How to Jitter Click

How to Jitter Click? | Easy Steps

Jitter clicking is the most effective method to click fast. If you are a gamer and play online tournaments, you must have experience clicking professionally and its importance. In PvP games like shooting games or Minecraft, fast clicking techniques determine results.

Usually, people who love to play Minecraft and want to win every gameplay try new clicking techniques. Jitter click is an advanced clicking method in which you click faster than expected. It’s usually considered that this type of mouse-clicking gives twice the results.

There are a few different clicking types that ensure the fastest clicks in a minimum time- frame; jitter click is one of them. Which one do you prefer? Gamers prefer the jitter clicking method to play games comprehensively to beat opponents.

Jitter Clicking & Health

Jitter Clicking and Health

Many people say that this method of clicking has a harmful impact on health, and it damages arm movement and muscles. There is a myth that it causes arthritis and carpal tunneling. How much is the reality in this fact? It depends on the extent of this method’s application and its duration.

This can be true due to joint frictions between your bones for a more extended period, and experts relate it with the jitter clicking as you use arms and put pressure on them. Therefore, you must practice well to learn how to jitter click and its appropriate time limit to ensure a safer play every time.

How To Jitter Click?

Jitter click is a valuable and advanced clicking method usually adopted by professional gamers who want to click as many times as they can. There are several primary ways of jitter clicking, and you must know how to do it correctly. Different people adopt various methods to apply this technique. To compare it with other ways, just learn the most precise points for maximum positive results. Let’s find out the exact way how you can start it.

Do & Don't of Jitter Click

Follow these steps to learn Jitter click:

  • First, your muscles are key, which along with nerves, apply pressure by generating vibrations in your hands. Learn how to shake forearm muscles.
  • The wrist is the main part of the arm, which has a solid role in producing the “Jitter Effect.”
  • Powerful wrist vibrations will be transferred to your fingers to produce fast movements.
  • As your fingers generate more pressure and vibrations, you will get more clicks.

Note: Generating vibrations in forearm muscles is the most crucial step in the jitter clicking method because it would produce more clicks. Try to practice daily and apply new things to grab more vibrations, but avoid getting extreme steps, as it can harm your muscles and joints.

Tips To Improve Jitter Clicking

It might take some time to adjust your movements and get used to aiming if you’re new.

Don’t Stress: Seasoned pros still have their difficulties with jitter clicking. Many say that jitter clicking is one of their main weaknesses. Be relaxed while going for better results.
Don’t Move Your Mouse Too Quickly or Jerkily: It may seem counterintuitive, but slow and steady wins out in most cases when it comes to mouse movement. Abrupt movements will often cause you to overshoot or undershoot where you want to click, so try moving slower instead to ensure accuracy.
Gaming Mouse: Mouse quality is the prominent factor that plays a vital part in deciding the fate of clicking methods. Usually, gamers use these mice to click more often. In Minecraft, the jitter click technique is the best way to kill enemies.


Jitter clicking is the best method among all other techniques for people who want to achieve more clicks. The number of clicks depends on the accuracy of this and also needs more practice.


1. How fast can you Click with jitter clicking?

If you have practice, you can click from 9 to 12 clicks per second. But you can exceed depending on your skills.

2. Is it acceptable to choose Jitter click?

It is one of the best methods to achieve maximum mouse clicks. But you can select some other methods if you want extra accuracy according to their needs.

3. Which mouse is suitable for jitter clicking?

Gaming mice are the best options for jitter click. The reason is its sensitivity which is the ultimate step for gaming, especially in Minecraft.

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