How to Test Your Right Click CPS

How to Test Your Right Click CPS?

No matter what game a person plays, they always want to come out on top and be the best among their peers. This competitive nature drives people to keep playing and honing their skills. While some may be content with just playing for fun, others strive to be the very best. Clicking is an essential part of gaming. The most effective option is right-clicking. Here in this article, we will help you to know how to test your right-click speed.

What is the Right Click Test?

Every click test has its importance. So does the right-click test. If you’re a gamer, you would have a better understanding of the importance of clicking speed, whether it’s of right click, left click, or middle click.

The right-click test is a usual clicking test for the mouse’s right button. This test tool is designed to help gamers to check their right-clicking capability or improve it through continuous practice.

The plus point of this tool is that you don t have to download it. You can easily use this tool online.

What is Right Click CPS?

The Method to Check Right-Click CPS

You can use the right-click per second test online for testing in the following way:

  1. First, go to right-click test.
  2. You will see the interface generally with a 5-second timer. But, in most right-click tests, you may also set the timer to 10 seconds 0r 15 seconds, and more.
  3. Now press the start button to start clicking.
  4. Make the mouse click as fast as you can till the time limit reaches.
  5. After the time finishes, it will stop the test.
  6. After a few seconds, your CPS rate will appear, showing your right-click speed.
  7. It may be less than a left click. This clicking requires more practice.
  8. You can also repeat the test as it will help you to improve your clicking speed.


If you think your right-click CPS is low, you may feel free to use a right-click CPS test. A right-click-per-second test is an excellent option for improving your right-clicking speed in-game. It will make you able to compete with other friends. Be sure to test in different scenarios with different sensitivities, and compare your results to others.

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