Mouse Acceleration Test – Curser Speed Test

Movement - X : px
Movement - Y : px
Movement : px
Speed : px/s
Max. Speed : px/s
Acceleration : px/s2
Max. Positive Acceleration : px/s2
Max. Negative Acceleration : px/s2

Whether you’re working with your mouse or playing games, you need the best acceleration to get it done quickly and easily. If you search for a tool to help you assess your mouse’s acceleration speed to analyze your gaming performance, you’re at the right place. A mouse acceleration test is a handy tool to assess and evaluate your mouse cursor speed.

Our Mouse movement test lets you know your mouse’s exact acceleration and speed to help you play your games in the best way. Besides measuring the mouse speed, it also gives you a complete reading of the mouse movements. While X-axis will refer to the mouse velocity, Y-axis, represents the corresponding sensitivity horizontally. To understand more about this tool, let’s dive into the details!

Working Process of Mouse Moving Speed Test

Once on the page, our mouse tracking test tool will automatically start the mouse speed evaluation but to get a better idea of the process, you need to understand how it works. Let’s have a look.

Here, we have covered more about the mouse speed test working, explaining the working of our tool to get the precise and accurate mouse speed.

1. Movements

This mouse acceleration tool tracks the mouse movements from two axes, the Y and the X-axis.

  • X-Axis

The X-axis movement is from the left to right or right to left on the screen. Moving your mouse to the left or right, you will see different pixel values on the X-axis respectively.

  • Y-Axis

Alternatively, the movement on the Y-Axis is from up to down or down to up. The values of the acceleration and shown in the form of pixels.

2. The Speed

After evaluating your mouse’s Y-Axis and X-Axis movements, our Online mouse mover test concludes your mouse movement’s current speed. Calculation of the speed values is done using the formula pixels/second. This is your mouse’s movements on the X and Y-Axis on your screen per second.

These metrics of speed will aid you in assessing your current mouse speed.

3. Maximum Speed

The mouse movement speed test will also be able to evaluate your mouse’s maximum speed that can be attained. This feature follows the same pixels/sec formula as well. However, the results of the test will depend on how fast you can move the mouse cursor.

Our mouse acceleration test will evaluate your mouse movements once you land on the platform. As you move your mouse cursor, it will show the reading. One of the fantastic things about this tool is that it allows you to move the mouse’s cursor in whatever direction you want. In the case of vertical movements, the tool will show  “Movement _ Y: PX,” and the mouse speed will be shown as “Movement _X: PX” on the other side if moving the mouse horizontally. The cursor speed test gives the calculator for Movement-Y, Movement-X, Acceleration, Max Speed, Max negative mouse acceleration, and the max positive acceleration. The higher the number of maximum positive acceleration, the better the speed of your mouse.

Types of Mouse acceleration

From the perspective of mouse acceleration, two different mouse acceleration types are to be considered; negative mouse acceleration and positive acceleration.

1. Maximum Postiive Acceleration

The maximum positive acceleration is defined as the distance that your mouse covers by cursor movement at a given time. The pixels/Seconds2 formula is used for measuring this type of maximum value.

2. Maximum Negative Acceleration

As opposed to the positive acceleration, negative acceleration is defined as the decreasing distance covered by the mouse when the movement of the mouse is the same. This tool allows you to check your mouse’s maximum negative value using the pixels/second2 formula.

How to Use Mouse Acceleration Tool

A speed test mouse is a straightforward tool that can be used easily by following the steps below.

  1. On our page, you will see the mouse acceleration tool.
  2. Move the mouse randomly in whatever direction you desire. You will be shown the results after your mouse movement is counted.
  3. You need to go to the top to see the results.
  4. In this way, you can see your mouse cursor speed with instant results.

Features of the Mouse Pointer Test

The Mouse tracking speed test tool has many exciting features that make it a must-needed tool.

1. Quick Response

Our cursor test is a very responsive and quick tool that gives you the results within seconds, so you can instantly check your mouse acceleration.

2. Easy Handling

The system and interface of this tool are straightforward, so you wouldn’t need to adjust anything. Just move the cursor, and you will receive your precise results. No complex handling is involved.

3. Free to Use

The Mouse mover online test is a free and safe tool, so you don’t need to pay a single penny to use the tool.

4. Effortless

This tool is one of the most effortless tools out there. You just need to move your mouse cursor to check its speed.

5. Resets are Unlimited

If you aren’t satisfied with the results once or twice, you can use this tool unlimitedly to get accurate results; keep trying till you get good value.

6. Diverse Compatibility

This mouse cursor mover is compatible with all types of mice, so the speed of every mouse can be tested using this tool.

Benefits of Mouse Acceleration Tool

Knowing more about your mouse acceleration can be beneficial in many ways, and this tool can help you with that.

  1. The Mouse cursor speed test tool lets you know your mouse speed to learn how to control it and use it in the best way.
  2. Being aware of your mouse acceleration, you can set it in a better manner.
  3. Checking your negative and positive mouse acceleration with this tool will help you resolve any persistent issues.
  4. With better control over your mouse speed and acceleration, you can improve your shooting and aim in games.


A mouse speed game tool is a helpful tool that lets you know the acceleration and speed of your mouse precisely so you can get better control over it. The tool is very simple and easy to use and offers its users several benefits like the ones described above.


How to make my mouse move faster?

If you aren’t satisfied with the speed of the computer mouse, you can make it move faster by searching “Mouse” in the operating system’s search box. From here, click on the mouse and go to pointer settings. Under the motion option, you can decrease or increase the mouse speed.

Why is my mouse moving so fast?

Your mouse cursor may be moving too fast because the mouse pointer speed is very high. You can adjust the mouse pointer speed by going to mouse and touchpad settings and slowing the slider till the suitable cursor speed is achieved.

Is high mouse acceleration excellent or bad for gaming?

Whether mouse acceleration is good or bad depends on your game. High acceleration can reduce precision. Therefore high acceleration can be good for racing or running games but unsuitable for aiming and shooting games.

Should I disable mouse acceleration?

There isn’t any direct answer to whether you should or shouldn’t disable mouse acceleration. For general use, you can disable it for the better, but you may need it for games where you have to be fast.

What is forced mouse acceleration?

With the forced mouse acceleration, the cursor movement distance is increased from one pixel to the next. This helps your mouse quicker and faster.

How can I check the acceleration of my mouse?

With the mouse acceleration tool, you can check your mouse acceleration quickly. You will get your results in seconds.

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