How to Save Pictures on a Chromebook

How to Save Pictures on a Chromebook? | Easy Updated Guide

Chromebook is one of many devices that have become popular in recent years for different purposes, whether work, gaming, searching, or anything else. If you’re scrolling the internet on the Chromebook, there may have been times when you’ve wanted to save a picture to your device to use it later on. Normally, people use the right-click button to open the menu and save the image on their device. What if you’re unable to use it? Here is a guide for saving pictures to your Chromebook without using right-click.

How to Save Pictures on Chromebook Without Using a Right-click

There are two ways to save pictures on Chromebook without the right-click. Follow the steps below.

Method 1

1. Open your Chromebook and go to the browser you want.

Open Browser on your Chromebook

2. Scroll the browser and open whichever picture you like. Select the image you want to save. Below is a sample image.

3. Then click with two fingers on the touchpad to make a right-click on the image. From the open menu, press the “Save image as..”.

4. If you want to change the name of the image, change it to whatever you want.

5. The downloads window will open. Here you can set the file location and name.

6. After setting the name and location, click the save button.

7. The image is now saved to your device. It will be saved in the location where you have set it.

8. To reveal the image, click the “Show in folder” option. For a detailed guide about viewing the image, keep on reading.

Method 2

Another method to save a picture to Chromebook is to press the Alt and single click together.

1. Open your Chromebook browser and scroll through the web.

2. Choose the picture you want to save.

3. Then press the Alt key along with a single click to open the right-click menu.

4. From here, save it to your device.

These simple steps are a complete guide for you to save an image to your Chromebook and then retrieve it without using the right-click button.

Showing the Saved Pictures on Your Chromebook

Now that the image is saved to your device, here is how you can see it. Follow the steps given below.

1. Once your image is saved, open it by clicking the option “show in folder” in the preview section.

2. Then double-click on the photo.

3. If the preview option has been closed, you can open it through the “files” folder. Go to files from the app menu. The image will be in the folder where you’ve saved it if you have. Otherwise, it will be in the “downloads” folder. Pictures are usually saved into the downloads section until you have specified the location for saving them.

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Let’s say you’re scrolling the internet on your Chromebook, and you find a good picture that you want to save to your device? If the right-click button is not present on your Chromebook, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to help you out! You can use the right-click option by using a simple method. You can simply save an image to Chromebook using the steps given above. The steps above will help you open not just save an image to your Chromebook without the right-click button it also guide you on how to retrieve the saved image. Try it out for yourself!

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