Words

It can be hard working with a faulty keyboard. If you doubt that some keys of your used keyboard aren’t working, you can easily take the keyboard button test to confirm. The tool is pretty straightforward to use, and it works on all browsers. Do you think your keyboard isn’t working? Take the test today to find out!

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