How to Right-Click on Surface Pro

How to Right-Click on Surface Pro?

We have a handful of devices today; mobiles, laptops, PCs, and much more! One of the devices used widely today is Microsoft’s surface pro. This diverse and versatile device is suited for multiple purposes like office work and gaming. Whether it’s surface pro or any other device, the right-click button plays an essential role. When using a surface pro, you’d need the right-click for multiple purposes, and if you don’t know how to right-click, you may face some issues during work. Don’t know how to right-click on a surface pro? Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a complete guide here.

Why You Need the Right-Click?

Why You Need the Right-Click?

Commonly abbreviated as RMB, the right mouse button is an essential part of any device today for performing the right-click action. Like on other devices, the right-click on surface pro opens many additional options and functionalities for the users. This is usually in a drop-down menu form (shortcut menu of context) and contains multiple different options.

For example, if you want to copy and paste a text, you’ll select the text with the left-mouse click and then open the menu with the right-click. From here, you can copy the text. Then right-click where you need to paste the text, and select “paste” from the drop-down menu. These are just a few of the functionalities of the right-click. The right-click button is used for several other purposes as well.

How to Right-Click on Surface Pro?

You can use the right-click option on your surface pro for different purposes, like opening the start menu. How to right-click on surface pro 4? Here is the step-by-step process.

  1. Open your surface pro and use your finger to touch the screen.
  2. To make a right-click, long-press on your device screen. Keep holding your finger on the screen till you see the box.
  3. You can release your finger when you see the box, and your right-click menu will open.
  4. From here, you can select the options you want to use.

How Can I Right-Click on Surface Pro Touchpad?

How Can I Right-Click on Surface Pro Touchpad

If you wish to right-click on your surface pro using the touchpad, tap with two fingers anywhere on the device touchpad to open the right-click menu. Alternatively, you can press down on the touchpad’s right end to make a right-click.

How to right-click on surface pro without a keyboard? You can use the touchpad or the screen to right-click without using the keyboard. We’ve covered both of these methods above in a few simple steps.

The Verdict

The surface pro has multiple advanced features, much like any other tablet. Regarding right-clicking, surface pro doesn’t offer just one method. In fact, you have several different ways to right-click; using the surface pro touchpad and the screen. Other than that, surface pro also allows you to swipe, scroll, and zoom on the touchscreen as well. With the right-click function of the device, you can use all the functionalities of a regular mouse right-click. What are you waiting for if you haven’t tried these functionalities yet? We’ve covered a complete guide above about right-clicking on Surface Pro.

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