How to get better at minecraft pvp

How To Get Better At Minecraft PVP?

Minecraft may be a simple, pixelated game, which parents find very ordinary, but it is very competitive and high addicting for hardcore gamers. The popularity of Minecraft is mainly based on its survival mode. But there is a community of competitive gamers who love playing PVP battles. Players wouldn’t hesitate to spend hours trying to get better at Minecraft and improve their skills. Nevertheless, the problem is that practice won’t work much. Instead, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest strategies.

So, if you are a serious gamer wanting to get better, you’re at the right place. Let’s learn more about how to get better at Minecraft PVP. Here is what you need to know.

1. Getting Strong Minecraft Enchantments

Get Strong Minecraft Enchantments

Getting access to strong enchantments is a must if you want to win in Minecraft PVP. In most cases, players would use a nephrite or diamond gear. However, the preferred enchantments include fire protection, protection, unbreaking, and thorns.

The best enchantments for your swords are fire aspect, knockback, and sharpness. The bow is also a useful weapon when you’re fighting players from a distance. The enchantments of flame, power, and infinity are best for the bow to take down enemies. So don’t worry about how to get better at PVP in Minecraft and start using better enchantments.

2. Make Use of the Fishing Rod

Make Use of the Fishing Rod

As a beginner, you may be wondering why PVP players use fishing rods in the game. If you don’t already know, fishing rods are part of an amazing technique. It is used to bring the players closer and attack with a knockback sword to push them away. In this way, the opponents are often left startled.

3. Improve Your Aiming and Clicking Speed

Improve Your Aiming and Clicking Speed

When talking about how to get better at Minecraft PVP, you cannot miss out on the importance of having a good aiming and clicking speed. Several ways can be used to improve clicking speed. Try a different clicking technique like drag clicking, but not every mouse will perform these clicks. Most players tend to be bad at clicking and aiming; this is why opponents quickly take them down in Minecraft PVP. In terms of clicking, improving your speed doesn’t mean spamming your clicking, as this can result in more loss than benefit. Instead, you should learn how to press the mouse buttons quickly and know the way to click the mouse whenever needed.

Try getting a good gaming mouse at hand and practice aiming and clicking with PVP servers.

4. Practice How to Switch Hotbar Items Quickly

Practice How to Switch Hotbar Items Quickly

Beginners often face the problem of switching between items in the Hotbar when playing Minecraft PVP. They find it hard to switch between food, potion, and weapons. However, there is barely any time to switch between food and guns or even open the inventory in the survival mode. This is why the Hotbar comes in handy. You can keep here all the things you need for the battle, like your health potions, bow swords, golden apples, etc. To quickly switch between the items, use the number keys and master their use.

5. Practice Using PVP Servers

Practice Using PVP Servers

There is no better answer to how to get better at PVP in Minecraft java than practicing. Fighting against bot/real PVP players can be a real breakthrough in getting better in the game. Minecraft PVP players are encouraged to join PVP servers to practice their skills and compete with other players. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about the gaming gear or resources. New players on most servers are given a PVP kit that contains all the things you need for fighting.

6. Using a Sword or a Bow

Using a Sword or a Bow

A huge mistake to avoid at PVP is the misbalance of using swords and bows. It often happens that players misuse a bow or a sword. Players may use a bow when the opponent is just about three blocks away. This isn’t a sage idea. A bow is best for use when a player is rushing to you or when you’re rushing to someone. In other cases, a sword is always a better option as it can be used properly and is also more powerful. You should check the weapon guide by Minecraft for details.

7. Get Better at Auto-Sprinting

Get Better at Auto-Sprinting

While you already know about sprinting using the default control button, the 1.7 version of the game changed the PVP game forever. In the earlier case, the sprint got broken when hitting another player, and you cannot beat. With the auto-sprinting option, you can always keep on sprinting. In this way, you can chase other players without stopping. Do you want to know how to get better at PVP in Minecraft bedwars? The simple answer, get better at control sprinting. You can use the control button for sprinting, but some players also use the scroll wheel button. While button three is defined, you can use whatever suits you, just as long as you keep sprinting.

8. Master the Strafind Technique

Master the Strafind Technique

The strafing technique is defined as moving in circles. This method is performed around the opponent you’re attacking to dodge the hits easily. The problem, however, is that strafing is complicated with just double-tapping. As earlier mentioned, sprinting can be better in the battle, but it will be on hitting. Try a jump and strafe method to improve your success in fighting.

9. Practice Critical Hitting

Practice Critical Hitting

Staying in the mid-air position and moving down does 50% more damage and an extra heart. These are critical moves. It also applies a knockback. Gray particles will appear when you make a critical hit. The problem, however, is that these attacks don’t work when you’re going up. They only function when moving down on the player, including your sword, clicks, first, or anything. It can also be done with the bow but be fully charged.

10. Learn Block Hitting

Learn Block Hitting

Block hitting is specific to the versions of Minecraft before 1.9, allowing you to get minor damage and deal more. To perform this hit, you must hit right-click quickly after left-clicking. This blocks enemy attacks and gives you 50% less damage and knockback. This will also reset your running/walking speed to provide a better knockback when you hit again. While block-hitting can be tricky, you can see tutorials and practice to get better.

11. Secondary Weapon; Crossbow

Secondary Weapon; Crossbow

With the latest version of Minecraft, you may equip another item, on the other hand, allowing you to use a dual-wield. You may hold a potion in the other hand as well. But we suggest that you hold a crossbow or a ranged weapon. Whether you decide on holding a bow, or a potion in the other hand, it can be a benefit to have another thing ready at hand. Since both hands cannot be used together, you need to time carefully, so you aren’t left vulnerable.

12. Tips for PVP Minecraft

Tips for PVP Minecraft

The two most essential things in winning Minecraft PVP are patience and practice. While anyone can get there, it takes effort to be good. Here are some tips besides the methods above about how to get better at PVP in Minecraft.

  • Practice running away when you have only a few hearts left. Turn around by jumping or sprinting. 
  • Be aware of everything that goes around you. 
  • The higher ground is always a better option because you can make critical hits. 

The Verdict

If you’re a Minecraft PVP gamer, we are sure you want to search for ways to get better at the game to win against your opponents. Do not start everything at once. Keep the methods discussed above in mind, and take them one at a time to get better. Keep going till you improve, and always keep practicing!

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