How to Test if Monitor is Running at Overclocked Refresh Rate?

How to Test if Monitor is Running at Overclocked Refresh Rate?

Gamers are never ready to compromise gaming. They’d do whatever they could to improve their gaming experience. One of the many things gamers do is to overclock their PC, thereby improving the refresh rate and bringing more FPS to your screen. How can you overclock your monitor? And how do you know if your monitor is overclocked?

How to Overclock Your Monitor?

While there are several ways to overclock the monitor and change the refresh rate, we’ll discuss the simplest ones here. You’ll need to download the CRU, Custom Resolution Utility; it works with most GPUs. With AMD graphics, however, it doesn’t work well.

With the CRU

Overclock Monitor With the CRU 

  1. Open the CRU once it’s downloaded.
  2. You’ll see the “detailed resolution” and “standard resolution” boxes.
  3. Click on add from under the “detailed resolution”.
  4. Now click “timing” and set it to “LCD standard”.
  5. Set the refresh rate higher than the one set already. Best to go 5Hz higher.
  6. Then click OK and then Reboot the PC.

After doing this, you must change the Windows refresh rate. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. On your desktop, “Right click” and then choose “display settings”.
  2. Go to “advanced display settings” and select “display adapter settings” after scrolling down.
  3. Then click on the “Monitor tab”, and from the drop-down menu, set the refresh rate you want.

If the refresh rate is changed, your screen will remain on. Otherwise, it will turn black for 15 seconds and revert to the old settings.

With Intel Graphics

For the most part, you’ll also be able to set the refresh rate with the intel graphics control panel.

Overclock Monitor With Intel Graphics

  1. Open the panel “Intel HD graphics control”.
  2. Click “Display”.
  3. Click “custom resolutions” from the left end.
  4. Now enter the refresh rate, height, and width you desire.
  5. Finally, click add.

If the refresh rate of the monitor cannot go higher, you’ll receive the message of quitting or trying again. If it works, reboot your PC.

Way to Test if the Monitor Works at the Overclocked Refresh Rate

To see if your refresh rate is working at the one you set it; you can use the online test. The testufo usually works in the browser and helps you check your current refresh rate. Just open the tool online and then follow the on-screen steps. The device will recognise our current refresh rate and show you whether your monitor is working at the overclocked refresh rate or not.

Final Words

Overclocking the PC to get improved gaming performance is a common step, yet not one that is wholly recommended because it involves some level of risk. Nevertheless, if you’re ready to make that compromise, we have covered the steps to overclock your PC and set your desired refresh rate. Also, there is a way to check if your PC is working at your set refresh rate. Want to check if your PC is working at the overclocked refresh rate? Follow the method above!

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