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Clicking a mouse is an art in the world of games where gamers try to click the fastest. We all know that programmers and gamers are used to frequent clicking. They also practice rapid clicking to get command of their skills. There are different types of clicking techniques in which jitter clicking is one of them.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter click is an advanced technique in which users click the mouse quickly. The burst of clicks is demanded by the players while playing games. This method was first introduced by the community of Minecraft PVP. This jitter click speed test estimation will help you in calculating and enhancing the clicking speed. This program can be easily used with the help of a mouse, touchpad of a laptop, and mobile phone.

Features Of Online Jitter click test

The jitter click test is available online 24/7 for free. It sharpens gaming skills and provides free download on any device. The process of downloading doesn’t require third-party involvement. You can use it online and download it for free. There is no associated malware or virus with it. The provision of the different times excels your skills in the different time paces. You can share your score with friends and others so that they can compete for records.

Method of Measuring The Jitter Clicking

The clicking speed while doing jitter clicking is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by a given time frame. The speed of clicking in the jitter clicks is calculated in clicks per second. It shows that a higher value of CPS will lead to the fastest clicking.

How To Jitter Click?

There are many jitter click tutorials that are available for the users to help them in understanding the procedure in jitter click. Below this piece of writing also guide you most simply:

  • You have to learn how you should shake your forearm muscles to produce the vibrations in your hand.
  • Your wrist should be stiff in this regard to generate the rapid jitter click.
  • Due to this, you can transfer your vibrations to your fingers.
  • When fingers get vibrated you can outburst the click in the game
  • Although at first, it seems difficult to you but with the rigorous practice of online jitter click test games you are easily able to do it.
  • Visit the website for an online click test.
  • Here you are provided with the time frame to set the number of seconds. If you want to perform a jitter click for 10 seconds then you can do it.
  • The jitter click speed test will provide you with the time frame of 1,2,5,10,15,30,60, and 100 seconds test.
  • When you complete your click for 10 seconds you can see your score and number of clicks on the screen.

Criteria For Selecting The Mouse For Jitter Clicking

Certain points should be considered while selecting the jitter click mouse. The easiest mouse to jitter click with is Razer Deathadder, Logitech G pro, Corsair night world, and many more. The jitter click with the gaming mouse will increase your click per second. Following are certain features of the mouse that should be considered while purchasing a mouse for jitter clicking.

Durable Mouse

The mouse for jitter clicking should be durable enough to withstand the pressure clicking. The use of such a mouse remains functional for a long time even after hard clicking.

Latest Technology

Grab the latest technology mouse such as laser and optical mouse for jitter click. As jitter clicking is hard enough so the use of such a mouse with the latest technology will withstand this pressure.

Mouse With Mechanical And Optical Switch

There are two types of mice depending upon the type of switch. The mechanical switch transfers the electric signal to send information that is produced by the result of your signal click.

On the other hand, with an optical switch, the information is transmitted from the mouse with the help of a beam of light. This type of mouse with an optical switch transfers the information faster than the traditional one.

Games Require Jitter Clicking

Gamers practice the jitter clicking for getting commands in their games so that they can overcome the attacks of the enemy and can do other constructive tasks in games. There are different games such as Minecraft and Farmville that require frequent clicking. PUBG or any online shooting games and arcades require jitter clicking. In such types of games, the gamers not only have to click fast but also take aim in a short time frame. You have to click 9-12 cps for the best performance in Minecraft. Apart from this, jitter click training for gamers is provided by free online software. It has also become the jitter click game for people. Users try to compete with other people in making new records on this platform. The rise of this new clicker game also tests the clicking speed of the player.

Disadvantages of Jitter Clicking

Each technique has positive and negative aspects in its use. Similarly, in the case of jitter clicking, there are different disadvantages as well. Now we shall discuss some of the disadvantages of jitter clicking. The jitter clicking causes arthritis and carpal tunneling in the users. These issues arise because of the frequent use of joints beyond the limit. This clicking is safe if it is done with the limit of 9-15 cps. If you cross the limit over 15-30 seconds then your hand, arms, wrist, and fingers will get affected. The non-stop clicking leads to the development of strain in the muscles of the users. The jitter clicking sometimes due to network problems doesn’t count the number of clicks properly.

Advantages of Jitter Click

This technique is considered one of the best ways of removing temper and anger by speedily clicking on the screen. That is why it is a source of relaxation and calmness for the people. It will multiply the speed of the movement of your fingers. The use of jitter clicks increases the clicks per second. The evaluation and up-gradation of your clicking speed by using this software will help you in making your position at the top in the games.

Tips For Improving Jitter Clicking

Different tips will show you the best ways to jitter click to become the fastest clicker. By following these tips your clicking will be increased by which you can get complete command on your clicking. Place your arm while jitter clicking in a steady and relaxed position. Don’t hold the mouse with a tight grip. The finger should be on the mouse button. When you do a jitter click, shake the muscles of your wrist. While clicking, don’t keep your mouse in one position. Move the mouse around with the palm and by keeping your hand below the mouse while doing work.

World Record

The jitter click world record has been taken by the citizen of North Cape. His name is Tom Andre who did 830 clicks in 30 seconds.

Frequently Asked Question

How Dangerous Is Jitter Clicking?

Yes, it is dangerous if it is performed for a long time. The users when practicing a lot for leading high in jitter click challenge results in the development of arthritis and other muscular problems.

What Is The Role Of Jitter Click In Minecraft And Razer Deathadder?

Jitter click in Minecraft and Razer death Adder will hurt you at the start but after continuous practice, you will find it like a piece of cake. It will enhance your speed of clicking and you can protect and combat your enemy and their attacks. Gamers use this jitter clicking to lead in such games.

How To Jitter Click Without Miss Clicks?

The practice is the best way to jitter click without miss clicks. There are other factors as well that should be considered in miss clicks. The draining of the battery and problems in the mouse related to clicking and sensitivity settings of the mouse.

Is Jitter Clicking Banned On Hypixel?

No, jitter clicking is allowed on Hypixel.

How To Jitter Click With A Trackpad?

On the trackpad, use your fingers on the one button of the Trackpad.

Does Jitter Clicking With Regular And Gaming Mouse Give The Same Result?

No, the results from gaming are far much better than a regular mouse. The reason is the gaming mouse is designed in such a way that supports jitter clicking in all aspects. That is why a gaming mouse is much more suitable than a regular mouse.

How Long Can Anyone Jitter Click?

Users should not jitter click for more than 15-30 seconds otherwise it will harm their muscles.

What Is The Difference Between Jitter Click And Normal Click?

Regular clicking is a type of click that we do regularly per day. Regular clicking with daily practice creates 5-8 CPS but jitter click doubles the speed of this click with only one index finger.

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