How to Right Click on Apple Magic Mouse?

How to Right Click on Apple Magic Mouse? | Easy Guide

The Mac brought a revolution in the IT field with its advanced accessories and updated system. Most of the Mac users don’t know how to use the Apple Magic mouse for right-click. It doesn’t have any buttons like a random mouse for right clicking and left clicking. So in this article, you will come to know how right-clicking is done by a magic mouse.

Why Do We Need Right Click?

While doing work we need to right-click many times because of many reasons. There are many functions on the Mac OS that are easily accessed by right-clicking. If you want to get options for desktop organization go for right click on the desktop. Similarly right-clicking on the file in finder brings many options regarding file opening. There are many options that can be easily accessed by the right-click option. There are many other functions that are performed by right click such as highlighting text, selection of works, etc.

Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse

The Magic mouse comes in the category of wireless mouse and it can be recharged as well. They are ergonomic in design and glide smoothly on the surface. They are light in weight and perform multiple tasks easily such as web browsing and moving through documents.  As compared to other simple mice it is smaller in height but greater in length.

Directions for Doing Right Clicking by Magic Mouse

Right Click with Magic Mouse

There are no buttons for right and left click on Apple Magic Mouse and its previous version Mighty mouse. They as a whole are used for clicking without any distinct buttons.  It is essential to check before you are going to use a magic mouse, that it must be connected through Bluetooth and attached to a USB port.  Go through the following points for right-click:

  • Open the menu on your Mac
  • You will see an option for system preferences, click on it.
  • Then click on the mouse option
  • Here in the section of the point and click pane option, select your desired click
  • A box is present in front of the secondary click option, click to open the drop-down menu from where you can select the right click option. Save the settings. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to select your desired click.


It is clear now that right-clicking is an integral part of using a mouse. Magic mouse does not have a specific button for this purpose. We came to know from the above protocol that right-clicking with a magic mouse is not a big deal for Apple users. You can enable right-click while using Mac OS  by following the above-mentioned procedure. Apple provides their users with both options of click, you can select either left or right click according to your need.

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