How to Increase Sentence Typing Speed?

How to Increase Sentence Typing Speed?

Most of our time today is spent next to the computer screen, whether we’re working or playing games. If we talk about universities and colleges, you’d have plenty of assignments to do. In the case of an office job like blog posting, copywriting, etc. you also need to type pretty much. One thing that can get really frustrating is a slow typing speed.

If you have a typing job or are a university student, you’ll understand what we mean. While a slow typing speed can hinder your work, being a fast typer will help you in getting done faster.

Increasing Your Sentence Typing Speed

Have a slow typing speed? There’s no need to worry! Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to increase your sentence typing speed!

1. Sit Comfortably with a Relaxing Hand Position

The first and foremost step to typing faster is maintaining a good seating position with your hands set at a proper angle. To start, your seating position should be such that your back remains straight. As for the hands, and elbows, make sure not to bend them up or down. Keep your elbows on the table with hands a little raised.

Sit Comfortably with a Relaxing Hand Position

2. Practice with the Typing Sentences Speed Test

The first thing was the posture and position. With that in place, you can head to the other methods. Practice makes a man perfect! With the typing speed, it’s no different. The more you practice, the better you get. For practice, you can use the online typing speed test available.

3. Practice the Special English Phrase

Have you heard about the special English phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”? The phrase contains all alphabet of the English language, making it a good sentence to practice with to learn typing. How does it work? Practicing this sentence will acquaint you with the keyboard’s alphabet positions, thereby helping you to type faster without needing to look down.

4. Don’t Look at the Keyboard

Most people start typing with the hunt and peck method, but you shouldn’t stay with it for too long because it’s for beginners. The next step is touch-typing or typing without looking at the keyboard. Start gradually, by memorizing the key positions and try typing without looking down. You can always type faster in this way because your flow of typing isn’t disrupted.

Typing on keyboard

5. Define Your Goals

It’s always easier to achieve things when you have well-defined goals. What would these typing goals be? It can be like challenging yourself to type a sentence without looking at the keyboard or typing without making errors. When you have a clear goal in mind, you’ll work more to achieve it.

Final Words

Typing is an essential part of our everyday life. Doing all your work with a low typing speed can be very hard. This is why we have listed above a few tips to help you get better at typing. While all these tips above are useful, persistence is the key. Whatever tips you decide to follow, make sure to stay consistent with them!

Note: If you want to check the working of your keyboard. Head towards our online keyboard tester.

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