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How to Increase Click per Second?

If you are a gamer, you will know how much clicking speed is important while shooting guns, hitting cookies, and winning a prize. It requires clicking at the maximum speed that is called CPS. It all depends upon how fast your finger can move on the mouse for clicking. This blog will help you know how to increase clicks per second and how it will aid you while playing clicking games.

Click per second is the number of clicks that a player or gamer makes in a second. If you have a fast clicking speed, you will be able to gain more scores, and hence you will win the game. Many people find difficulty while clicking, and they get frustrated when the computer beats them. But don’t worry; by following some expert techniques, you can increase your click per second speed and make records like most people have made.

5 Methods to Increase Click Per Second

Practice is key to getting the desired result. You can train your hands, wrist, and finger, but some other factors still influence your clicking speed. Follow these tips to boost your clicking speed.

1. Hand Position

It is vital to adjust your hand position and change it as it will help you a lot in increasing your click per second speed.

Hand Position

– Claw Grip



The most helpful method for enhancing the clicks per second is the claw grip. Hold the mouse so that your palm faces down and fingers are on the mouse to hold it. Keep your thumb on the mouse, and now you can click easily by keeping your hand active.

– Palm Grip

You can also use a palm grip in which you will need to hold the mouse in your palm, and your finger should be wrapped around it. It gives more stability, and you can click comfortably.

– Tip Grip

The other method involves keeping your finger on the top of the mouse. It consists of controlling four sides of the buttons to hit the target. This method is not very common, so you will need to learn it, but it is very effective for clicking speedily.

If you want high CPS, it is better to try these techniques one by one for each game and see which one is more suitable.

2. Use Left Hand If You are Right-Handed

It matters a lot to learn the use of the left hand if you are right-handed. Although it will create a bit of a problem at the start, you have to train your muscles by practice. It is a fact that your left hand will help you to click faster than the right one. It will help you to get more accuracy and speed.

3. Regular Practice

Practice Clicking

If you want to increase your CPS rate, then practice is what you need. You can choose an online click speed test for this. Multiple click tests are available on Google, such as the Kohi test, which will help you become a good clicker. You can start the test again and again, and it will tell you how much you can click in one second and allows you to track improvement over time. It is essential to maintain accuracy during the game and never lose the target for increasing speed. Through practice, you can get both speed and accuracy as well.

4. Customize Mouse Setting

You can also change the setting of your mouse to boost its DPI. The higher DPI will help you to get a high clicking speed.

  • Open the setting from the control panel and click on mouse properties. 
  • From the pointer section, increase the DPI but remember to set a medium speed so that you may click easily on the screen.  
  • For laptop users, it is better to choose a mouse with a high DPI and avoid a touchpad for clicking. You can get more accuracy and speed through the mouse.

Moreover, you can also adjust the mouse’s sensitivity in the same way. Sensitivity tells how fast or slow you can move the cursor on the screen and how much distance you will need to cover from one side to the other side of the screen.

5. Try Different Clicking Techniques

Some other clicking techniques will surely help you improve CPS speed, such as jitter clicking, drag clicking, and butterfly clicking. To master each clicking technique, you can use an online clicking tool. Here are some most popular clicking techniques.

– Jitter Clicking

In this, you will need to keep the muscles of the wrist and hand relaxed and shake the mouse for vibration. In this way, your hand will never get tired.

– Double Clicking

It involves double-clicking the mouse button quickly without moving it. You can adjust this by clicking on the settings of the mouse.

– Butterfly Clicking

The butterfly clicking involves clicking the mouse with index and middle finger fingers at a steady speed.

– Drag Clicking

It involves clicking through the mouse by using the dragging force of your fingers. It is the most demanding technique.

There are so many ways and techniques by which you can increase the click per second rate. But practicing is very important as practice makes everything perfect. You can use the given procedures to create a world clicking record and beat your competitors without difficulty.

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