How to Test Mouse Buttons?

How to Test Mouse Buttons? | Complete User Guide

A mouse is an essential part of our entire computer setup whether you’re using the computer for work or gaming. These simple plug-and-play devices work when connected to your computer or laptop if the drivers are installed on your device. Well, we all the common gaming mouse. It has two buttons and one scroll wheel. While these devices are very sturdy and last for years, it’s possible that your mouse just suddenly stops working out of the blue.

Well, how would you know whether your mouse is functioning properly or not? Or whether the mouse buttons are working? How to test mouse buttons to see if they work or not? Let’s head on to learn more about testing mouse buttons.

How to Test Buttons on Mouse?

If we talk on a very basic level, everyone knows about the common computer mouse. This simple device has two buttons, the left and the right one with a center scroll wheel. While the left button is the common click button, the right one is used for secondary purposes like opening the menu. This is true for a common mouse, but today, there are many others in the market too, like gaming mice. These mice are programmed with unique buttons to perform specific tasks. In any case, you have the option of checking your mouse buttons to check their functionality using the mouse tester tool.

How to test mouse buttons

How to test if mouse buttons are working? With the mouse tester tool available on the internet, you can check the functionality of your mouse. Here is the simple way you need to follow to check your mouse buttons.

  1. Open the mouse tester tool.
  2. You will see the diagram of a mouse appear at the top.
  3. Click the right button on your mouse now. On clicking, if the diagram’s right mouse button lights up, it means that the button is working and functional.
  4. Do the same for the left mouse button. If the left mouse button of the diagram lights up, your mouse’s left button is also working.
  5. As for the middle scroll wheel, or the middle button of the mouse, click it down and see if the diagram’s middle button lights up. If it does, it means all your mouse buttons are working appropriately.
  6. You can also check the mouse scroll wheel. When on the page, scroll the mouse wheel and see if the diagram lights up. If yes, your scroll wheel is also functional.
  7. If any one of the buttons doesn’t light up on the diagram of the mouse on the screen, it means there is some issue with that key.

Moreover, if you’re still unsure of how to test extra mouse buttons, there is a way for that too. Some gaming mice have extra buttons for functionality like gaming mice. Don’t worry, most websites will also allow you to test your extra mouse buttons in much the same way as above. Just press the button and see if it lights up.

Reasons for Mouse Test Failure

Mouse Test Failure

If your mouse failed the mouse test, there could be several reasons. Here are two possible reasons.

  1. It’s very much possible that you failed the test because of the malfunctioning of your mouse. To cross-check the functionality and get to the cause, take the test with the same mouse on another PC. If the mouse still fails the test, it’s pretty clear that your mouse is facing some issues that need to be fixed.
  2. Another reason for failing the test may be that your internet browser version isn’t updated to the latest. Try updating your browser whether it’s Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or any other, and then test your mouse again. If your mouse passes the test, the problem wasn’t with the mouse but rather with the browser.

Why Mouse Buttons Aren’t Working?

If you took the test with the method above and your mouse buttons didn’t work, there could be some underlying issues with your mouse. Here are some of the possible reasons and solutions.

Why Mouse Buttons Aren’t Working?

1. Outdated Mouse Drivers

You see, the most common reason for mouse issues are outdated drivers. If your drivers are outdated, the mouse often malfunctions. Try updating the drivers from the website of the manufacturer. You’ll find the latest drivers there.

2. Malfunctioning USB Port

Sometimes, when your USB port isn’t working, the mouse wouldn’t work either. Try plugging your mouse into another USB port and see if it works.

3. Mouse Batteries are Dead

If you have a wireless mouse, the problem could simply be because of dead batteries. If your mouse batteries die, the mouse won’t work. Change the batteries and take the mouse test again to see if the mouse works.


How to test all of my mouse buttons? We have compiled a simple method for you to check your mouse functionality. Whether you’re using a regular mouse or a gaming one, the mouse tester tool will help you see whether all the mouse keys are working or not. If you think your mouse keys aren’t working, feel free to cross-check with the mouse test tool. With it, you can easily test your mouse buttons.


1. How does the mouse test work?

The mouse test tool detects the browser events corresponding to your mouse clicks. When you make click on your mouse, it is detected by the tool, and that corresponding button lights up on the screen.

2. Can I test the side buttons of the mouse?

Yes, you can test the side buttons of the mouse as well. Press the side buttons on your mouse and see if they light up on the mouse diagram on the screen. Sometimes mich has mixed buttons, so don’t worry if the other one lights up.

3. Can I use the test for testing the mouse scroll wheel?

Yes, the tool can also be used to test the scroll wheel of your mouse. Just head to the picture and scroll your mouse button up and down. If the arrows light up when you scroll in one direction, it means your scroll wheel is working.

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